Corn silk

Corn contains a large amount of vitamins and beneficial trace elements. And with the help corn stigmas You can treat liver cirrhosis, atherosclerosis, use them as a diuretic and hemostatic agent. They will help reduce appetite and help cope with excess weight.

Corn stigmas: useful properties

Useful properties of corn silk

  • Corn stigmas can be used both fresh and dried, the amount of nutrients in them does not become less. Using them for food can normalize blood sugar levels, suppress cravings for sweets, and help lose extra kilos.
  • Infusion prepared on corn stigmas, removes excess fluid from the body. It is an excellent choleretic agent.
  • Besides, corn silk is a valuable source of B vitamins. They help fight edema and cellulite.
  • Corn stigmas differ from many other useful plants in that they contain a unique combination of precisely those microelements and vitamins that are so necessary for the proper functioning of the whole human body. Alkaloids, unsaturated fatty acids, carotene, carbohydrates, resins, mineral components and essential oil are just a small list of these substances.
  • To combat obesity, corn stigmas are also used.. When exposed to the body, they not only reduce the feeling of hunger, reduce appetite, but also improve metabolism. Broths are prepared for weight loss from corn stigmas, but they need to be taken systematically, otherwise the appetite-reducing effect will disappear rather quickly.
  • They are also used as anthelmintic, treatment of urogenital diseases of women and men.
  • When stones in the gall bladder, kidney stones, bleeding, corn stigmas are used in traditional medicine to normalize mood and sleep.

Corn stigmas: contraindications

Corn silk have contraindications.

Corn stigmas: contraindications

  • In no case can they be used with a tendency to the formation of blood clots, increased blood viscosity, reduced appetite.
  • Also, corn stigmas should be abandoned to people suffering from varicose veins.
  • When using them for weight loss it is worth remembering that they contribute to frequent urination, which can trigger the onset of cystitis.
  • In addition, their broth is washed away from the body most of the magnesium and potassium, so they must be taken extra to fill the shortage.
  • A decoction of corn stigmas increases the number of platelets in the blood, which leads to thickening and increased blood clotting. Therefore, it is not recommended to take it in case of blood diseases.
  • With a lack of body weight, corn stigmas can cause severe depletion of the body.
  • In the case of urolithiasis, before taking them, you should consult with your doctor.

Corn stigmas: application

For the treatment of various diseases are useddecoctions and tinctures on corn stigmas. It usually takes a long time to get the necessary healing effect.

  1. For cooking tinctures with corn stigmas crushed raw materials need to pour 250 ml of cold water and leave to infuse for an hour. Then put the infusion on a small fire and bring to a boil. After this, the infusion to heat for another 10 minutes, then cool and strain through cheesecloth. An easier way to prepare an infusion of corn stigmas is to brew 1 tsp. 250 ml of boiling water. After 30 minutes, strain and squeeze it. Take the infusion can be 30 minutes before meals for 3 tbsp. l 4 p. in a day.
  2. Corn Silk Broth is prepared as follows: 3 tbsp. l corn silk is poured 2 liters of boiling water and put on for half an hour. After the broth cools down, it must be pressed and brought up to a volume of 1 l. Drink a decoction need for 6 months to 3 tbsp. l 4 times a day for half an hour before meals.

Corn stigmas: application

For weight control drink broth for 20 minutes before meals for 1/3 cup. For the treatment of pancreatitis take 3 p. a day for a glass. In case of liver diseases, renal failure, the infusion is drunk per day, 2 tbsp. l The interval between doses should not be more than 3 hours. In the case of a disease of the intestinal cavity, take 1 decoction of 1 st. l before each reception. A glass of broth in the morning on an empty stomach helps outflow and good bile flow. In case of rheumatism, the decoction should be taken several times a day, the total volume is 3 cups.

Corn stigmas in traditional medicine: reviews

  • Alina: "Corn stigmas are very useful in treating renal failure, but consultation with a doctor and compliance with instructions are required."
  • Olga: "I brew them and use for weight loss, I have already dropped a few kilograms."
  • Alyona: "My mother uses them as a diuretic and choleretic agent during periods of exacerbation of liver disease. Very pleased with the result."
  • Karina: "I decided to drink a decoction of corn stigmas, because there are problems with the stomach. It became a little better, I hope that a long reception will help."
  • Marina: "I watered the tincture of the youngest son that I could remove bilirubin after delivery. In 3 days they did it, but the doctors could not in 10."
  • Gennady: "A great option instead of pills."
  • Irina: "Saw with liver disease, but milk thistle helped better."
  • Natalia: "I adore tea from corn stigmas. Very tasty, mild diuretic and choleretic agent. Sometimes I add them to the teapot with black tea so that it tastes better."
  • Lyudmila: "A good tool, but not really love the decoction of stigmas."

Corn stigmas: reviews

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Corn stigmas containin its compositiona large number of nutrients that contribute to the normal functioning of the whole organism.They have glycosides, ascorbic and nicotinic acid, many other substances. They can be used in the form of alcohol tinctures, decoctions, simple tinctures or brew as a simple tea.

The list of diseases in which corn stigmas can alleviate the condition, and the reviews about them are really impressive.

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