Children's cooling gum gel during teething

The appearance of a tooth is a difficult time for the baby and his parents. Most babies become restless, their appetite worsens, their temperature rises, and so on. Modern mothers do not have to remember the traditional ways of helping a child. To relieve the condition of the crumbs, it is enough to choose the right gel for gums when teething.

Gel-like remedies for babies acquiring the first teeth are among the most popular medicines. With their help, you can greatly improve the well-being of the child and destroy the established stereotypes that the period when teeth are cut in children is inevitably associated with pain and moods.

Children's gel for gums during dentition: principle of action and rules of application

Children's gum gel when teething

A huge number of packages with different names makes it difficult to choose visitors to pharmacies. In fact, despite such a wide range, means that facilitate teething, depending on the main active ingredient can be divided into 3 types:

  • Anesthetic Gels

As part of such preparations, there is necessarily an anesthetic (most often lidocaine hydrochloride), which allows to reduce pain within a few minutes after applying the mixture. In addition to the anesthetic effect to ensure the removal of inflammation, antiseptic or homeopathic ingredients are added to the gels.

  • Anti-inflammatory gels

The basis of these funds are antiseptics that destroy pathogens. In addition to antimicrobial agents, gels of this type may contain a small amount of local anesthetic action.

  • Homeopathic Gels

These are preparations based on natural herbal extracts that have a complex effect: they reduce the itching and redness of the gums, disinfect the oral mucosa and heal tissue damage.

The body of each child has its own individual characteristics; therefore, there is no universal drug that removes any discomfort during teething. One baby needs only lubrication of the problem areas of the gums with herbal gel, and the other calms down only after using products with lidocaine or antiseptic.

In order for the medicine to benefit, and not aggravate the sufferings of a small whim, follow some simple guidelines for using gels:

  • Apply the product after eating, thoroughly clean the gums, rinse your baby’s mouth with a special rinse aid;
  • Be sure to use the ointment before bedtime;
  • do not wash off the drug, the active components must be fully absorbed within an hour;
  • consider the information specified in the instructions for use;
  • if after 4-5 days there is no relief, you need to visit a doctor.

Top 5 Gels to Relieve Pain

Top 5 Gels to Relieve Pain


Effective cooling gel for gums when teething. Pharmaceutical chamomile tincture, acting as a basic component, removes inflammation, gives a pleasant aroma and heals the sores formed in the mouth, and lidocaine quickly relieves pain. Apply "Kamistad" can be three times a day from 3 months of age, but under the supervision of a physician.


This mixture of yellowish tint has a pronounced cooling property, as it contains mint decoction, chamomile infusion, sorbitol. Some lidocaine is added as an anesthetic. This gel has a sweetish taste and fruity odor, relieves irritation of the gums and is most effective if used for prevention. Stop using Detilenok if the body of your child reacts to fructose with the appearance of a skin rash and immediately contact an allergist.


Such a gel not only relieves pain, but also kills microbes: in addition to lidocaine, it has a local antiseptic - cetylpyridium chloride. "Calgel" can be used to relieve inflammation and pain in the gums up to 6 times a day, if babies older than 5 months suffer from teething. The drug harms when liver, heart or kidney failure, arterial hypotension, hypersensitivity to its components.


Unlike gels that eliminate pain, this drug acts not on a symptom, but on the cause of the unpleasant sensations - inflammation and swelling of the gums. The child will feel relief after a couple of minutes after the application of "Holisala", the effect of which will last about 8 hours. The gel is contraindicated in children who are acutely sensitive to cetanconium chloride and salicylates.

"Baby doctor"

Medicine consisting of natural extracts: Calendula, Echinacea, Chamomile, Plantain, Althea root. Extremely quickly facilitates discomfort in the mucous membranes, promotes tissue regeneration, strengthens local immunity. If none of the listed medicinal plants is an allergen for the baby, this gel is the best choice for opponents of synthetic "helpers."

"Pansoral first teeth"

The successful combination of extracts from chamomile, saffron, and Althea root in this gel exhibits softening and soothing properties, eliminates damage and ulceration of the oral mucosa. This mixture can be safely applied if the child has reached 4 months of age. For this homeopathic remedy, except for the possible occurrence of an allergic reaction, there are no contraindications.

Tips and opinions of experienced moms

Children's cooling gum gel during teething

When choosing a gum gel when teething, young moms usually take into account the reviews of those who tested the effectiveness of the tool on their own experience. Many parents, who already have two children, say that Kamistad helped them the best. Redness and inflammation immediately decreased - in contrast to the action of other gels and ointments, which was weaker and more short-lived.

Some mothers consider "detoynok" to be no less effective: in their case, only after this medication the daily crying and the whims of the baby stopped. But for kiddies, for whom the appearance of the first tooth is accompanied by a very strong inflammatory process, doctors usually recommend “Calgel” and “Holisal”. Users confirm that it became easier for babies after lubricating the gums with these preparations. Most parents are convinced that if the inflammation is mild, it is better to use herbal remedies: “Baby doctor”, “Pansoral first teeth”, which are absolutely safe for the child.

Save your beloved baby during the growth of milk teeth from unnecessary suffering, and yourself from constant stress by purchasing high-quality gum gel at the pharmacy when teething. The strength of pain, the degree of swelling and redness in the child’s mouth, as well as expert advice, will tell you which medicine is best for your child.

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