In a certain period of life, a woman is faced with such a period as menopause. Hormones that are produced in the ovaries, at this time becomes less, just with it will be connected those unpleasant symptoms that form during menopause. Are they inevitable? Or is there a way to deal with them?

Instructions for use of Climalamine

Instructions for use of Climalamine

Klimalamin belongs to the class of anti-menopausal drugs, which is not hormonal! The main active ingredient is beta-alanic acid, which is an analogue of the acid contained in the female body that inhibits the production of histamine. It is histamine that is responsible for the formation of symptoms of hot flashes. In accordance with this, the main indications for the use of Climalamine are formed - the relief of unpleasant symptoms during menopause.

Climalamine relieves heat, dizziness, headache. The most important thing - will reduce sweating! A significant advantage in the use of the drug lies in the absence of the need to take it constantly. For a course of treatment it is enough to drink 1 to 2 tablets per day, in a course of 5 to 10 days. After a woman forgets about such unpleasant phenomena as hot flashes and can fully enjoy life. Treatment is carried out by courses, it is worth noting that the drug is not addictive, which provides the possibility of long-term use.

According to women's reviews of Klimalamine, the drug is well tolerated, does not cause swelling and discomfort. Climalanine is able to relieve symptoms of both natural and artificial menopause with equal effectiveness. And due to the fact that Klimalamin is not hormonal, it can be used for women with cancer and a high risk of thromboembolism.

To date, there are no analogues of Klimalanin by the active substance, but many drugs are among the analogues by the mechanism of action, including:

analogue Klimalanina

  1. homeopathic drops mastodinon,
  2. Triozhinal vaginal tablets,
  3. drops for internal use Klimadinon,
  4. tablet forms - Mamoklam, Chi-Klim,
  5. capsules - Sagenit and mn. other

What do women and specialists say about Climalanin?

Among the reviews of patients, there are both positive and negative:

  • Anna: Closer to 55 years, I felt for myself what climax is, with its "surprises." Constantly throws into the heat, on the neck appear ugly red spots, I'm not talking about the unpleasant smell of sweat. As a result, decreased performance, mood. At a reception at the gynecologist, I learned about Klimalanin, and after the reception I felt much better - my mood improved, my tides disappeared, my working capacity increased. Literally the second youth. Constantly take the drug is not necessary - courses. As soon as the tides reappear, I begin the second course of treatment.
  • Irina: Drink the drug advised the pharmacist at the pharmacy, drink a couple of days, I do not feel the excitement. Tides as they were, and remained, although it is possible that their intensity has decreased.

Doctors reviews, In the main positive, doctors emphasize that the drug is not hormonal, which significantly reduces the range of contraindications. You can not ignore the small number of side effects - only individual intolerance!

Symptoms of menopause - a difficult test for a woman, but in our time there is no need to endure them. There is an opportunity to continue to enjoy life, it is enough just to start taking special preparations - Climalin, which will quickly help to cope with the symptoms of menopause and return to the usual way of life.