This crisp joy appeared in America as a result of the experiments of the Kellogg brothers. The usual story for the United States: two brothers were preparing something from cornmeal, then accidentally spoiled the “future masterpiece”, and in the end made a purely masculine decision - they fried the flour and got the flakes. All these manipulations led to the fact that in 1894 the formula for creating corn flakes was patented; to this day, Kellogg's is the largest producer of breakfast cereals.

In Russia, corn flakes are loved no less than in America. Ready breakfast is quick and tasty, what else do you need? After all, in the morning there is no desire and time to beat the culinary record. In the morning you want an enchanting, cheerful mood and positive charge for the whole day. They provide all these vitamins, mineral salts, various biological additives, dried fruits and chocolate, which are in the composition of the flakes. This assortment is to the taste of millions of people from different continents. But not a food scientist. They recognized flakes harmful, and in England the product rating fell below nowhere: there flakes equated to chips and fizzy drinks.

Calorie Cornflakes

Trust advertising does not make sense. Today it knows both old and young. Therefore, funny videos about healthy maize nots should not confuse you. Scientists have proven that misuse of breakfast cereals can lead to obesity. This is due to the fact that the average portion of the flakes contains the daily rate of sugar. The calorie content of the product is high - approximately 379 kcal / 100 grams. This is sufficient, given that an adult woman should consume about 2800 kcal per day.

Overeating, you no longer help your body. Therefore, you should monitor the use of this product by you and your children. By the way, according to statistics, it is preschoolers who are the main “audience” that sellers of corn delicacy are guided by.

Are cornflakes useful?

Experts believe the benefits of cornflakes are exaggerated because the process of creating a product as it washes out the primary nutrients. That is why you have to “get” supplements and vitamins. When making flakes, the corn kernels are ground into flour, then heat treated. After all this, they are waiting for roasting and flattening - this is the last stage. As you see flakes go a long way in order to become a fast food product.

Excess weight is the expected result of overeating. To get enough cornflakes, for example, as meat is impossible. But the amount of carbohydrates rolls over, so there is a store of fat deposits. Plus to this product may cause allergies.

From all this we can draw one conclusion: it is possible to use such products for children and adults. Onlyforget about corn breakfasts, eat flakes as a supplement to the main meal, and, of course, a little. You can combine such a dessert with dairy products: yoghurts, kefir, low-fat milk and fresh fruit. And saturation will come faster and you will be able to “neutralize” your food. In order to maximally secure such a dish, buy flakes that do not contain sugar, chocolate, or icing.

Cornflake Desserts

To please your home with a new dessert in several ways.

  1. You will need: a liter of milk, two yolks, four spoons of sugar, two spoons of starch, a tablespoon of butter, 250 grams of cereal (take no sugar and additives). To start, mix one glass of milk with sugar, yolks, starch and vanilla sugar. Then boil 750 grams of milk, put the butter and, while stirring, pour the previous mass into it. Cook over low heat. When the mass reaches the consistency of the cream, divide the flakes into three parts. And as in the cake lay out layers, smearing them with cream. You can do in the bowls, portions, as you like. Enjoy your meal!
  2. The second recipe is more simple. But be careful of him, because this is a super-calorie recipe. Chuck Chuck Corn Sticks. To do this, you will need 3 packs of corn sticks if you cook for a big company. Four tablespoons of condensed milk (it can be replaced with melted toffee), coconut chips, butter. On a very slow fire, melt the butter, add condensed milk, stir until smooth. In a large container, pour the sticks, pour the resulting cream and quickly stir until the sticks are turned to mush. Crema should also be in moderation. Next stick chopsticks slide, like Chuck-chuck, and you can regale. Of course, it is better for ladies who take care of a figure not to abuse such a delicacy. But children or men will be happy to try an alternative Chuck-chuck.