Coconut oil benefits


This exotic nut has been known for a long time, but it is valued more because of its taste, although coconut has truly unique properties and is widely used in cosmetology and medicine. Especially useful is coconut oil, which absorbs all the most useful properties of this nut. By the way, people in the tropics regularly eat a lot of coconut oil and therefore rarely suffer from overweight and many diseases that are common in other cultures.

Coconut oil belongs to lauric oil, and it just instantly absorbs on the skin, making it soft and velvety. Also, coconut oil copes well with the harmful effects of the environment and removes toxins from the body, both when taken orally and when applied to the skin.

Coconut Hair Oil

Coconut oil will replace the hair with the most expensive masks and balms, as it is very concentrated in nutrient content. Suitable for dry hair, it should be applied a few hours before washing, which will prevent the loss of protein when in contact with water, and it is possible and after in a small amount to make hair shine. If your hair is damaged, bleached, you can massage with coconut oil before washing. Massage of the head with coconut oil will help to cope with stress, providing a calming and relaxing effect. Also, coconut oil will help get rid of dandruff and even lice, enhance hair growth and give them shine. You can even apply coconut oil at night, and in the morning wash your hair and you just do not recognize your hair.

Coconut oil for skin

Coconut oil for the skin can be used as a mask, moisturizing or apply for massage. Especially coconut oil is suitable for dry skin. Coconut oil is ideal for eliminating dryness and flaking of the skin, while it has virtually no side effects. With it, you can smooth fine lines and delay the onset of age-related changes in the skin. Also, coconut oil helps with dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema and other skin diseases.

Coconut oil can be applied to the neck, to soften the hardened skin of the elbows and heels. They can remove makeup from the eyes, but for these purposes, use only refined oil. In that case, if the oil is unrefined, then add it to cosmetics no more than 10%, and no more than 30% to skin care products. Coconut oil can enrich any natural and cosmetic masks, its components will help the active substances to penetrate more deeply into the skin.

Coconut Slimming Oil

Coconut oil contains unique chains of acids that speed up the body's metabolism and help fight excess weight. So if you're on a diet, then turn on coconut oil in your diet and the weight loss process will go faster. In addition, coconut oil has a beneficial effect on the thyroid and endocrine systems.

Coconut oil for digestion

Fats that are found in coconut oil have antimicrobial properties and help to cope with many bacteria and fungi. The use of coconut oil can prevent diseases of the stomach and intestines, and also contributes to a better absorption of nutrients from food. Coconut oil is recommended by doctors for pancreatitis, as it is quickly absorbed and digested, but in rare cases, the oil can cause diarrhea and nausea in patients.

Coconut oil for immunity

Coconut oil contains large quantities of antimicrobial substances, lauric, capric and caprylic acids, which increase the resistance of the immune system to disease. Lauric acid is a great helper in the fight against viruses that provoke the flu, herpes and even the AIDS virus. Also, coconut oil fights against viruses of influenza, measles, hepatitis and herpes, kills microbes that cause ulcers, inflammations of the throat, urinary system.

Coconut oil can be applied to damaged skin, making wounds heal faster. Oil also provides good help with bruises, so it is worth smearing the place with a bruise and the recovery process will go faster.

Coconut oil for tanning

Coconut oil is also known for its protective qualities when it is exposed to the sun. It can be added to sunscreens or applied in its pure form to the skin. Coconut oil is best applied on the skin before tanning and after, as the oil forms a protective film on the skin that will not allow your skin to dry out. Coconut oil is completely hypoallergenic and has practically no contraindications. It is even used for the care of baby skin.

What is coconut oil?

Coconut oil is made by cold pressing from dried walnut pulp. The pulp is separated from the shell, after which it is dried, cut into small pieces and get butter. Oil is of two types - unrefined and refined. Unrefined oil is a pale yellow liquid with a specific smell of coconut, and at low temperature the oil becomes solid. High-quality oil contains at least half of lauric acid.

After the purification process, the coconut oil becomes refined. Cleaning is performed using high pressure, without using any chemicals and compounds. If we compare the refined and unrefined oil, the latter will be more transparent. Unrefined oil is best used in skin care. Coconut oil is widely used in the preparation of soaps and cosmetics, as it has excellent cleansing and foaming qualities.

Use the advantages of this exotic nut, and you will be surprised how your skin and hair will transform in a short time. A regular use of coconut oil in food will increase your immunity, will give vigor and strength, as well as a good source of protein for sports fans.