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Scientists have calculated: in order to receive the daily rate of vitamins per day, you need to eat at least 5 kg of a wide variety of foods. Not everyone can follow this menu. However, for the body to maintain an active life and maintain health, it is important to get the maximum of vitamins and trace elements.

The modern pharmaceutical industry has solved this problem by creating special vitamin complexes. One tablet is able to meet the daily need for vitamins of an adult. Such a complex are vitamins for women Complivit Shine.

Vitamins Complivit Shine: instructions

  • Now the vitamin complex is easy to pick up, based not only on the required composition, but also on the age, sex, and physiological characteristics of the person. Special preparations have been created for children and pregnant women, people who play sports, for students and schoolchildren, aimed at maintaining mental activity. In a separate group can be distinguished, so-called beauty vitamins - complexes that help preserve the health and beauty of skin, hair, nails, prolong the youth of the body.

Vitamins Complivit Shine: instructions

  • The vitamin complex Komplivit Radiance is designed specifically for women who monitor their health and figure. The drug is a combination of essential vitamins, minerals, and also includes green tea extract and lipoic acid. It helps to improve the condition of the skin, hair and nails, reduce the harmful effects of bad urban ecology, promotes weight loss.
  • It is known that some vitamins are poorly absorbed in combination with each other. In the vitamin complex Komplivit Radiance these features are taken into account. Special production technology allows you to solve the problem of compatibility of components.

Complit Shine is contraindicatedpregnant women and nursing mothers. Also a contraindication may be individual intolerance to the components of the drug.

Complit Shine: composition

The composition of the vitamin complex Komplivit Radiance is selected taking into account the problems that he has addressed.

  1. Restorative action. The complex effect of all vitamins, minerals and active substances of the drug is directed to this. Especially you can emphasize the effect of zinc and iron, which have a pronounced immunostimulating effect.
  2. Protect cells from free radicals. Vitamins E and C are best known for their antioxidant properties. Vitamin E protects the body's cells from the damaging effects of reactive oxygen species, and vitamin C regulates redox reactions in cells. Reduce the level of free radicals and such components of the vitamin complex as copper, lipoic acid and selenium.
  3. Collagen synthesis. Collagen maintains the skin and connective tissues of the body in tone. Collagen synthesis is stimulated by vitamin C, copper, iron, and silicon.
  4. Protect skin from UV rays. Vitamin A and selenium can help protect the body from the harmful effects of sunlight. Moreover, the combination of these two substances has the greatest effect.
  5. Regeneration of tissues. The beauty of skin, hair and nails directly depends on the ability of the cells from which they are composed, to recover quickly. Vitamins of group B, vitamin A, folic acid, vitamin C contribute to this.
  6. Detoxification action.Healthy complexion, shiny hair, strong nails - all this is the result of proper operation of all body systems. Toxins and heavy metals can significantly disrupt their work. Lipoic acid and selenium will help speed up the removal of harmful substances from the body.
  7. Part of the complex Complivit Radiance green tea extract positive effect on the cardiovascular system, improves metabolism, reduces appetite, promotes weight loss, has a strong antioxidant effect.

Vitamins Complivit Shine

Reviews of vitamins Complivit Shine

Women taking the vitamin complex Komplivit Radiance, often respond positively to the drug.

  • Valeria:After winter, my skin and hair condition worsened a lot. A peeling appeared on the skin, it was hardened. The hair split much more than usual, and became completely dull: no care products saved. I decided to start taking vitamins. A pharmacist at the pharmacy advised to try Komplivit Radiance. I bought the complex for a month and did not regret it! The tablets are small in size, it is very convenient to drink them. I was glad that you only need to take these vitamins once a day. I did it at breakfast. The result is simply wonderful: the skin is fresh and healthy, the hair is shiny! And I noticed positive changes already after 2 weeks from the beginning of the course. I will try now to drink vitamins Komplivit Shine every spring and autumn.
  • Elizabeth:I have hard work with irregular schedules, at home there are children and a husband, and it’s impossible to go on vacation for 2 years. She has always been vigorous and energetic, but lately everything has changed. The state is sluggish, I constantly want to sleep, the mood often deteriorates. With chronic fatigue, I decided to cope with the help of vitamins. A friend advised to try Komplivit Radiance. According to her, they helped her cope with the problem of brittle nails and significantly improved her overall condition. I purchased the drug, and I was pleasantly surprised by its reasonable price. Drank the entire complex (30 days) and felt that the state of the body has improved significantly. Fatigue has passed, she got enough sleep. There was so much energy that she decided to go to classes at the fitness club, which she constantly postponed!
  • Maria:Recently, I was faced with such a problem as coarsening of the skin on the elbows. I would never have thought that this could cause so much trouble! The skin dried, cracked, and did not look aesthetically pleasing. I even had to go to a dermatologist. The doctor, in the framework of complex therapy, recommended me to take vitamins Complivit Shine. Unpleasant symptoms were gone after a couple of weeks: skin on elbows became soft, cracks and peeling were gone. In addition, pleased with the condition of hair and nails. Curls acquired shine and began to grow faster, nails no longer exfoliate. Now I will periodically take these vitamins as a preventive measure.

But not all reviews of the Complit Shine vitamin complex are approving. Some women note the negative side of the drug.

  • Valentina: Drink a course of vitamins Komplivit Shining I decided on the advice of a friend. The tool is inexpensive, you need to take only once a day, so I decided. I thought that it would be useful to support the body, weakened over the winter. But I did not see absolutely no result! Neither the general condition nor the appearance of hair, skin and nails has changed. I was very disappointed, as I expected at least some effect.

Vitamins Complivit Shine: reviews

  • Inna: Vitamins Komplivit Radiance left my not very pleasant impressions. It was at that time when I started taking them that my nails began to break down. Before, I have never encountered this problem. Besides, an allergic rash appeared on the skin. After the cessation of vitamins, the unpleasant symptoms disappeared.

Pick up a vitamin complex that is ideal for you - not easy! It is important to consider not only the composition of the funds, but also your individual characteristics. Be sure to pay attention to the contraindications that are listed in the instructions, and strictly adhere to the recommended dosage. Best of all, if the doctor selects the necessary vitamins, based on the survey.