Choleretic drugs for biliary dyskinesia. allohol and flamin


Choleretic drugs in biliary tract dyskinesia in medical practice today found particularly widespread use. This fact is due to the fact that such drugs have excellent anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic action. Used in the complex therapy, these medications help to effectively cope with diseases of the liver and gastrointestinal tract, as well as to relieve the main unpleasant symptoms that accompany them.

Bile preparations for biliary dyskinesia: a list

Choleretic drugs are conventionally divided into two groups

Choleretic drugs are conventionally divided into two groups:

  • choleretics - drugs that help to increase the secretory function of the liver;
  • cholekinetics - drugs that increase the output of bile from the body.

In turn, drugs of choleretic type differ in their composition and mechanism of action on the body. Among them are:

  • Herbal preparations based on medicinal herbs: Flamin, Febihol, Tanatsehol, flowers of sand immortelle, corn columns with stigmas, Flacumin, Solarene, Holosas, Konvaflavin. These medicines contain extracts and extracts of various plants, various biological additives. In addition to their main pharmacological action, they are also aimed at relieving pain and inflammation.
  • Animal-based drugs: Allohol, Liobil, Vigeratin, Holenim. In addition to their main functions, these drugs stimulate the digestive tract to work actively, and also reduce the processes of suppuration and fermentation of the intestine.
  • Synthetic means: Oxaphenamide, Tsikvalon, Nikodin, Gimekromon. All of these drugs reduce the volume and viscosity of bile, as well as have an analgesic effect.

It is worth noting that healing mineral waters also have a choleretic effect: Borjomi, Essentuki, Arzani.

In medical practice, choleretic drugs are used in complex therapy in the treatment of biliary dyskinesia with a certain diet and lifestyle. We will pay attention to the two most popular drugs, which differ in the mechanism of action and active ingredients.

Allohol: instructions for use, reviews

The most famous and popular animal-based drug today is Allohol.

Allohol is today considered the most famous and popular animal-based drug. This medicine is produced domestically in the form of tablets that are coated with a protective coating. It consists of the following active ingredients:

  • nettle leaves;
  • garlic oil;
  • Activated carbon;
  • medical bile.

The action of the drug is aimed at increasing the production of bile by the liver, increasing the activity of gastrointestinal motility, reducing the processes of suppuration and fermentation in the intestine.

Indications for use

In medical practice, Allohol is prescribed for biliary tract pathologies, chronic cholecystitis and hepatitis, the development of cholangitis and constipation.

Treatment with this drug is prescribed for a period of 1 to 2 months. The correct dosage is:

  • in acute forms - 3-4 weeks, 1-2 tablets after meals 4 times a day;
  • during exacerbation of chronic forms - 1-2 months, 1 tablet 3 times a day after meals.


As a result of laboratory studies on prototypes, it was found that the drug Allohol is not recommended to be prescribed in such cases:

  • in acute forms of hepatitis;
  • in case of malnutrition of liver tissue;
  • with jaundice of varying degrees;
  • with tumor formations with squeezing bile drain;
  • during pregnancy and lactation.

Drug reviews

In total, people's opinions can be divided in this way.

The vast majority of reviews about the drug Allohol are positive, but there is some discontent. In total, people's opinions can be divided in this way.

Advantages of the drug:

  • eliminates the unpleasant symptoms of the disease;
  • low cost;
  • usability

Cons of the drug:

  • manifestation of allergic reactions and side effects;
  • overestimated expectation from the effect of the drug.

In most cases, people are unhappy that Allohol does not completely cure the disease, but only improves the functionality of the liver and eliminates the symptoms.

How to take flamin?

Phytopreparation Flamin has anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic action, changes the chemical composition and viscosity of the bile produced, thereby contributing to its early elimination from the body. The drug is available in the form of capsules and tablets, ointments for external use, powder.

It consists of the following active ingredients:

  • immortelle flowers;
  • potato and corn starch;
  • milk sugar;
  • magnesium carbonate;
  • calcium stearate.

Indications for use

Flamin is prescribed for the treatment of such diseases:

  • hepatitis of varying degrees;
  • chronic cholecystitis;
  • biliary dyskinesia;
  • cholangitis.

The drug is very often included in the complex treatment of diabetes, giardiasis and obesity.

Only a qualified doctor can treat you and choose a medical device.

Phytopreparation Flamin is taken in a strictly prescribed by the doctor dosage after a meal, drinking plenty of water. The dosage of the drug should not exceed the norms specified in the instructions.

The medication is prescribed by the day:

  • adults take 1 capsule 3 times a day;
  • young children from 5 to 10 years old drink 1 capsule per day;
  • adolescents take 1 capsule 2 times a day.

The course of treatment may vary depending on the severity of the disease and the diagnosis. Basically, therapy ranges from 10 days to one and a half months. Before a second course of treatment should take a break in taking Flamin for 5 days.


The medical drug Flamin is not recommended for use:

  • children under 5;
  • people with hypersensitivity to the components of the drug;
  • with ulcers of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • with jaundice, which was formed due to the overlap of the bile ducts.

In all other cases, Flamin is well tolerated by the sick body and contributes to the overall improvement of the patient's condition.

Our article does not call for treatment with certain medications, but is presented as an introduction to the main choleretic drugs in case of bile stasis. Only a qualified doctor can prescribe treatment and choose a medical device.