Common air - healing properties

Among the many medicinal plants growing on the territory of our country, calamus, or calamus, which is popularly called the third name, mosquito root, has a wide range of uses. At home, it can be used both as a drug and as a cosmetic.


Common grass is a perennial herb, reaching a length of 100 cm or more. It grows on moist soil, has a branched rhizome, reaching 3 cm in girth. From the bottom of the rhizome grow numerous adventitious roots, with which the plant receives nutrients. Upward from the rhizomes rise long sword-shaped leaves. In the summer on the spike of the plant an inflorescence is formed in the form of a cob, on which small greenish flowers are barely distinguishable. Calamus blooms in late May - mid July.

Common air


Spirit infusion of calamus

For varicose dilatation and swelling of the legs, you will be helped by a drug from calamus: 20 g of dry, shredded rhizomes, pour 1/2 l of vodka and set aside for 10 days under a closed lid in a dry, cool place. Strain the prepared infusion and drink 1 teaspoon each time before eating half an hour.

This infusion has a wide spectrum of action: stimulates the appetite, enhances the secretion of gastric juice, improves digestion, acts as a sedative, diuretic, expectorant and carminative, as well as a means of stimulating the formation of blood, anesthetic.

Herbal tea from calamus

Air can be actively used for gastrointestinal diseases. For this purpose, tea from calamus has become widespread. 2 teaspoons of crushed rhizome pour 250 ml of boiling water and leave for 15 minutes. Strain and drink it is not hot and not cold, and the average temperature.

Cosmetics from calamus

To strengthen the hair and get rid of dandruff, try any of these infusions:

  1. Pour 2 tbsp. spoons of crushed rhizomes of a glass of boiling water and continue to boil for 15 minutes under the lid closed. Then remove the broth from the heat and let it stand for 45 minutes. Finally, strain the infusion. Rinse your hair with this infusion after each wash.
  2. Mix the calamus rhizome, burdock root and hop cones in a ratio of 1: 1: 4, respectively. 2 tbsp. spoon the mixture obtained, pour 250 ml of water and boil for 15 minutes. Then insist broth 45 minutes. Strain the resulting solution and rinse their hair after each wash.
  3. Mix the rhizomes of calamus and oak bark in a 1: 1 ratio. Prepare the infusion as before. Apply it also after each shampooing.

Hot skin packs from the following infusion are suitable for oily skin care:

2 tbsp. spoon chopped rhizomes pour a liter of boiling water and leave it for 2 hours. After you strain the infusion, it will be ready for use.

Where to looking for?

This miraculous plant, as a rule, can be found in the steppe zone. Air grows along the banks of slow-flowing rivers, streams, lakes, ditches.

Features of the collection

All the healing power of calamus is concentrated in his rhizome (without adventitious roots). Calamus rhizomes can be dredged from early summer to early autumn. After digging the healing roots must be dried. After thorough cleaning, the rhizomes need to be cut lengthwise into multiple strips 10-20 cm long. Then, they should be laid out in a darkened place to dry. The temperature should not exceed 30 degrees. Properly dried rhizomes should not bend, they break, emiting a characteristic crackling sound. At the kink, they should be whitish-pink in color, in rare cases - yellow or greenish, very fragrant, with a bitter taste. Shelf life - 2 years.

For use inside the bark from the rhizome must be removed before drying. But for therapeutic baths used only crude rhizome.

For cosmetic purposes calamus rhizomes, harvested in the fall.

Contraindications: pregnancy.

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Side effects

Although calamus has many positive and healing qualities, long courses of treatment are unacceptable to them, since it is likely that fj-azarone (a volatile aromatic substance that makes up 75% of essential oils of calamus) will have a negative effect on your body.

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