Common oak


All of us well-known tree has a mass of healing properties. It is even useful to just be with him, because the air around the oak, and especially around the oak forests, is saturated with phytoncides, thanks to which the person’s overall well-being gradually becomes better. Especially useful to breathe such air to people suffering from heart disease, headaches, sleep disorders. In addition, there is a belief that the oak is able to give a person a part of its positive energy. But this is possible only if the person is in a good mood. The most suitable time for contact with oak is from 9 pm to 3 am.

Help - ordinary oak

Common oak is a tree from the beech family, reaching a height of 40-50 meters, 2 meters in diameter, and living for 1000 years or more. In Russia, there are about two dozen species of this tree. The most common - common oak (pedunculate). The root of the common oak is rather thick, branching, the crown is widely spread in different directions .. The bark is smooth, olive-brown in color - in young shoots; all in cracks, gray-brown - in old ones. The leaves grow alternately, their shape is oblong-obovate, they are shiny with prominent veins. Oak blossoms in April-May, the flowers are very small, inconspicuous. Male or staminate flowers grow inflorescences - long thin light green "earrings". Female or pistillate oak flowers are sessile, about the size of a pinhead. Acorns grow from them in autumn.

Where to look for oak?

Common oak grows practically throughout the territory of Russia, in forests, plantings, on plains and ravines, rarely forms oak forests.

Features of the collection of oak bark and acorns

Oak bark is most often used as a medicinal raw material in folk medicine. It should be harvested in early spring. It is necessary to collect only young oak trees, which are cut down when sanitary logging. To dry the bark should be on the street (in good weather - in the sun, in cloudy and rainy - under the eaves), or in a regularly ventilated room.

Properly dried oak bark should break when bent, but if it bends - this is a sign that the raw material is not completely dried. It is also important to ensure that during drying the bark does not get wet, otherwise it will lose a significant part of the tannins contained in it. A properly dried raw material is completely odorless, but after infusing or pouring hot water, on the contrary, the aroma characteristic of fresh bark should appear. The taste of raw materials is very astringent. Shelf life - 5 years.

Less commonly used acorns. They must be collected at the end of September, after maturation. Dry acorns should be similar to the drying of the bark. After drying, the acorns must be thoroughly crushed. Store in bags or cans, protected from moisture.

Contraindications in the use of drugs from oak

Individual intolerance to tannins. Before starting treatment with oak preparations, consult with your doctor. Children oak drugs are contraindicated.

Side Effects of Oak Treatment

Be careful! If the dosage of drugs is not followed, vomiting is possible. With prolonged rinsing of the mouth cavity with decoctions and infusions of oak bark, a decrease in smell can occur.

Recipes treatment bark oak and acorns

Tincture from bleeding

2 teaspoons of oak bark pour 500 ml of boiling water, leave for 10 hours, then strain. Drink 15 ml every 2 hours.

Tincture with enterocolitis

1 teaspoon of oak bark, pour 500 ml of boiling water, leave for 8 hours, then strain. Take 125 ml tincture before each meal.

Broth oak bark with enterocolitis

40 g (4 tablespoons) of oak bark pour 1 liter of boiling water, leave for 4 hours, strain. Take 0.5 glass before each meal for 20-40 minutes.

Infusion of acorns from hemorrhoids

1 teaspoon crushed and toasted acorns, pour 250 ml of boiling water, leave for a day, strain. Take an infusion of 0.5 cups before each meal in the treatment of chronic colitis.

Oak bark decoction for stomach

To prepare the broth, the crust must be crushed to a particle size of 2-3 mm. 20 g (2 tablespoons) of chopped raw material, pour 200 ml of water at room temperature, cover, heat in a water bath and keep it, stirring for 30 minutes all the time. Then remove the decoction from the water bath, let cool for 10 minutes, then strain and squeeze. Water room temperature bring the broth to the original volume. Take 0.5 cups before each meal for the treatment of colitis with diarrhea, gastrointestinal bleeding, gastritis. In case of sore throat or stomatitis, rinse the mouth with this decoction.

Decoction from many ailments

40 g (4 tablespoons) of oak bark pour 250 ml of boiling water, put on the fire and boil for 30 minutes, then leave for 2 hours, strain. For burns and eczema, make gauze lotions with this decoction; for bleeding hemorrhoids, use enemas and baths. When sweating feet, you can make foot baths with this broth, they can also wash the ulcers and wounds. Take inside the broth should be poisoned with mushrooms, salts of copper and lead, in diseases of the liver, spleen, chronic inflammation of the urinary tract and bladder. The decoction will also help with bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract, and with heavy menstruation.

Infusion to the stomach

10 g (1 tablespoon) of oak bark, pour 400 ml of chilled boiled water, leave for 6 hours, then strain. Drink 0.5 cups before each meal for the treatment of diseases of the stomach, intestines, kidneys, and lungs.

Oak bark ointment complete

2 parts of oak bark powder, 1 part of black poplar buds mixed with 7 parts of butter, then soak in a warm oven for 12 hours, then cook on low heat or in a water bath for 30 minutes, then strain. This ointment is necessary to lubricate burns, frostbite.

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