Cleansing the bowels with salt water at home


Often in the colon there is an accumulation of toxic debris, which is the result of inadequate and infrequent emptying. And although toxins are released slowly, they can lead to the development of diseases, including fatal ones. An excellent and inexpensive way to deal with this is to cleanse the intestines with salt water.

Colon cleansing - a routine for health

How to clean the intestines with salt water

Experts report that many modern people suffer from poor digestion and incomplete bowel movements. To understand the processes occurring in this process, it is necessary to present a rotting piece of meat that is exposed to lactic acid bacteria. The picture is not very beautiful, and the smell will be unpleasant. Do not exclude parasites that can live in the intestines.

All this is accompanied by the release of toxins, which are released into the bloodstream, spread throughout the body and slowly poison it. Speaking essentially, the health of our body depends on the state of the digestive system. If we want to have clean and healthy skin, thick and long hair, clear eyes, strength and energy, it is simply necessary to keep the digestive paths clean.

The procedure of hydrocolonotherapy can help in this - bowel cleansing and irrigation, which is carried out in specialized salons, offices, sanatoriums and resorts. However, at home, you can get a decent result, using water-salt solution to cleanse the intestines and detoxify.

Who needs and can clean the intestines with salt water?

We list the cases when bowel cleansing procedures are shown:

  • if there are problems with bowel movements - constipation;
  • if necessary, losing weight;
  • to improve the digestive tract;
  • for the prevention and maintenance of intestinal health.

The results of cleansing will be an improvement in metabolism, the elimination of blistering and increased gas formation after eating. Salt will stimulate intestinal peristalsis, literally pushing out stagnant waste from it. In addition, the procedure will help to normalize the acid balance, which is of great importance in preventing the development of pathogenic organisms in the intestine.

Contraindications to the procedure

Cleansing the intestines on your own at home with salt water

Cleaning the bowel with your own home salt water should be preceded by a consultation with a doctor in order to exclude contraindications to the procedure. Purification is forbidden if there are such pathologies and factors in the medical history:

  • acute gastrointestinal diseases - ulcers, gastritis, dysentery and others;
  • high blood pressure;
  • oncological diseases;
  • heart diseases;
  • pregnancy;
  • monthly bleeding;
  • intestinal infantilism.

We do the cleaning ourselves

The procedure consists in taking saline solution in the morning on an empty stomach, which will stimulate the cleaning effect, accompanied by complete emptying of the intestines. Saline solution is prepared by adding 1 tablespoon of salt to 1 liter of purified water at room temperature or slightly warmed, which can enhance the effect.

Experts recommend using not table salt, but sea salt, while it should not be susceptible to iodization. As a stimulator of bowel cleansing, you can also add the juice of one lemon to salt water. You need to drink the saline for several minutes, then drink another liter of purified water within half an hour. After the solution is drunk, you need to lie on your right side for about 30 minutes.

By massaging the abdomen, squatting, you can optimize the passage of fluid through the digestive tract. Each person is unique, but, most likely, the desire to empty will come within an hour or two. Many will have several urges, and intense diarrhea is not uncommon, because salt water quickly clears the entire gastrointestinal tract.

There are allowed no earlier than 30 minutes, but no later than one hour. It can be boiled rice with butter. The next meal should be done in three hours and it should consist of cereals, cheese, vegetables, bread. It is not recommended to eat animal products, sweet dishes, fruits. Instead of tea or coffee it is better to drink purified water.

Cleansing the bowels with salt water at home

You can return to your normal diet one day after the procedure. But it is also better to abandon the use of products, including sweeteners. It is necessary to limit products from white flour:

  • bread;
  • pies;
  • cakes, etc.

It is necessary to use more products from whole grains, such as rice, buckwheat, amaranth. Preference should be given to the vegetable diet, which includes fresh fruits and vegetables, beans, nuts, seeds. Such products are good for digestion, because they are rich in fiber and nutrients.

Saline cleansing is recommended four times a year. With abundant contamination of the intestine, it is possible to carry out 2-3 procedures During difficulties with emptying, the cleaning salt solution can be used every week.

Basically, cleaning the bowel with salt water has positive feedback, although it is not easy for everyone. This process is a very effective way to combat poisoning of the body with toxins, slagging. And the body cleansing occurs naturally.

From the use of salt water will improve digestion, will leave excess weight. But with all the advantages, we should not forget about the contraindications and that the cleaning should be preceded by a mandatory consultation with the doctor. Good luck and health to you!