If your blood pressure has jumped sharply, and there are no antihypertensive drugs at hand, then drugs of another spectrum may come to the rescue. One of the medicines that many people find in their home medicine cabinet is Corvalol. Does this drug increase or decrease the pressure, which is intended for completely different purposes by pharmacists?

Pressure and Corvalol: up or down?

Corvalol increases or decreases pressure

It is difficult to find another medicine that would have enjoyed such love and trust from the people (especially the elderly), like Corvalol. Although it belongs to sedatives (sedatives), for some reason it is persistently drunk from the heart, and, most surprisingly, it helps. Often, admirers of the remedy have a question whether hypertensive patients are allowed to take Corvalol. Does this drug increase or decrease blood pressure?

Since Corvalol produces a vasodilating effect, it lowers blood pressure. Scientists have conducted research and concluded that this tool effectively and fairly quickly normalizes elevated blood pressure.

People who have low blood pressure should stop taking this medication. Hypotensics in case of emergency is allowed to drink Corvalol, but not more than 15 drops, since the excess of this dosage may result in them fainting.

Prescription drug: study instructions

Buying Corvalol, many immediately send the instruction in the trash or begin to drink medicine, even without expanding the summary. And why, because this drug is well known to everyone, is considered safe, it is drunk by a neighbor, a friend, colleagues ... What are they drinking from? From the heart, from the nerves, from the pressure. Most people "prescribe" it yourself.

But each pharmaceutical agent has its own field of activity - this also applies to Corvalol. Indications for use of the drug are as follows:

  • neurosis;
  • cardiopalmus;
  • sleep disturbance;
  • VSD with elevated pressure;
  • hyperexcitability, irritability.

In their experience, many were convinced of how versatile Corvalol he possesses. What helps these drops? As an antispasmodic, they qualitatively relieve any spasms - not only in the heart, but also in the intestines or gall. As a sedative, calming central nervous system, it helps to cope with insomnia. This medicine can be used to quickly get rid of a headache and a toothache. It is also used to correct hormonal imbalance during menopause. The drug is well proven in the treatment of sensitive conditions.

How do heart drops affect tonometer performance?

How to reduce pressure with Corvalol

Since the drug dilates blood vessels, this leads to a decrease in blood pressure. Therefore, if the heart suddenly began to part, there was a feeling of unexpressed chest pain, a slight increase in pressure, and Corvalol would also be suitable as an ambulance. But it should be borne in mind that it reduces only the lower pressure value, and does not affect the upper indicator.

This means that it is wrong to rely only on such a drug. As soon as such an opportunity arises, it is necessary to drink medicine for hypertension, which normalizes both indicators.

When can I use medicine to fight high blood pressure?

If a person suffers from hypertension, then Corvalol cannot be considered as the main remedy to eliminate such a problem. This remedy will not help with hypertensive crisis. The drug may be used to reduce the pressure in such cases:

  • if the pressure jumped due to strong excitement (stress);
  • if the increase in blood pressure provoked a vasospasm;
  • if the pressure jump is associated with lack of sleep.

How to reduce blood pressure with Corvalol?

It is recommended to take Corvalol against pressure, if there are no special means at hand at the right time. Doctors advise in this situation to act as follows: pour half a glass of hot water, drop 40-45 drops of this medicine into it. Drink the whole mixture at one time, in one gulp. After 30 minutes, the pressure stabilizes. Using such a scheme, you can knock it once.

Usually they drink 1-3 p. per day before eating. Standard dosage - 30 cap. diluted in 50 ml of warm water, drink the entire batch of medication immediately. If the patient takes Corvalol in pills, then he should take them in 1-2 pieces. 2 p. in a day.

It is strictly not recommended to drink this sedative drug in order to reduce blood pressure for a long time. If, however, for some reason a person is forced to take the drug for a long time, you should take breaks or alternate it with other medicines of a similar effect.

Caution: Doctors do not recommend using Corvalol as a means to prevent hypertension.

What is dangerous reception?

Corvalol - a drug with years of experience

Since this drug contains phenobarbital, in some countries it was classified as a narcotic drug and banned for free sale. We also sell the drug without a prescription, but doctors insist that it is not as safe as many believe. Therefore, patients should exercise caution when applying it. And for those whose professional activities require high concentration of attention, it is better to refuse such a drug.

If you take this drug for a long time, addiction can develop. Regular use of drops can adversely affect the reaction rate or cause such side effects:

  • bouts of dizziness;
  • drowsiness;
  • inhibition
  • nausea;
  • short loss of consciousness.

Completely refuse to take drops will have to those who have identified intolerance to its components (including alcohol), and those who suffer severe disabilities in the heart, kidneys and liver.

Corvalol - a drug with years of experience. Its popularity is very high, due to its affordable price and proven high efficiency. He helps out in those situations when a person needs to calm his nerves, cope with pain in his heart, and also reduce pressure. Although this tool will lead to the order of blood pressure, it is better not to abuse them. After all, for the treatment of hypertension, special medicines have been developed that act purposefully and do not cause dependence.