Cherry plum


Cherry plum was popular in ancient times. At that time nothing was known about its beneficial properties. People used it simply as a treat. It turned out that cherry plum is very useful for its vitamins and other essential elements!

Caloric plum

Cherry plum - the name of a tree or shrub and their fruits. The fruit of the cherry plum are small, round berries. Coloring fruits can have a variety of: yellow, orange, pink, red, purple or dark lilac. Inside the fruit is a bone, in shape resembling a plum and poorly separated from the pulp. Pulp plum juicy, greenish or yellowish color. It has a pleasant aroma and sweet or sour-sweet taste.

As for the calorie content of this product, it is small. Average The energy value of cherry plums is 28 kilocalories per 100 grams of product. Such caloric content makes it possible to consider plum. diet berry.

Application and useful properties of cherry plum

Compared to other fruits, There is relatively little sugar in cherry plum. However, there are many different organic acids in it. In particular, malic and lemon. Green cherry plums are used as a source of cheap citric acid. Therefore, now we can well predict its useful properties. After all, if the fruits of any plant have vitamin C, then it will have a sour taste. Various fruits of cherry plum are divided into groups: table, canning and universal. In raw form, species of cherry plum are used, which make up the group of canteens. The remaining groups are part of various dishes of Caucasian cuisine.

  • Cherry plum often freeze and preserve. However, it does not lose its useful properties. In addition, canned and frozen foods can be consumed in the winter. That will give a good charge of vitamins.
  • You can even benefit from bones plants. Oil is obtained from the seeds of cherry plum (which contains 45% of the total weight of the stone). Its properties are comparable to almond oil. and contains amygdalin glycoside. This substance in the presence of water and the enzyme emulsin is able to decompose to glucose. In addition, the oil of these stones is used in perfumery and in the creation of medical soap.
  • It is recommended to use riches to prevent constipation, as well as to prevent vitamin deficiencies that lead to various dangerous diseases (night blindness, scurvy, and so on).
  • Also plum is used for chronic diseases of the liver and biliary tract. In addition, the use of cherry plum is one of the best ways to remove from your body radionuclides, which tend to accumulate over time in the human body. This is facilitated by the presence in its fruits of a large number of pectins and fiber.
  • It is good for children to use riches during their growth and development., pregnant or lactating women, as well as older people. This will help replenish your body with the necessary number of essential trace elements for humans.
  • Cherry plum juice has an amazing healing effect.. It is often used to accelerate wound healing. Besides, juice of this fruit can be used for colds as a sudorific and cough medicine.
  • However, in medicine they have found application not only for the fruits of this plant. Its flowers are widely used in diseases of the kidneys and liver, as well as in the event of sexual disorders in men. In order to alleviate the symptoms of these diseases is used water infusion of cherry plum flowers.

If stomach ulcers occur, use mucus from gum cherry plums In addition, this tool has a good antiemetic and antitussive effect.

Cherry plum is a wonderful, tasty, fragrant, dietary and very useful product. But remember that, like any other food product, eating cherry plum should not be abused. This is especially true for people with high acidity of the stomach and diabetics.

Especially for - Marie Matveyuk