Coffee is a popular drink worldwide. Many do not represent the beginning of the working day without a cup of strong aromatic coffee, but only someone is limited to one cup per day, and someone drinks it in unlimited quantities. Perhaps it is time to figure out what makes coffee more beneficial or harmful properties.

Coffee Facts

They hardly knew that in ancient times they did not drink coffee at all, but ate its grains, which were fried in vegetable fat. And this use of coffee has persisted for a couple of centuries in East African tribes, where people were firmly convinced of the stimulating effect of coffee beans.

But the spread of coffee in all countries was after the Arab merchants brought these small grains to Yemen. And in those days hardly anyone thought whether coffee is useful. But one of the Arab clergymen noted that the coffee decoction from the beans drives away fatigue and sleep, so that one can easily withstand the night prayer.

Coffee came to Europe in the 16th century and was immediately loved by everyone for its special taste. But it was not done without ill-wishers, who began to hang coffee almost all the most possible harmful qualities, considering that there is no good in coffee.

To this day, there remain many opponents of coffee, who constantly find in it a variety of dangers to the human body. Of course, like any coffee product has both beneficial and negative properties. It may contain slightly more negative qualities, but it does not pose a big threat to coffee. There are cases of the negative impact of coffee, but they can be called the exception rather than the rule. Strongly roasted coffee may contain some amount of benzopyrene resin, so it is best to buy coffee with a small degree of roasting.

There is such a true story that one coffee lover drank this drink in huge quantities, almost forty cups a day and at the same time he managed to live to be 114 years old. Discussing this fact, supporters of coffee argued that it was thanks to coffee that person lived such a long life, and opponents said that if he had not drunk so much coffee, he would have lived even more. But no matter how anyone says, let's see what scientists say about this drink.

The most important accusation of coffee is that it causes the addictive effect, becomes like a drug for the body. And all because coffee contains caffeine - a substance that can provoke addiction. And if we talk about addiction, then for example chocolate also causes the effect of addiction. But in natural coffee and natural chocolate there is a very important useful property - the use of these products increases the content of the hormone serotonin, which is otherwise called the hormone of happiness and it affects the areas of the brain responsible for pleasure. In general, it is difficult to call coffee a real drug, as it does not belong to the category of narcotic substances.

Who can not drink coffee?

Coffee can not be recommended to drink to everyone, as it has a number of contraindications. It is not recommended to drink it in case of ischemia, atherosclerosis, it is not recommended to drink coffee often for problems with the kidneys, as well as those who have an easily excitable nervous system. You should not get involved in coffee for sleep disorders, hypertension or glaucoma. Also, do not advise to use coffee often for children and the elderly. It is important to remember that coffee is harmful to drink on an empty stomach, or vice versa after a hearty meal. The best time for a cup of coffee is after breakfast in the morning.

In very limited quantities, coffee should be drunk for those who suffer from cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure, as this only aggravates the disease. But with reduced pressure, on the contrary, it will be useful to drink 1-2 cups of coffee a day, as this drink increases the pressure. But again, just in moderation.

Especially talk about drinking coffee in pregnant women.. For a long time, it was believed that during pregnancy it is absolutely impossible to drink coffee, as this can cause miscarriage. Recent studies in medicine have shown that coffee does not affect a future child and a pregnant woman in a negative way, but still it is worth being careful with him and not to get involved in large quantities, as caffeine has a stimulating effect on the nervous system and also affects the process conversion of calcium in the body, which may be the reason for reducing the weight and size of the baby’s head.

And now about scientifically confirmed positive properties of coffee. Almost all studies prove that Coffee is a good stimulant for mental work, as it increases concentration of attention, relieves fatigue, relieves drowsiness and, importantly, adds energy and efficiency. The cause of all these positive actions is the same caffeine, the addictive effect, it also stimulates the brain and nervous system.

If we compare instant coffee and grain coffee, the coffee beans will certainly lead by useful qualities. In instant coffee, by the way, even more harm than real coffee, and contrary to conventional wisdom, it contains more caffeine, so you should listen to the recommendations of experts and limit the consumption of instant coffee, and if there is such an opportunity to drink real grain coffee more often by all the rules. It will be much healthier and tastier.

Coffee with lemon - an unusual taste

Lovers of unusual taste will surely appreciate the coffee with lemon, besides, one cannot say anything about its useful qualities. Strong black coffee plus a slice of lemon is a great stimulant, and plus it is a tasty drink. Cooking is easier than ever; in a freshly brewed coffee, you just need to add a slice of juicy lemon and you can enjoy the taste of this unusual drink. In addition, it is a very useful mixture of vitamin C and caffeine, which helps to quickly cheer up.

As you can see, it is not so scary to drink coffee as it is believed, and if you drink it in moderation, it will rather bring more benefits than harm. A cup of real aromatic coffee in the morning is definitely a good start to the day!

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