Club dances for girls


Nowadays, in nightclubs, people dance as much as they can, without observing special canons. If you want to stand out from the crowd and get maximum pleasure from the rest, then you just need to learn club dancing. To do this, you can enroll in a dance school or master some movement yourself.

How to dance in a club girl?

  • For beginners, a dance school can be an excellent option, where you will be taught to move beautifully and dance. In addition, you can make new interesting acquaintances, as well as bring the body into shape. In training, you will be taught to relax, to move freely and relaxedly, to be more confident in yourself. Prefer to the dance school where professional dancers teach. Attend a trial session and look around. In a good school there must be a shower, ventilation, changing rooms and lockers.

How to dance in a club girl?

  • To learn club dances, you will need about 15 lessons of 1.5 - 2 hours. During this time, you will not become a professional, but you will gain flexibility and a sense of rhythm. Club dances include hip-hop, go-go, r’n’b and clubblade. Of the more modern and original directions, they distinguish between funk, jazz modern, reggaeton, and more. etc. A distinctive feature of club dancing is modern music, as a rule, it is pop music.
  • If you do not have the extra money and time, you can learn club dancing at home. Homeschooling is equally effective and accessible to everyone without exception. On the Internet you can find educational videos and suitable music. Exercise at home is recommended in front of the mirror, controlling every movement.
  • Remember that practicing at home and at the dance school is not enough. You need constant training in clubs. When you come to the club, follow the main rule - relax and do not hesitate. Not only do you not know how to dance, there are hundreds of them, only they are not ashamed of it, but move as they can. Do not think how to dance, unleash emotions and have fun. Only one who feels discouraged can become an excellent dancer.
  • During the dance, be sure to listen to the rhythm and move it to the beat. A person who gets out of rhythm will immediately introduce disharmony into the process. Improvise, try not to dance like everyone else. Move plastically, be original, inventing different movements.
  • To look beautiful on the dance floor, keep fit. To do this, go to the gym, do exercises and stretching in the morning, swim in the pool or do regular jogging.

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Club dances: self-instruction manual for girls

How to dance in a club girl?

At home, test how plastic you are: what happens and what doesn't. To do this, stand in front of the mirror and try to move only the hips, leaving your arms, legs and shoulders motionless. If you fail and the whole body moves, you will have to work on yourself. It can take weeks or even months. During the movements, listen to your body, trying to feel every part of it. Professionals say that the beauty of the dance is affected by the amplitude of the movements: low will give you elegance, tenderness, lightness and femininity; high and sweeping - expressiveness, energy, relaxedness and courage.

You can borrow dance moves in music videos of one or another pop artist. Try to repeat your favorite steps, combining them. Think about how you can move your arms, shoulders, legs, hips. Dance at home with different music, changing tempo and movement. Feel free to improvise, show imagination, because dance is the art of self-expression.

As a homework you can go to the club. You don't have to dance, you can just watch how different people dance. Surely, many move as they want, not thinking about anything but their pleasure. Most girls dance without using complex steps. From the side of such a composition does not look very well. Therefore, do not move like everyone else, but look for interesting elements. Having come to the club, do not immediately begin to actively dance.

Smoothly adjust to the rhythm of the music and your mood. If the slow music, you want to dance fast, and so need. The most important thing is not to be nervous and completely disconnect from everyday problems. The dance will be natural when you feel free. The main thing to believe that others do not look at you.

Club dancing is a great way to relax and unwind. You can stand out from the crowd with original movements and loose plastic. Dance from the heart, with pleasure, leaving all your problems outside the dance floor!