Cheap analogues of expensive drugs


Not always the price of the drug determines its quality, it is not always possible to understand why a consumer must overpay a large amount when the active ingredient of a medicine prescribed by a doctor can be found under a less promoted name. Almost every expensive drug has a generic: its counterpart in principle of action and chemical composition. The list of such tools should always be on hand.

A complete list of cheap analogues of expensive drugs

A complete list of cheap analogues of expensive drugs

It should be noted that one hundred percent guarantee the correctness of such a replacement can not be given. Identical active and auxiliary components may be present in different proportions, have different degrees of purification, etc. A number of expensive medications may be safer due to certain ingredients that mitigate side effects, while the budget generic does not. In particular, this applies to antibiotics that adversely affect the body. Therefore, experts warn that any substitution, even a generic, and not an analogue, is carried out at the patient's fear and risk, if not discussed with the attending physician.

We offer you a table of cheap analogues of expensive drugs with prices that are relevant for 2016. It should be said that only budgetary preparations were made here, whose cost does not exceed 150 rubles, i.e. when the price difference really matters. Figures may vary by point of sale.

Main drug

Budget generic

Indications for use

Ambroxegal (110 rub.)

Ambroxol (50 rub.)

Drug that promotes sputum discharge. It is used to treat wet cough, bronchitis in any form, pneumonia.

Aspirin Cardio (125 rub.)

CardiASK (35 rubles)

Analgesic, relieves fever and stops the inflammatory process. It is used for angina, for the prevention of stroke and heart attack, circulatory disorders in the brain, thromboembolism.

Bepanten (280 rub.)

Dexpanthenol (140 rub.)

Ointment that triggers regenerative processes. It is used to restore the skin due to burns and wounds, the treatment of boils, dermatitis, trophic ulcers.

Voltaren (400 rub.)

Diclofenac (150 rub.)

NSAIDs recommended for the treatment of rheumatic manifestations, gout, neuralgia, edema resulting from injury or surgery.

Bystrumgel, Fastum-gel (200 rub.)

Ketoprofen (60 rub.)

NSAIDs, analgesic, anti-inflammatory agent. Removes heat. Used topically as an ointment for injuries and lesions of the joints.

Diflucan (800 rub.)

Fluconazole (40 rub.)

Antifungal drug used in therapy against thrush, mycosis, histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis.

For carrying (100 rub.)

Rinostop (30 rub.)

Nasal drops that have a vasoconstrictor effect. Used to treat sinusitis, rhinitis, and nasal cavity operations.

Zyrtec (350 rub.)

Ranitidine (50 rub.)

Antiulcer remedy.

Zovirax (240 rub.)

Acyclovir (40 rubles)

Antiviral medication that helps eliminate herpes, smallpox and lichen.

Immunal (200 rub.)

Echinacea extract (50 rubles)

Immunostimulant used to prevent viral infections in combination therapy with antibiotics to support the body.

Kapoten (120 rub.)

Captopril (15 rub.)

Antihypertensive drug, an ACE inhibitor. Used in the combined treatment of heart failure, with hypertension of any etiology, after myocardial infarction and diabetes mellitus with kidney damage.

Mezim (300 rubles)

Pancreatin (30 rub.)

Fills the deficiency of enzymes, helping the pancreas easier to absorb heavy food.

Maxidex (120 rub.)

Dixmethasone (40 rub.)

Glukokortekosteroid, used for endocrine diseases, cerebral edema, bronchial spasms, blood diseases, anaphylactic shock, rheumatism.

Midriacil (360 rub.)

Tropicamide (120 rub.)

It is used in inflammatory processes of an ophthalmologic nature, for examining the fundus of the eye, in therapy after operations.

Movalis (410 rub.)

Meloxicam (80 rub.)

NSAIDs, which relieve inflammation, heat and pain, can also be used in the treatment of the musculoskeletal system.

Normodipine (620 rubles)

Amlodipine (40 rubles)

Reduces blood pressure, is used for vasospastic angina.

No-Spa (150 rub.)

Drotaverin (30 rub.)

Antispasmodic, shown with spasms of the digestive tract, brain, uterus, headaches, urolithiasis.

Nurofen (120 rub.)

Ibuprofen (20 rub.)

NSAIDs, relieves fever and pain. It is in the list of life-saving drugs.

Omez (180 rub.)

Omeprazole (50 rub.)

It is used in anti-ulcer therapy, as well as in Zollinger-Ellison syndrome.

Panangin (170 rub.)

Aspark (10 rub.)

Recommended to fill the deficit of potassium and magnesium, maintain the heart after a heart attack, improve blood circulation.

Perinev (310 rub.)

Perindopril (120 rub.)

ACE inhibitor used in ischemia, hypertension, heart failure, after a stroke.

Sanorin (140 rub.)

Naphthyzinum (15 rub.)

Nasal drops that have a vasoconstrictor effect. Used to treat sinusitis, rhinitis, and nasal cavity operations.

Sumamed (450 rub.)

Azithromycin (90 rub.)

Antibiotic of semi-synthetic origin, is used for infections of the respiratory tract, skin, soft tissues, digestive tract.

Troxevasin (220 rubles)

Troxerutin (100 rub.)

Flavonoid recommended for the treatment of pathologies of the vessels of the veins, edema, hemorrhoids, hematomas and trophic ulcers.

Flucostat (200 rub.)

Fluconazole (30 rub.)

Antifungal drug used in the fight against candidiasis of any type, mycosis of the skin, cryptococcosis.

Final (320 rub.)

Kapsikam (140 rub.)

Ointment with a local irritating effect, is used for pain in muscles and joints caused by injuries or rheumatism.

Enap (110 rub.)

Enalapril (55 rub.)

Essential for the treatment of hypertension of any ethnologist and heart failure.

Even if you do not know the exact name of the generic of the expensive medicine prescribed to you, you can look at its active ingredient - there is a high probability that the budget equivalent will have the exact same name. For example, such a scheme shows its performance with acyclovir, potassium iodide, panthenol, fluconazole, etc.