Cognac - increases or decreases pressure

One of the most frequently asked questions among cognac lovers is: does it adversely affect the body, and especially - How does cognac affect blood pressure? All gourmets and simply lovers of this elite alcohol should know about the effect of cognac on health.

For medicinal purposes, brandy is strictly forbidden.! First of all, alcohol is used as a way to relax or to create an appropriate atmosphere at banquets and celebrations. Notions such as treatment and fun should not be confused. After all, this is the way a person will justify his dependence on alcohol, based on the beneficial properties of brandy.

In Europe, there are standards in which it is stated that only that alcoholic drink, which was produced in any province of France, can be called brandy. Therefore, there appeared such a type of alcohol as brandy, which in its composition is not at all distinguishable from cognac. In Russia, unlike in Europe, there are no such hard and fast rules. About this drink created a lot of tales and stories of various kinds.

Cognac - increases or decreases pressure?

For several centuries, the production of cognac of any kind of experiments and experiments have been carried out with it! And the effect of brandy on blood pressure is a small part of such studies. Some like to drink coffee with cognac, Because of this, the pressure will only jump in different directions. Another type of gourmet loves to drink fifty grams of cognac before going to bed or coming home from work, to relieve fatigue. Some singers may also apply a few grams of cognac before their performance. to clean the ligaments, but not inside the body, but only rinsing their throats.

Cognac and pressure

The most effective alcohol for changing pressure is recognized as brandy.. If you set out to bring your blood pressure back to normal, then many people will advise you to use a little brandy every day. But here you may encounter a twofold opinion - some will argue that brandy lowers pressure, and others - which, on the contrary, increases. If you combine these opinions into one, the conclusion suggests itself - brandy normalizes pressure.

Firstly, Cognac promotes vasodilation, which leads to a decrease in pressure.So why exactly brandy lowers blood pressure, and no other alcohol? Expansion of blood vessels - only the original state in the use of brandy. After some time (from 30 minutes to 1 hour), the heartbeat quickens, and then a huge amount of blood flows into the arteries. Therefore blood pressure rises. So all the same - does brandy raise or lower blood pressure? The answer to this question is one: first, after drinking brandy, blood pressure decreases and then rises.

Cognac and pressure

The dose of alcohol consumed is also of considerable importance.. 50 grams of brandy contribute to the improvement of the cardiovascular system of the body. When, after consuming brandy, the vessels begin to expand, the pulse remains normal and does not increase. In this case the pressure goes down. If, however, use a large dose of brandy, the pressure will jump up, even in hypertensive patients. Therefore, such alcohol in high doses is not recommended.

To torture yourself with a constant question: does brandy reduce or increase pressure? - not worth it. Any alcohol is poison, and there are other ways to change your pressure! For example, you can eat foods that reduce or increase pressure.

It is necessary to always keep a sober mind and memory, then the pressure will be normal, and there will be no health problems!

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