Chronic fatigue syndrome or increased blood acidity

Chronic fatigue syndrome is familiar to many. People try to explain its causes, refer to poor ecology, heavy loads, stress, lack of sleep. But there is A more objective explanation of this disease is the increased acidity of the blood.

Blood acidity

Acidity and alkalinity are concepts familiar to us from school. The acidity of the blood in our body is equal 7.35 - 7.40. Blood has a weak alkaline environment.. The body functions normally, as long as the acidity of the blood remains normal, as soon as the indicator rises, health problems begin.

If the body is acidified, then it weakens. To correct the problem will help the normalization of acid-base balance. Maintaining an alkaline diet is extremely important for the body. No need to reinvent the wheel, just make your food balanced, along with products that give an acidic reaction, consume alkaline foods. Otherwise, the body will seek reserves to reduce the acidity in itself.

From the chemistry course, we know that alkali helps to neutralize acid. Calcium - a source of neutralization of high acidity. If you do not adhere to proper nutrition, to neutralize acid calcium will leave our bones, teeth, nails and hair. Acidic food provokes an excess of calcium in the body, and this is a direct road to osteoporosis, kidney stones and high pressure. Alkaline foods and vitamin-mineral complexes containing calcium can help the problem.

How does blood acidity affect health?

Not to be unfounded, let's follow the relationship between health and acidity of the blood. If the acidity of the blood increases by only 1/8, the body ceases to absorb oxygen normally. Oxygen in the body is not enough for normal life. And where there is not enough oxygen, bacteria, fungi and viruses immediately appear.

Blood acidity

It is enough to give an example from life. If you have an aquarium at home, try to reduce the oxygen supply to the water for a day, reduce aeration. One day does not hurt the life of the fish, but you can follow their state of health. Fish will lose their appetite, vitality, will be sluggish. On the face of signs of chronic fatigue. Increased acidity of the blood leads to metabolic disorders.For the cells of the body to be as fresh as fish in an aquarium, good aeration is needed.

This is confirmed by the studies of the Nobel laureate Otto Warburg, who proved that cancer cells develop in an anaerobic environment. Conclusion: a decrease in oxygen in the blood increases the risk of developing cancer.

If the blood does not keep the acidity within the permissible limits, the person faces death. Acid, which could not be neutralized, the body moves into the muscle tissue, from it into the adipose tissue. The acidity of fat can be high, it is not fatal, just your appearance will suffer. Acidized fat is flabby, it is he who is the notorious cellulite.

Today acidosis - perekislozhenie organism,can be seen in many people.

Blood acidity test

To test the body for acidity will help "reactive paper MD". If your morning urine has an acidity of less than 7, then the body needs alkalization. Alkaline products can help neutralize acid., from avocado to alkaline mixture from the pharmacy. Saliva is also able to give information about the degree of acidosis in the body. Chew food thoroughly, eat more fresh alkaline vegetables and fruits. This will help not only to neutralize the acid, but also fill the body with vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to health.

Blood acidity

Watch your health, life is given only once, and you want to live it as an energetic person. Regulation of blood acidity will help put the body's reserves in the right direction.

When you are healthy, you want to create, actively work and relax, love and be loved!

I wish you success!

Especially for - Elena

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