Comfrey root


Joint problems bring a lot of inconvenience. Everyone who has come across this knows how difficult it is to find an effective remedy for ailment. There are many drugs for treatment, including those based on herbs - for example, comfrey. Application to the joints of this plant is characterized by proven therapeutic benefits and effectiveness.

The popularity and use of comfrey

Medicinal comfrey, or larkspot, has long been famous for its healing properties.

Medicinal comfrey, or larkspur, has long been famous for its healing properties. He has a pronounced ability to anesthetize and reduce inflammation. As a medicine for the treatment of joints, this plant is actively used due to its property to accelerate the recovery of cartilage and bone tissues. Therefore, preparations with comfrey are prescribed for:

  • joint edema;
  • arthrosis;
  • arthritis;
  • joint injuries.

Zest also helps to treat fractures and dislocations, increasing the motor ability of joints joints.

The use of comfrey root or its stems is also effective for the treatment of:

  • bronchitis;
  • purulent inflammation of the skin;
  • intestinal disorders;
  • vaginitis;
  • mastitis

Larkspur is prescribed to people suffering from frequent nosebleeds.

Larkspur is prescribed to people suffering from frequent nosebleeds.

Plant dosage forms

For the preparation of drugs used as a stem, and the root of the vitiloste. From the plant is prepared:

  • infusions (for oral administration);
  • ointment;
  • gels;
  • alcohol tinctures;
  • decoctions;
  • powders.

When applying comfrey inside it is necessary to strictly adhere to the dosage and not to drink it for a long time, since the plant is poisonous.

Contraindications and side effects

Larkspur contains toxic compounds that inhibit the human nervous system

Comfrey medicinal contraindicated:

  • pregnant women;
  • patients with gastric ulcer or intestinal ulcer;
  • people with cancer;
  • in the presence of open wounds (if the drug is used externally).

Larkspur contains toxic compounds that inhibit the human nervous system, so uncontrolled use can lead to paralysis and death. In addition, long-term administration of tinctures and decoctions can trigger the development of tumors of the liver and bladder, diarrhea and atony of the gastrointestinal tract. In this regard, most doctors insist only on the external use of drugs with comfrey.

Comfrey infusion

Infusion of the roots or leaves of the larkspur is used to treat purulent inflammation of the skin, including acne.


100 g of crushed plant materials;

200 ml of water (milk).


Infusion of the roots or leaves of the larkspur is used to treat purulent inflammation of the skin, including acne.

  1. Fill chopped leaves or roots with water or milk.
  2. Insist 5 hours. We run. Store in a glass container in a cool place for no more than 3 days.

This infusion is effective in rinsing and ingestion for colds, tuberculosis and pneumonia.

From the resulting infusion can be made alcohol tincture, which is used as a compress on the sore joint. To prepare the tincture, 1: 1 vodka is added to the filtered liquid.

Broth from live-bones

A decoction of live-life is used for douching with vaginitis and rinsing for inflammatory processes in the oral cavity.


1 tbsp. water;

10 g of chopped locusts root.


  1. Comfrey root fill with water.
  2. We put on a slow fire, boil for 10 minutes.
  3. Let it brew for 15 minutes, decant. Keep no more than 2 days.

Joint Ointment

When treating with comfrey medicinal use for joints, ointment is the most convenient form of therapy.

When treating with comfrey, medicinal use for the joints of the ointment is the most convenient form of therapy in which no toxic substances of the plant enter the patient's body. At the same time, inflammation and swelling of the joints are effectively removed. The ointment with live roast has anesthetic and antispasmodic effect. With this form of comfrey use, you can either use the finished product (for example, buy Dr. Comtess ointment), or make it yourself. In the first case, it should be applied with a thick layer 2-3 times a day on the sore joint, and at night make a bandage with the preparation. The course of treatment usually ranges from 1 to 1.5 months.

To make the ointment yourself, you can use the following recipe.


150 g washed and chopped comfrey root;

200 ml of water;

200 grams of pork fat;

50 ml of vodka;

3 egg whites.


  1. Comfrey root fill with water and insist 5 hours at room temperature.
  2. Strain and mix the roots with fat, pre-melt it to a liquid state.
  3. We simmer the mixture on low heat for about 20 minutes.
  4. Add proteins and vodka.

Use this ointment should be 2 times a day, rubbing into the sore joint.

This recipe can be simplified by combining comfrey root with fat in a ratio of 1: 4 and boiling for 30 minutes in a water bath. You can also add honey to the ointment (at the rate of 1/3 of the root amount) to enhance the warming effect.

Pharmacological preparations with comfrey

Zhivokost is actively used in pharmacology. Almost all drugs for the treatment of joints contain comfrey. Among the most common are Revma-Gel, Comfrey Ointment, Larkspur Ointment, Comfrey Gel Balm 911. Instructions for using all these tools are similar: the medicine is applied to the affected area with a thick layer and slightly rubbed. If possible, after using the ointment, you can apply a bandage. When using the gel in this particular need not, since this form is easily and quickly absorbed.

Being an effective remedy, comfrey medicinal use for the joints is very wide. Possessing well-studied pharmacogenetics, it is an indispensable component of drugs for the treatment of joint problems. Moreover, it is not difficult to prepare a number of drugs from the live-life alone; why not take advantage of this opportunity?