Cold water pouring - benefit or harm

We all heard about how dousing with cold water is useful - they say that a hardened body is able to withstand colds and even almost infections. But is it really? What is hidden behind dousing with cold water - benefit or harm?

Harden or not?

Cold water pouring is practiced as a health preventive measure.

Cold water pouring is practiced as a health-improving prophylactic, which hardens the body, making it less susceptible, primarily to colds. However, this method of maintaining the body rather controversial reputation, because it is not suitable for everyone.

In addition, this is not the only controversial point in this problem: there are quite a few techniques on how to temper better. For example, there are many followers of the theory of pouring cold water over the Ivanov system (according to her, it is necessary to harden when the water temperature is below 11 ° C). Although people with negative experiences in this practice are also quite a few. So find out whether you will benefit from douche or not, you can only after you try it on yourself.

Only healthy people can start pouring in, and there are not so many of them, because today almost every person has some sort of chronic disease. Therefore, before taking action, you should check with a medical specialist.

There are contraindications for dousing with ice water:

  • cardiovascular diseases;
  • high or low blood pressure (by the way, many naively believe that pouring cold water on hypertension can help cope with the problem, but this is not so. At best, you will not achieve anything even in a year, and at worst - harm yourself);
  • ARVI, flu, colds;
  • heart attacks, strokes;
  • thrombophlebitis;
  • diseases of the genitourinary system;
  • increased eye pressure;
  • oncological diseases;
  • tuberculosis;
  • epilepsy;
  • diseases of the nervous system;
  • the presence of lesions on the skin and the skin diseases themselves;
  • any chronic disease in the acute stage.

In addition, it is not recommended to begin to harden pregnant women, as well as women during menstruation.

Cold water: good or bad?

Cold water: good or bad?

It is widely believed that pouring cold water is extremely beneficial. Practitioners of such tempering usually say the same thing.

  1. You will feel better overall. The body seems to rejuvenate, and all the processes in it "start" again.
  2. A charge of cheerfulness will give a great mood. Even the very realization that you lead a healthy lifestyle will fill you with energy.
  3. The metabolic process is activated.
  4. Improve skin condition.
  5. All the internal organs will work better, as due to the improved blood supply, nutrients and oxygen to them will be supplied in larger quantities.
  6. You will be less susceptible to colds.

Of course, it is hard not to succumb to persuasion, especially when they promise rejuvenation of the body for 5-10 years and flourishing health. Hardening is really able to provide these "bonuses", but only to a completely healthy person.

We used to hear rave reviews about dousing with cold water. But few people think that the constant hypothermia of the body can seriously impair health. Many doctors argue that the cheerfulness charge received immediately after the procedure is only temporary.

Many who begin to pour in, instead of the desired effect, fall ill the very next day. Of course, you can say that something was done wrong. But it is also possible that the immune system is simply not ready for hardening. How can it hurt?

  1. If you do not follow the rules and drench too cold water, you can earn bronchitis or pneumonia.
  2. Over time, adrenal function deteriorates due to a decrease in the level of secreted hormones.
  3. Vessels also suffer, because adrenaline, which is actively produced in a stressful situation for the body (when a cold water tub is poured onto the body), promotes the formation of blood clots.
  4. Heart problems may begin, especially if you have a weak heart.
  5. The risk of developing breast cancer in women is increasing.
  6. All hidden sores can crawl out.

Even if it seems that for a long time you have become accustomed to dousing with cold water and are feeling better, this may only be an appearance, and the consequences may not appear immediately, but after a few years.

How to get a shower if you decide?

How to start dousing with cold water, how to pour

How to start pouring cold water? First of all, you should choose for yourself a suitable tempering method for you. There are 2 main options.

  • Gradually lowering the temperature of the water during each procedure (that is, you first pour cold water on yourself, the next day - a degree colder, etc., until you reach very cold water).
  • You can begin to pour cold water at once, but, of course, not completely, but partially: first only the feet, the next day - the knees, the third - all the legs from the thigh. So, day by day, the hardening zone will grow, and then it will be possible to pour it all at once.

It is better to act gradually and smoothly, so the first method seems to be more adequate. The hardening procedure should take only a few seconds. It is not necessary to use a shower for douche. It is best to start some kind of bucket or big basin and wash yourself with cold water from it. This should be done abruptly, completely pouring out all the water, and in no case a thin stream. Then it is worth rubbing with a towel. Do not cool down after the procedure; rest on the couch, wrapped in a blanket, - so the body will quickly come to life after stress. You can make yourself hot tea. Try to harden every day, but if you feel worse, stop douche.

The organism of each person is individual, therefore it is difficult to foresee how cold water pouring will affect you specifically. If you doubt the miracle of this action, it is better not to start. There are many tempering fanatics, and all of them in one voice will talk about the benefits. But human health is so fragile, so think a hundred times whether to experiment with it.

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