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With the onset of cold weather, many people suffer from viral infections, colds and the flu. Not always with the appearance of primary symptoms, we are in a hurry to see a doctor, so we choose tablets for cold and flu on our own. A list of effective drugs is given in our article.

Medicine for cold and flu: list and classification of drugs

If you start treatment for a cold or flu in time, then you will be able to completely get rid of the disease in 4-7 days. In the case of the development of complications on the background of acute acute respiratory or viral disease, medical assistance cannot be dispensed with.

If you are not in a hurry to visit the attending specialist if you have primary symptoms of a cold and prefer to choose pharmacological drugs yourself, approach this with full responsibility. Specialists all drugs against flu and colds are divided into several categories. The list of these drugs by group classification is as follows:

  • immunostimulating agents;
  • antiviral pharmacological agents;
  • symptomatic drugs;
  • interferon producing agents.

Immunostimulating pharmacological agents are mainly fortified drugs that have a strengthening effect on the immune system. During a cold disease, you can take all the well-known vitamin C.

The action of antiviral drugs is aimed at eliminating the causes of the development of flu or the common cold. Before taking any drug that has an antiviral effect, you should consult with your doctor.

Neuraminidase inhibitors are effective in combating influenza, in particular, with type A and B viruses. Such pharmacological drugs eliminate the cause of the disease, as well as its symptoms and significantly reduce the risk of developing complicated effects. The group of these drugs include:

  • Oseltamivir (or Tamiflu);
  • Zanamivir

However, it is possible to take such substances only after consulting a specialist, as they have side effects and a number of contraindications. So, for example, Oseltamivir should not be taken by people suffering from impaired kidney function. A "Zanamivir" is contraindicated in patients with asthmatic pathologies. Another group of drugs, called the M2 viral-type protein blockers, has gained much popularity in the fight against colds and flu. These drugs should include:

  • "Rimantadine";
  • "Ribavirin".

Most of these pharmaceuticals cope with viruses of group A, but today there are many resistant viral strains. Another group is drugs that cause the production of interferon. These include:

pills for the prevention of flu and colds

  • "Kagocel";
  • "Amixin";
  • "Amizon";
  • "Cycloferon";
  • "Arbidol";
  • "Groprinosin".

If you need pills for the prevention of flu and colds, then the above list of pharmacological drugs can be taken as a basis. They have an excellent preventive and curative effect. As it is known, when pathogenic microbes enter the body, active production of interferon begins. It is this protein that inhibits the activity of viruses. The above pharmaceuticals enhance the production of natural interferon and are well combined with antiviral substances.

If a catarrhal disease is accompanied by accompanying symptoms, for example, a runny nose, cough, sore throat, etc., then medicines that are prescribed to treat the symptoms of the disease will come to the rescue. Treatment specialists recommend a number of drugs, in particular:

  • antipyretic drugs - for example, Aspirin, Paracetamol or Ibuprofen;
  • nasal drops, providing a vasoconstrictor effect, containing naphazoline, xylometazoline;
  • medication for resorption, appointed when the appearance of complications with the respiratory tract;
  • cold preparations - Glaucin, Prenoxdiazine, and Dextromethorphan;
  • drugs that have expectorant effects, such as Ambroxol, Acetylcysteine, Bromhexin, etc.

Despite the fact that most pharmacological drugs of antiviral and anti-cold type are released over-the-counter, there is still no need to self-medicate. Any cold can lead to the development of complicated consequences, so entrust your health to the attending specialist. It is the competent doctor who can prescribe effective medicines for the flu and cold. The list of such drugs may differ depending on the form of the disease and the reasons for its development.

Inexpensive pharmaceuticals

Inexpensive pharmaceuticals

In pharmacies, you can find inexpensive drugs for the flu, which are aimed at combating viral infections and colds. As a rule, pharmaceuticals differ not only in component composition, but also in price category.

Many people try to find cheap flu and cold medicines. The list of inexpensive effective drugs is divided into several groups depending on the symptoms shown. So, to reduce body temperature, you can take:

  • "Mefenamic acid";
  • "Aspirin";
  • "Acetylsalicylic acid";
  • "Ibuprofen";
  • "Paracetamol".

Complex drugs are considered "Mefenamic acid" and "Ibuprofen". They have antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and analgesic effects.

As immunostimulating agents can be taken:

  • "Echinacea";
  • "Ascorbic acid".

With the appearance of pain in the throat, you can use the following pharmaceutical agents:

  • "Chlorophyllipt";
  • "Septefril";
  • "Streptocid";
  • "Miramistina solution".

For topical use in the fight against colds, many of us use:

  • balm asterisk;
  • mustard packs.

To eliminate nasal congestion in the pharmacy you can buy nasal drops, in particular:

  • Naphthyzinum;
  • "Pinosol";
  • "Galazolin";
  • Sanorin.

Preparations for the prevention of colds

Preparations for the prevention of colds

Many of us prefer to prevent a viral illness or a cold than to treat such an ailment later. In this regard, a completely logical question arises: what kind of drugs for the prevention of flu and colds can be taken. The list of the group of agents that are indicators of interferon is presented below:

  • "Arbidol";
  • Neovir;
  • "Amixin";
  • "Cycloferon".

To replenish the vitamin reserve, you can use the following complex medicines:

  • "Aevit";
  • Vetoron;
  • "Gerimaks" and others.

To maintain the body's defenses, doctors advise taking the following remedies:

  • "Lemongrass tincture";
  • "Extract of Eleutherococcus";
  • "Gerimaks";
  • "Immunal";
  • "Bronhomunal";
  • "Bioaron";
  • "Imudon";
  • "Likopid" and others.

Of course, you can choose your own remedy for the treatment of a cold or flu, but it is best to entrust it to the attending specialist. Today, in pharmacies you can find suitable drugs both in terms of effectiveness and price category. You should not save on health, it should be protected and carefully take care of it. Remember that it is easier to prevent a cold or flu than to treat it. Be healthy!

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