Cleaning the liver at home


Improper diet, food with a large number of harmful substances, uncontrolled medication, sedentary lifestyle - all this leads to the fact that the liver can not cope with the breeding and processing of metabolic products.

Cleaning the liver can improve the condition of the skin, cope with allergies and skin rashes. Medical institutions offer to use the cleaning of the liver, but it can also be done at home.

Cleaning the liver at home

The classic method of cleaning the liver at home

Such the method of cleaning the liver at home can open all the pores of the liver, prevent the occurrence of serious diseases, allow the organs to revive energetically.

  • On the first day, do a cleansing enema, if possible - 2 times.
  • In the morning the next day, again make a cleansing enema, and throughout the day, eat apple juice. Squeeze apple juice from washed and peeled apples. To make the juice not too sour, use sweet varieties.
  • On the third day, make an enema in the morning, and drink apple juice until 12 o'clock. At 19.00, prepare a hot water bottle, a towel and a pot. Lie down on a sofa and tie a towel to a liver with a towel. To avoid getting burned, place a small towel under the heating pad. Pour 3 tbsp. l olive oil into the pan and heat it to 350C. Drink olive oil and drink it down 1 tbsp. l lemon juice. Lie on your right side on a hot water bottle and after 15 minutes drink juice with lemon juice again. After 3 times just lie down. After a few hours, black bile, yellow cholesterol flakes, stones and mucus should come out. Before going to bed, when everything is possible, do a cleansing enema.

The classic method of cleaning the liver at home

  • The next morning, again take an enema and make a simple porridge in the morning. Try to have someone close to you., which will help in case of weakness or nausea. Do not be afraid, after weakness you will feel better.

Universal method of cleansing the liver according to E. Shchadilov

A well-proven method of cleansing the liver is medotherapy, which consists of regularly taking honey at a strictly defined time.

If you suffer from high acidity, then before taking honey you need to dissolve in warm water 430C. If the acidity of the stomach is low or normal, honey can be diluted in water at room temperature. Taking honey, you need to abandon the sugar-containing products, sugar, starch, muffins, potatoes, muffins and white bread. On the day it is desirable to eat from 120 to 150 g.

Universal way to clean the liver at home by E. Shchadilov

Take honey 4 p. per day: 3 p. before breakfast, lunch and dinner, and the last time - 30 minutes before going to bed. You can choose the amount of honey yourself, the main thing is to dilute it in 150 ml of water. The amount of honey should not exceed 150 g.

A gentle method of cleansing the liver at home

You can use and gentle cleaning of the liver. For her, it is best to single out the first day off of the two. Stand up as usual, do not change the daily routine. Dial hot water in 2 hot-water bottles and attach one on the front of the liver, and the other on the back. Coil the heaters with a towel and leave for 50 minutes. To avoid burns, place towels under the heating pads. In order to keep the design well, drag it with a belt, preferably a wide one.

With heaters you need to lie for about 2 hours., so choose the place where it is most convenient. Prepare a blanket or blanket so that it is not cold, wear warm socks. Well, if there is a table next to where you can put a glass container with juice, put a watch with a stopwatch, a small first-aid kit with ammonia and a Corvalol. Drink a little juice every 30 minutes and measure your pulse so that it is not too high.

Juice for gentle liver cleansing at home can choose a different one.: citrus or apple, as long as it is freshly squeezed. Its amount depends on the acidity of the stomach, but remember that the volume of juice is considered along with water, as it must be diluted.

A gentle method of cleansing the liver at home

With zero acidity of the disease anacid gastritis per day requires 350 ml of juice. With low acidity of the stomach with hypocidal gastritis - 300 ml. With normal acidity of the stomach - from 170 to 200 ml of juice. When the disease is hyperacid gastritis with increased acidity of the stomach, 100 ml of juice is enough. Warm up and drink the juice, after 20 minutes, eat a special salad from cabbage, carrots and beets. In the evening, eat boiled rice without salt. After a gentle cleansing of the liver, stop using honey for at least a week.

Salad for cleaning the liver at home

After gentle cleansing, a salad of vegetables will help complete the cleaning process completely.. It is prepared from fresh beets, carrots and cabbage in a ratio of 1 to 1 to 3. It does not need to be refilled with oil and salt. Grate carrots and beets on a large grater, and chop the cabbage. All ingredients are thoroughly mixed and crumpled until juice appears. The amount of lettuce should be such that it can be eaten at once at once after the cleaning. If you do not suffer from stomach acidity, you can add a little lemon juice to the salad.

Liver cleaning salad

If the acidity of the stomach is low, use sauerkraut instead of fresh cabbage, and add more lemon juice. With zero acidity, add the marinated beetroot and sauerkraut to the salad, and fill the salad abundantly with lemon juice. With increased acidity, cook a salad of boiled beets, carrots and fresh cabbage in a ratio of 1 to 1 and to 2. To improve the bowels, you can add finely chopped, soaked pre-prunes to the salad.

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Cleaning the liver at home is considered a good way to cleanse the body of accumulated toxins, toxins and cholesterol.. Proper cleaning of the liver can improve the general condition of the body, alleviate the condition in chronic diseases. But Before you decide to purge the liver at home, be sure to consult with your doctor, to avoid possible consequences.

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