Cod liver


Cod liver is a popular source of beneficial micronutrients. It is a cod organ - a fish living in the Atlantic Ocean. For a long time, cod liver is used as a useful product in the kitchens of many countries, including in Russia. More recently, cod liver was considered a delicacy. But now this product is available to most people.

Cod liver goes well with boiled potatoes to taste. From it you can cook all sorts of pies and salads. Cod liver is very good for a holiday table as a snack. For weekdays, cod liver will also be a decoration and an indispensable product on the tables.

Today, cod liver oil is made from cod liver oil. And the benefits of fish oil are known to all people. It is used inside, and also added to many cosmetics.

Cod liver: useful properties

The beneficial properties of cod liver

The composition of cod liver is very rich and diverse. The useful properties of the product depend on the composition.

  • Cod liver is extraordinarily useful. It has a positive effect on human brain activity, improves blood circulation in the body, strengthens the nervous system..
  • Those who regularly consume cod liver for a long time remain active and vigorous, aging more slowly.
  • Cod liver (daily allowance) contains so many useful and necessary for the human body trace elements that it is quite difficult to underestimate its benefits.
  • Vitamin A contained in cod liver improves skin health and hair beauty. It also improves eyesight and helps with eye diseases.
  • In addition, cod liver oil is a good source of fish oil for our body.
  • Consumption of cod liver oil is useful for strengthening the heart muscle, and also helps prevent the appearance of malignant tumors.
  • Useful polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamins A and D help with diseases of the joints.
  • Cod liver is useful for the prevention of rheumatoid diseases.

Cod liver: useful properties

  • It is recommended that cod liver oil be introduced into the diet by asthmatics, diabetics, and people with hepatitis.
  • There is a belief in the people that such a cure like. And indeed, in many reviews, it is possible to identify the beneficial properties of cod liver in the treatment of liver diseases..
  • The beneficial properties of cod liver include the ability to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease..
  • The composition of the product prevents the formation of cholesterol plaque walls of blood vessels. The result is that the risk of atherosclerosis is reduced.
  • Reducing bad cholesterol is also a merit of cod liver. Therefore, it is especially useful for older people and middle-aged people.
  • An introduction to the diet of cod liver is recommended for those who have suffered a myocardial infarction, as well as in ischemic heart disease.
  • It is useful to eat cod liver pregnant. Enter it into your diet from the second trimester until the end of breastfeeding. This is the guarantee of your baby's health! The product contributes to the development of the child's intelligence and strengthen its immunity.
  • It will help cod liver during postpartum depression.

Cod liver: useful properties

Thus, cod liver is an amazingly tasty and extremely healthy product.. Regular use of this product improves the quality of life, normalizing the work of many systems of the human body. The introduction of cod liver in your diet, starting from childhood (or already during the mother's pregnancy) helps to strengthen the immune system. This is a guarantee of health for many years!

In addition to the benefits for your health and the health of your family members, cod liver will help diversify the daily and festive menu, enriching the table with an unusual taste. Cod liver can be added to salads, used as a snack or as a separate dish.

Cod liver is able to benefit from the outside, because the fish oil extracted from it is part of various cosmetic products for skin care of the face. Using them, you will always be charming and attractive in the eyes of others!