Clotrimazole from thrush. forms of release of the drug and


A disease like thrush is quite common. The causes of candidiasis can be many: reduced immunity, neglect of the rules of personal hygiene, pregnancy, taking hormones, wearing synthetic underwear and tight pants. One of the most effective medicines for thrush is clotrimazole.

Forms of release of the drug and its mechanism of action

Clotrimazole is a domestic drug that is used to fight fungal infections, including thrush. It comes in 7 basic forms:

  1. Vaginal tablets with a dosage of the active substance 100, 200 and 500 mg.
  2. Vaginal candles.
  3. Topical ointment with clotrimazole concentration of 1%.
  4. 1% and 2% cream.
  5. 1% solution.
  6. Tablets for oral systemic use.
  7. Powder.
  8. The solution is a relatively new form of release of this drug, is not used as often as all other forms. Clotrimazole solution is most conveniently used for oral candidiasis and for vaginal douching.

Clotrimazole from thrush

The mechanism of action of the drug is based on the direct destructive effect on the cells of the fungus. Clotrimazole enters the body and immediately begins to act on candida fungi. It destroys their membranes because of what the cells die. If you use the drug only locally and in small dosages, the rate of spread of infection and reproduction of microorganisms will decrease.

With the systemic use of clotrimazole, all the fungi die, and the disease does not recur. In high concentrations, the drug reacts with enzymes, which increases the amount of hydrogen peroxide several times, which is very harmful for the fungus.

Clotrimazole from thrush: the effectiveness of the drug

Clotrimazole is considered one of the most effective drugs for vaginal candidiasis because it kills not only pathogenic fungi, but also other microorganisms that cause infectious inflammation. Thus, drugs based on clotrimazole treat several diseases simultaneously. Clotrimazole is in demand not only because of its high efficiency, but also because of its low price. It is not always worth buying expensive products, simple, but time-tested drugs can provide an effect not worse, and sometimes better than the most modern ones.

Side effects of clotrimazole are few and rare. Usually, when the dosage is observed, the treatment is carried out without undesirable effects and health risks. This drug can be used even during pregnancy after the first trimester and in the period of lactation. Do not prescribe medication yourself, before using clotrimazole, consult your doctor and take all necessary tests. In order to speed recovery, it is recommended to follow a gentle diet during treatment and use local treatment in combination with a systemic one.

Methods of using clotrimazole depending on the form of release

Clotrimazole from thrush

For thrush localized in the vagina and external genital organs, almost all forms of drug release are used. Most often used vaginal tablets and cream. The duration of the treatment course will depend on the degree of the disease and the severity of clinical manifestations. On average, you can completely get rid of the disease in 2 or 4 weeks.

Remember that fungi are located when thrush is not only on the genitals, they can also be on the nails and skin. Therefore, during treatment, the skin should be treated with a solution of clotrimazole, which can also be used for douching. It is advisable to do all the procedures 2-3 times a day, be sure to perform douching and use candles in the morning and evening. Throughout the day, drink tablets for thrush clotrimazole for oral administration, apply cream or ointment several times a day. With a mild degree of thrush, when the symptoms are mild and there is a slight discharge, you can get by using only local means.

Clotrimazole candles for thrush - The most common form of the drug, which is prescribed by experts. Also, in addition to candles, there are vaginal tablets, the method of using them is the same, but they do not have a greasy base, unlike candles and do not leave greasy spots on linen and clothes. The fatty base of candles under the action of body temperature melts and envelops the vaginal mucosa, the active substance is absorbed and begins to work actively against fungi, destroying their cells.

Before the introduction of the tablets they need to be slightly soaked because they have a solid structure. The use of tablets does not cause any side effects and discomfort in the form of itching, burning and tingling. It is best to introduce them into the vagina before bedtime. During sleep, the tablets dissolve under the influence of vaginal secretions. Over time, gruel is formed, which in the morning comes out of the vagina. This is a normal phenomenon and does not mean that the drug did not work, as some patients think, who use vaginal tablets for the first time. Clotrimazole is not able to be absorbed from the vagina into the blood, it acts only at the local level.

Clotrimazole cream for thrush not inferior in terms of its therapeutic effect to candles and tablets. It is also easy to use and leaves no greasy marks. When using the cream can be a slight burning sensation in the first seconds after application, but it passes very quickly. Optimal use of 1% cream for thrush in women, as for men, it is better to use 2% cream. Apply the product should be at least 2 times a day, but the more often you wake up to do it, the better. The duration of treatment with only one cream will be 1 month; you will be able to notice the first improvements in health in a week from the start of treatment.

Algorithm for using vaginal tablets, candles and cream:

  1. The special applicator is included in the kit with ointment and tablets. It must be filled with cream or ointment. If using tablets, soak 1 pc. warm water and place on the applicator as indicated in the instructions.
  2. Stay comfortably, lying on your back, and bend your legs at the knees and stand on the sides. In such a position, the introduction of candles and cream will be convenient and will not cause any discomfort.
  3. Enter the applicator as far as possible into the vagina and press the plug. There will be a drug administration. During pregnancy it is necessary to carry out this procedure very carefully, it is not recommended to introduce the applicator too deep. If you feel the resistance should not try to enter it further.
  4. Remove the applicator from the vagina after the injection.
  5. The disposable applicator should be discarded, and the reusable should be washed with soap and treated with a disinfectant solution. You can use chlorhexidine or an aqueous solution of medical alcohol.
  6. After manipulation, wash your hands well so that the infection does not spread.
  7. During the course of treatment it is recommended to use daily sanitary pads to protect the underwear from stains. Tampons cannot be used, because they will absorb the medicine, and it will not work. During menstruation, vaginal products cannot be used.

Clotrimazole from thrush

If the doctor recommended you clotrimazole for thrush, and it was effective, you can use it yourself if the disease recurs without consulting a doctor. If symptoms do not disappear on the first week of treatment or return 2 months after therapy, go to the gynecologist's appointment.

Be sure to consult a doctor in such cases:

  • If you are allergic to certain medications and clotrimazole.
  • In diseases of the kidneys, liver and immune system.
  • With alcohol abuse and smoking.
  • During pregnancy and lactation, as well as if you are planning a pregnancy in the near future.
  • If pregnancy occurred during treatment with clotrimazole.
  • You should consult with a specialist when such side effects occur:
  • Irritation of the mucous membranes and skin of the external genital organs.
  • Itching, tingling, burning.
  • Reddening of the skin.
  • The appearance of edema.
  • Increase in body temperature.
  • The emergence of discomfort and pain in the stomach.
  • The appearance of vaginal discharge with an unpleasant odor.
  • Nausea and vomiting, digestive disorders.

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Clotrimazole is a drug whose effectiveness has been proven by time. It is easy to use and economical. And even despite the fact that after many years of using the product, some microorganisms have developed resistance to it, it still remains one of the most effective drugs to fight fungal infections.