Corn oil


Corn oilgives us corn, saturating it with useful acids, vitamins and fats.

Calories: 899 kcal per 100 grams. Corn oil with all its caloric content is a dietary product. and is capable of much more. For example, it increases the body's resistance and regulates blood clotting, treats atherosclerosis, improves muscle function, and increases potency.

The composition and benefits of corn oil

  • Corn oil is differentfrom other types of oils that incorporates phosphatides. Phosphatides are helpful, they help the brain tissues. Linolenic and arachidonic acids help to excrete cholesterol from the body, which prevents thrombosis.
  • Vitamin Eis one of the significant advantages of the product. This vitamin is an antioxidant that protects us from aging. Thanks to this vitamin, oil contributes to the normal functioning of the gonads, protecting cells from mutations. He also fights free radicals.
  • Corn oil is useful for pregnant women, contributes to the conception and carrying children.
  • Oil also reduces fatigue and nervous tension, improves metabolism and neutralizes fermentation in the intestine.

Five main advantages of using corn oil

  1. Regulates lipids and cholesterol
  2. Regulates a large number of brain functions
  3. Inhibits the growth of malignant cells
  4. Relieves tumors, bruises and skin diseases
  5. Treats age spots

Corn oil in cooking

Corn oil can be usedfor frying, stewing, cooking in deep fat. It is easy and simple to cook with this oil, because it does not stick, does not foam and does not contain carcinogens and is consumed more slowly. Sauces, mayonnaise, dressing - all this can be done, based on corn oil.

Corn oil in cosmetology

Skin and hair are something we should take care of daily. If there is corn oil in your kitchen, rather go after it, heat it up and apply it on your hair. Wrap a towel over your head and let the oil soak into your hair.

As for the skin, then it is not difficult to guess: any oil moisturizes and nourishes. And corn also restores, prevents aging, regenerates. And regular rubbing of pigment spots will make less noticeable. After the procedure, apply a mask of the pulp of any fruit or vegetable. Perfect for any skin type.

How to choose corn oil?

You have a choice between refined and unrefined oil. Here are the main differences. And make the choice yourself. First, find out what types of oils are.

Types of corn oil:

1) Unrefined

2) Refined undeodorized

3) Refined deodorized brand D (for the production of baby and dietary products)

4) Refined deodorized brand P (for deliveries to the distribution network and catering)

Corn oil




Odorless, does not clog the taste of food, can be stored for a long time at room temperature

In the processing of refined oil lost most of the vitamins and nutrients


Rich in vitamins A, O, E, has a bright taste

It deteriorates at room temperature, is not used for frying, only as a dressing

The cost of a liter of corn oil with all its benefits is ridiculous, it is approximately equal to the price of sunflower oil. There are some advantages around: benefits, value for money and another important plus - you can buy anywhere. So use with pleasure and be healthy!