Cheap drugs for facial rejuvenation


Young and beautiful skin is the cherished dream of any woman. Stepping over a certain age threshold, we often look for ways to stop aging among replicated brands and high-tech procedures. However, the most resourceful manage to use simple pharmaceutical means to rejuvenate the face, the effect of which is not inferior to expensive counterparts.

How expensive is youth?

pharmacy remedies for facial rejuvenation

The idea that only expensive means can be effective has firmly settled in our mind. That is why when choosing the means to improve the skin of the face, many turn to representative salons or rush to buy the most up-to-date cosmetics.

Can pharmacy beauty products, bought for a penny, be as effective as more costly?

The cost of the product depends on a lot of factors, including brand awareness and the country of origin. However, any high-quality pharmacy anti-wrinkle remedies are combined with the presence of a number of vitamins and trace elements. So, to rejuvenate a person will help expensive or cheap product containing such components:

  • Vitamin E, which restores skin elasticity, eliminates unwanted pigmentation;
  • Vitamin D, which slows down aging and supports skin turgor;
  • vitamin A, smoothing wrinkles, restoring metabolic processes in the skin;
  • Vitamin C is a strong antioxidant that prevents the loss of elasticity;
  • B vitamins, combating inflammation and dryness;
  • magnesium, beneficial for blood circulation in the skin;
  • copper, which returns the elasticity of the dermis;
  • hyaluronic acid, which significantly slows down the aging of the skin and the whole body.

Masks, creams and scrubs containing skin-friendly substances can be purchased in finished form or prepared on your own. The effect is based on the complex effects of anti-aging components.

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anti-aging medication

Each pharmacy drug has a specific purpose. However, the main list of indications is often extended with additional effects. For example, in home cosmetology, apricot seed oil has become a popular pharmacy remedy for wrinkles around the eyes. But the popularity gained and drugs that, it would seem, do not have even a little bit to do with the rejuvenation of the skin. Many may find strange recipes with aspirin or activated charcoal. And ointments designed to treat severe forms of acne or hemorrhoids are often used to smooth out wrinkles.

In fact, beauticians use the same components that are included in some medicines. Then the presence of useful components can turn a simple medication into a means of fighting aging. Panacea found?

We must not forget that we have to deal with "real" drugs, which have their own contraindications and side effects. And they will not change because the pharmacy tool is used not for its intended purpose. Healing substances in them can coexist with destructive ones. Some components, in particular, retinol, reduce the skin's resistance to ultraviolet radiation. Other means for long-term use dry the skin, which leads to the formation of new wrinkles.

A precaution when using alternative products is to prevent an allergic reaction. Ready ointment or tincture should be tested before use for the skin of the face.

Doctors, dermatologists, as a rule, oppose the "inappropriate" use of medicines and urge to achieve rejuvenation with vitamins, decoctions and natural oils. Having decided to try a specific method, it is best to begin to make sure that it is safe by consulting with a specialist.

Popular pharmacy tools for facial rejuvenation

Popular pharmacy tools for facial rejuvenation

So, what can be purchased at the pharmacy to preserve youth and beauty?

  • Aspirin is known as a powerful antipyretic drug. But the beneficial effects on the skin brought him fame in the cosmetic market. The drug restores the skin, eliminates redness and irritation. To create a home scrub use honey and aspirin dissolved in water in proportions of 2: 1. The mixture is distributed over the face, and 10 minutes later removed, simultaneously massaging the skin.
  • Panthenol, known to us as a remedy for wounds and burns, can effectively smooth wrinkles, moisturize the skin and cope with dryness. The drug can be used daily, applying to the face with a thin layer at the beginning of the day. The tool will prevent photo-aging, eliminate cracks and return elasticity and shine to the face.
  • Dimexide - a drug with anesthetic and antibacterial effect. It is characterized by an intense effect on the skin. After using Dimexidum, skin regeneration, disappearance of mimic and age wrinkles are observed. Often the drug is used in conjunction with Solcoseryl. Dimexide is diluted in proportions of 1:10 with water, wipe his face with it, and then richly lubricated with Solcoseryl for 30-40 minutes.
  • Curiosin is an excellent pharmacy tool with hyaluronic acid. The substance that forms the basis of the action of the drug contributes to the healing of tissues, restores metabolic processes in the cells and enhances the elasticity of the skin. For cosmetic purposes, the gel is usually mixed with a cream for daily use and applied to the skin once a day.
  • Retinoic ointment is a budget alternative to expensive creams for wrinkles and folds. Despite the fact that the ointment is designed to combat acne, its rejuvenating properties have had greater success. Due to the high content of vitamin A ointment restores skin elasticity, healthy color and removes minor flaws. The drug is often used as a night cream.
  • Antihemorrhoidal ointments have also gained fame as fighters with wrinkles. Thus, Relief is applied on the eyelids with the aim of eliminating dark circles and smoothing the folds under the eyes. The anti-aging effect is achieved due to the shark oil contained in the ointment, vitamin E, and glycerin.

The cheapness and availability of anti-aging pharmaceutical drugs in no way affect their effectiveness. It is possible to prevent aging and preserve beauty at the lowest possible cost - you just have to show curiosity and patience. But do not forget about the important principle of any treatment - do no harm. Be young and irresistible!