Complex exercises for morning exercises for men


Do you want to lose weight or just keep yourself in shape, but there is no desire to run in the morning? There is a way out! To be vigorous and have a taut figure, it is enough to do exercises in the morning. A set of exercises for morning exercises will help to wake up the body and increase vitality. What actions to perform in the morning for men, women and children of different ages?

Complex exercises for morning exercises: general rules

Complex exercises for morning exercises

The day should begin with quiet exercises that are performed at a moderate pace. Training should not include strength and endurance exercises. Since the purpose of charging is to improve the body, lose those extra pounds, strengthen the muscles and raise the immune system (but not gain an athletic figure), it should follow the following rules:

  • All exercises should be performed smoothly. A strong shake-up in the morning is not needed!
  • Start charging should be up to a cup of morning coffee and breakfast;
  • Any set of exercises always starts from the head and neck and consistently reaches the lower limbs. This contributes to the uniform distribution of the load on the ODA;
  • The duration of the charge is less important than its regularity. Do not skip training, even if you want to lie in bed;
  • after charging it is useful to take a contrast shower.

The physical complex always begins with a warm-up. It lasts about 5 minutes. The exercises of which it is composed are the same for everyone (10-15 repetitions will suffice for an adult):

  • For the head:
  1. tilt back and forth;
  2. turns around;
  3. rotational movement in both directions.
  • Upper limbs, shoulder girdle:
  1. rotation brushes;
  2. alternate rotation of the shoulders;
  3. rotation with both shoulders;
  4. swing hands in a vertical direction;
  5. direct hands retraction - diluting them to the side;
  6. swinging movements with arms bent at chest height.
  • Loins:
  1. ip - hands on the belt, legs - shoulder-width apart. Slopes in the right-left side;
  2. rotational movement of the pelvis.
  • Legs:
  1. bending and unbending at the knees (raising the leg and pulling it towards the chest);
  2. rotational motion of the ankles;
  3. rolls heel - toe.
  • Completes morning gymnastics final stage, whose goal - to lead to normalize breathing and relax muscles. For this approach, such exercises:
  1. stand legs together, inhale, arms through the sides, lift up, stretch - make exhalation. Repeat 5 times;
  2. spread legs to shoulder width, take the position of a crib. Hands together palms to each other at chest level. Eyes close. Breathe in a calm rhythm.

But the main stage is the main part. Exercises of which it consists, differ for representatives of the strong and weaker sex.

Gymnastics for men: press, arms, legs

Complex exercises for morning exercises for men

If a man performs exercises not only in order to cheer up and feel full of strength (there will be enough warm-up for this), but also wants to improve his physical condition, then such exercises should be included in the main part.

  • For legs (do each exercise at least 15 times):
  1. swing the right and left foot back and forth;
  2. leg rises to the side;
  3. rotational movements in the knee joints;
  4. squats with stretching arms forward (heels should remain on the floor).
  • Press:
  1. ip - lying on your back, hands behind your head. Raise and lower the torso;
  2. standing, put the leg aside, raise the opposite hand, bend over to the extended leg, do several repetitions in different directions;
  3. lie on your stomach, hands behind your head. Raise the upper torso.
  • For hands: push ups from the floor.

It is useful to finish the charge light jogging (in place) Then - relaxation exercises.

Charging for women: orientation - a beautiful figure!

Complex exercises for morning exercises for women

For women who want to have a beautiful posture, easy walking and good health, such a set of exercises is suitable for the main part of the morning exercise.

  • Abdominal abs (to tidy the abdominal muscles):
  1. lying on your back, raise straight legs up (the waist from the floor can not be torn off); you can take your hands for any support;
  2. lie down on the floor. Hands fasten in the lock on the back of the head. Raise the upper torso.
  • Leg muscles:
  1. jogging in a circle for 2-3 minutes;
  2. for stretching the leg muscles, place the legs as widely as possible, alternately bend the legs;
  • Waist: the rotation of the hula-hoop (if not, then you can simulate its rotation by performing circular movements of the hips).
  • Hands: push up from the floor, leaning on your knees, keep your body straight (do not lift the pelvis).
  • Stretching:
  1. exercise is standing. Keep your back straight, svstiltiopki;
  2. sit on the floor. Move straight legs, slowly lean forward, return to the sp .;
  3. cross your arms and try to hug yourself.
  • Finishing exercises should be relaxation exercises, which were described above.

Morning begins with the game: a set of exercises for children

All parents dream of raising a healthy and strong child. Charging will help the baby to cheer up and facilitate the charges in the garden. Daily exercise will strengthen the cardiovascular system and improve the functioning of the respiratory system.

So that the baby has the mood to do exercises, it is better to turn on the music. Of course, it is much more interesting to study with dad or mom. Exercises well come up with fun names and accompany them fun rhyming ("hands above, breathe heavily," "legs together - stand still").

Children love to exercise with objects, so the slopes can be done with the ball, and jump in a hoop. Children from 3 to 5 years old enough to perform each exercise from 5 to 7 times. An approximate set of exercises for a child looks like this:

  • Warm up:
  1. turns the head - "Owl is looking for a mouse";
  2. tilts the head - "The bird pecks grain."
  • Shoulder-arms:
  1. lift shoulders (dancing shoulders);
  2. rotation shoulders;
  3. swing hands (a bird flaps its wings);
  4. shifting the ball from one hand to another (in front, behind the back, above the head).
  • Rotation of the hoop (if not, then the rotation of the hips).
  • Slopes (with taking a small ball, pitch or other object from the floor).
  • Jumping ("Frog"). You can put on the floor a few hoops and jump from one to another.
  • Walking on the spot.

At the end of charging, do not forget to praise the young "athlete", to note that his muscles have become stronger, to say that he has grown a couple of centimeters (he is catching up with his father).

Classes for schoolchildren: movement - life!

School-age children walk less on the street, sit for a long time at their desks and spend a lot of time at the computer, so they are extremely necessary to charge. The main goal - to align posture.

The main part of the morning "workout" may consist of such exercises (the number of repetitions - 7-10 times):

  1. Lifting the legs and knees pressed to the chest.
  2. Squats with a straight back (useful not only for the legs, but also for posture).
  3. "Plank" - take an emphasis lying down, keep your body level.
  4. Boxing lunges hands.
  5. Fly down - imitation of blows.
  6. Swallow is an exercise for balance.
  7. "Bicycle" - rotation of the legs, lying on the floor.
  8. Walking, turning into an easy run.

Simple exercises will not take much time in the mornings, but they will help you survive cold season without losses and forget about depression. The main thing is not to overdo it! After charging, the pulse of an adult should not be more than 120 beats per minute. Remember that exercise is not a workout in the fitness room, it should energize, not cause fatigue.