Few people think about their cholesterol levels. And those who even consider this a problem do not know the banal methods of its solution. But significantly reduce its effects on the body can be simple and proven methods. So, cholesterol: reduction of folk remedies.

Ode to good cholesterol

Cholesterol: decrease in folk remedies

Excess cholesterol in the people has long been dubbed the "disease of our time." But the truth is, with the development of scientific and technological progress, we increasingly cease to move and lead at least some semblance of an active lifestyle. Why go to visit a friend when you can call or contact her on the social networking pages? Evening walks in the park replace us with a good movie and a cup of tea with a bun.

All household appliances do not just make life easier for housewives, but practically prohibit them from moving. Washing machines do everything themselves, multicookers and bread machines prepare lunch, there are even robot vacuum cleaners! And after all this, we still wonder where the hanging sides and the second chin came from. The whole thing is also aggravated by bad habits. How can you reduce cholesterol, and even folk remedies?

The human body has one remarkable pattern: the thicker we are, the more cholesterol will be produced. However, you should not treat this substance as an object of only negative nature. In fact, cholesterol is of two kinds: good and bad. In a good organic compound "whole body in calluses", as he works tirelessly:

  • cleans the arteries from waste;
  • actively participates in the construction of new cells;
  • even works on the production of sex hormones;
  • supports in fragile situations fragile immunity.

Bad cholesterol, like a mischievous little child, tries to destroy everything that has been built over the years of life. But first of all, he diligently settles on the walls of our blood vessels, trying to fill them and creating plaques. It is these artificial valves that lead to many problems in the body, in particular, to atherosclerosis.

To the body worked like a clock ...

blood test shows high cholesterol

But remember that even when a blood test shows high cholesterol - this is not a reason to despair, but an opportunity to change your life. As soon as the bad substance leaves the body, the plaques will dissolve without a trace.

Reducing cholesterol folk remedies will not happen quickly if you do not fix your lifestyle:

  • Say goodbye to tobacco smoke and alcohol. First say “goodbye” forever, the second can be used only in rare cases.
  • Start at least once every two days to make walks in the park or corny, walk a couple of circles around the area.
  • Do not deny the body intake of vitamins, especially groups C, E and calcium.
  • After each hearty meal with fatty and smoked dishes, take activated charcoal according to your weight.
  • Balance the diet, it is better to give preference to plant foods rich in fiber, and legumes.
  • Minimize the consumption of animal fats, as well as cheese, mayonnaise and sour cream.
  • A garlic clove eaten at dinner will also clean your vessels.
  • Those who have high cholesterol, doctors recommend eating at least 3 apples a day or making a salad with kiwi, lemon and grapefruit out of this fruit.

Turn to the wisdom of the ancestors

Folk remedies to reduce cholesterol in the blood really give tangible positive results. The recipes checked not by one generation today can become the remarkable alternative to expensive medical preparations. To say goodbye to negative cholesterol in the blood, try to make infusions from the following herbs:

  • Mix plants in equal shares: fragrant rue, cumin, periwinkle leaves. Add to them vinca leaves and hawthorn inflorescences in ratios of 1 to 4 and 1 to 2.5.
  • Take 3 tbsp. l hawthorn flowers and garlic, mix with 1.5 tbsp. l white mistletoe
  • Excellent and helps such a composition: 3 tbsp. l Potentilla goose and rue, 1 tbsp. l dried lily flowers and 2 tbsp. l melissa.

You can cook broths using other very useful plants. For example, such herbs are banished from the body of harmful cholesterol:

Cholesterol lowering by folk remedies

  • elecampane;
  • Sophora Japanese;
  • sage;
  • immortelle;
  • nettle;
  • horse chestnut flowers;
  • tributary;
  • horsetail;
  • flax seeds.

And if earlier these plants had to be searched in the fields and forests, collected at a certain time and properly dried, today progress plays into our hands. Ready-made herbal preparations or certain types of medicinal plants can be easily bought at each pharmacy. In addition, giving preference to pharmaceutical herbal remedies, you can be sure that they are grown in the right climate and did not have time for their lives to get saturated with harmful exhaust gases or other undesirable consequences of poor ecology.

Our ancestors were smart people and they knew for sure how to monitor their health, in particular for cholesterol. However, do not count on instant results. Only hard work and the desire to change one’s lifestyle in combination with folk methods will bring certain benefits.

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