Cold and hot shower


Since ancient times, man loved the healing power of the bath. And many people like it right after it, from the big heat and into the ice hole! And in the conditions of the apartment can be carried out similar hardening of the body. For many decades, a douche has not lost its popularity, whose benefits and harms depend on certain factors. Let's see which ones.

Power of contrasts

Contrast shower: expected benefits

This hardening method is based on the order of use of hot and cold water. Before practicing the contrast shower, find out what it is and whether it is possible to strengthen your body. The strength of the effect of the procedure is that it affects the entire skin. This contributes to the full recovery of the body, which applies to all organs and systems.

At the same time, it is necessary to individually assess the possibility of such a procedure. In some cases, it is possible to harm health (for example, at elevated body temperature, exacerbations of diseases of the musculoskeletal system). The use of a contrast shower requires compliance with proven rules. It is important to monitor your feelings, not to allow hypothermia, so as not to provoke a cold.

Contrast shower: expected benefits

Thanks to the contrast of the soul can be achieved:

  • improve blood circulation;
  • stimulate the immune system;
  • neutralizing free radicals;
  • rejuvenation of the body;
  • skin cleansing;
  • getting rid of extra pounds.

Whether a contrast shower is useful - reviews of women who have experienced the effect of the procedure, contain mostly high marks for its effectiveness. In the reviews, it is noted that getting used to this method of hardening should be gradual. But after a while the result will be pleasantly surprised: headaches will pass, immunity will increase.

Women pay much attention to the question of whether a contrast shower from cellulite benefits. The feedback on this aspect of the procedure is encouraging. So, the appearance of elasticity, skin tightening is noted. Signs of cellulite become imperceptible, excess weight is eliminated. Efficiency is provided by a strong pressure of water, which becomes the basis of a kind of massage. The jet should be directed to the problem area for 5 minutes. A positive result appears after 20 treatments.

Also, the benefits of tempering the body by alternating hot and cold water are significant in such cases:

  • initial manifestations of hypertension;
  • states of neurosis;
  • joint diseases;
  • symptoms of hypotension;

Contrast shower also helps with vegetative-vascular dystonia (it creates a distracting psychological effect affecting the whole body).

It operates reliably, but we use caution!

Rules effective soul

A contrast shower is very intense on the body, so the benefits and harms of this method of hardening can manifest themselves to the maximum. Before applying such a procedure for the purpose of recovery, you need to determine whether you have individual contraindications. You should not take a shower on the basis of contrast under the following conditions:

  • flu, colds and other ills that are accompanied by fever;
  • inflammatory diseases of the urinary, musculoskeletal system;
  • menses;
  • chronic hypertension;
  • heart diseases;
  • allergic reactions to hypothermia;
  • thrombophlebitis;
  • malignant neoplasms.

Rules effective soul

Resultful douche - how to do this procedure? To increase health and prevent harm, you need to deliberately hardening. Special wisdom is not here, but you must follow the verified instructions.

  1. Start dousing with warm water. When the body gets used, make the jet hot for a few minutes. For 1 minute, turn on cold water, which is replaced by a few minutes of hot water. Repeating hot and cold douche about 10 times, you can more.
  2. With each following procedure, increase the cycle time slightly. For those who make a contrast shower for the first time, it’s enough to pour cold water for 15 seconds.
  3. Cool the body, starting from the top.
  4. In the morning, end the cold douche with a cold shower, and in the evening (2 hours before bedtime) finish the procedure with warm water.
  5. Do not allow hypothermia, listen to your feelings. Usually, when such a soul is taken and after it, the mood improves, internal energy awakens.
  6. Rubbing with a stiff towel is recommended after jets handling.

Contrast shower - a proven way to improve health. This procedure can bring significant benefits to improve the performance of many body systems, enhance immunity, and achieve external perfection. It is important to take into account the limitations and contraindications, to comply with the recommendations, so that inadvertently does not harm the body. If everything is done correctly, and health improves, and the mood rises!