Climax in women

Climax - a painful topic for any woman, because sooner or later he will overtake each. In the period of menopause, significant hormonal changes occur in the body, which concern not only the reproductive sphere. What symptoms are accompanied by menopause in women? The age of acquaintance with him may be different. How to survive the "autumn of life"?

This is a terrible word - "menopause"

At what age does menopause begin?

Climax - the process of natural aging. The conclusion that menopause has occurred is made on the basis that the woman has no menstrual bleeding for a year. The reason is a decrease in the production of estrogen and progesterone. These are the "female" hormones that determine the behavior and physiology of women. As a result, changes in the hormonal background of the ovaries cease to function.

All the ladies want this to happen as late as possible. So the menopause question that bothers them the most is at what age begins? Climax in women can be expected in 35-45 years (early); he is late. But after 40 years, the representative of the weaker sex should be ready for the onset of change in her body. Most often, menopause occurs in the period from 45 to 55 years. In most cases, its beginning falls to 51 years.

In recent years, early menopause in women is often diagnosed. The age of menopause is "younger" so that some do not even have time to give birth to a child. This is due to poor ecology, unhealthy diet and nerve overload.

Do I need to be afraid of menopause? Unpleasant and dangerous manifestations of menopause

Climax is genetically programmed in a woman’s body. Of course, one shouldn’t be killed about this: menopause is not a sentence yet! But in order to go through this stage with the smallest "losses", it is better to know in advance how menopause occurs in women - symptoms, age, treatment.

How does menopause begin?

Climax in women: age of onset

  • Tides - the most painful and common symptom. A woman suddenly feels intense fever, her face and neck redden. It lasts 1-2 minutes, but can be repeated from 2 to 40 times a day. Tides bother you day and night, disturbing sleep. At high tide, sweating increases, resulting in wet spots on clothing. All this exhausts a woman, she feels depressed and tired.
  • Headaches. The woman is constantly in a state of nervous tension, is experiencing depression, she is attacked by a migraine, her face takes on a frown.
  • Sleep disorder
  • Forgetfulness, reduced attention.
  • Psycho-emotional instability - unsubstantiated mood swings, tearfulness, feeling of coma in the throat.
  • Dryness in the vagina. Climax not only reduces sexual desire, but also affects the quality of intimate life. The vaginal mucosa becomes thinner, which causes itching and dryness. It causes pain during intercourse.
  • Frequent urination. Reducing the amount of female hormones is reflected in the work of the bladder. When laughing, sneezing, coughing, incontinence occurs.
  • Irregular menstrual cycle. Menstruation will be less abundant, not so frequent, and then disappear altogether. During this period, the possibility of conception increases, since the egg is still capable of fertilization.

About menopause in women’s mouth: age, symptoms, reviews

The best idea of ​​what is climax in women (symptoms, age) can give feedback to women themselves who have crossed the threshold of maturity. Women describe their state of affairs simply and clearly: in the morning they don’t want anything, everything is annoying, the world turns gray.

According to women, the greatest discomfort is caused by tides, which not only they feel, but also those around them. Climax also has external manifestations: the skin becomes flabby, the belly begins to sag. The lady loses attractiveness: many people note weight gain, deterioration of hair and nails. Sharply deteriorating physical health. Heart problems are found, some have a tendency to stroke.

Women confirm in a review that menopause begins at about the same age as that of the mother. But bad habits, diets, serious diseases (diabetes, oncology), removal of the ovaries can lead to menopause before 45 years of age.

What does medicine offer for the treatment of menopause?

What does medicine offer for the treatment of menopause?

Regardless of how menopause manifests in women - the symptoms, age, treatment (the doctor must write out the drugs) will greatly facilitate the process of age-related hormonal adjustment. What drugs are used for such purposes?

  • Herbal medicines - Gemafemin, Klimafit, Dol Mestr, Feminal, Chi-Klim, Red Brush, Lefem, Estrovoile, Klimadinon. Phytopreparations are harmless, but their effectiveness is not scientifically confirmed.
  • Vitamin complexes: Lady Formula Menopause, Menopace.
  • Homépathy: Remens, Klimaksan, Klimaktoplan, Inoklim.
  • Replacement therapy: candles - Klimonorm, Klimene, Divina; tablets - Proginova, Kliogest, Premarin; plaster - Klimara; to eliminate vaginal dryness - Ovestin, Estirol.

Life during menopause in women: age, treatment with folk remedies

To climax did not become a nightmare and allowed a woman of active age (40-50 years) and continue to lead a normal life, you can use the folk remedies:

  • infusion of boron uterus. Crushed 2 tbsp. l herbs, pour alcohol (500 g). Insist 2 months. Drink 30 drops daily;
  • decoction of female grass - red brush: 1 tbsp. l plants brew a glass of water;
  • hop cones (25 g) pour 100 g of vodka. Take 10 drops 2 times a day;
  • tea for removing tides: take 1 tbsp. l licorice root, calendula flowers and tricolor violet, aniseed fruit. Pour 1 tbsp. boiling water. Consume 2 tbsp. l 3 weeks.

How menopause takes place is influenced by the lifestyle and behavior of the woman. If she is engaged in moderate physical exertion, monitors nutrition, controls weight, then there is a chance that menopause will pass without complications. It is better to give up alcohol, smoking. It is useful to walk in the fresh air.

Climax is not the best gift that nature made to women of mature age. This is a serious test for the body and a blow to the psyche. Treat menopause carefully - regularly visit the doctor necessarily. He will select for the woman the means that will help her to feel the joy of life after the onset of menopause.

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