Charging for eyes to restore vision

Human visual ability is one of the most amazing functions of the body. Visual acuity allows us to see the beauty of the diversity of the color spectrum. We can distinguish objects, we can experience emotions from what we see. Good vision gives us confidence in actions and movements. When we see, we can warn of danger. 80% of all information a person receives precisely because of what he can see.

Under the influence of various factors, the visual function may be partially or completely lost. People who are deprived of the ability to see from birth replace this function with other sensitive receptors: they hear better, perceive the world around better by smell or tactile. Visitors from birth in the process of losing clarity of vision seem to lose a bit of their identity.

Gymnastics for the eyes to improve vision

At the early stage of restoring vision, charging for the eyes proved to be a good idea. Many therapeutic methods, such as Zhdanov gymnastics, Norbekov gymnastics for the eyes, and others have been developed, tested and effectively introduced into practice. Note that the procedures are quietly applicable at home, and are suitable for adults and children.

When is it recommended to resort to special vision correction exercises?

Our eyes at certain moments are highly stressed. For example, when we interact with an electronic device: a computer, a TV, and others. When we read, we do something, which requires increased attention to the accuracy of small details. And also, when we are too long forced to strain the organs of vision, our eyes begin to get very tired.

Therefore, there are special rules, the observance of which will allow longer maintain the normality of the visual function.

  • Watching TV. Eye hygiene implies age standards watching TV. Up to one and a half years, it is generally desirable to eliminate the influence of the "blue screen" on the baby. From one and a half to three years - no more than half an hour per day. Doshkolatam desirable to allow viewing no more than 60-90 minutes per day.

Adults are allowed to watch TV as much as they like, but remember that every 60 minutes you need to take a “breather” and let your eyes rest. The distance from the eyes to the screen depends on the diagonal of the home TV: minimum (14 inches) - 1.2 m, maximum (36 inches) - 5.6 m. Such standards are considered the safest. By the way, the old TVs had a much more effect on the eyes than modern LED TV monitors. But even modern technologies are not exempt from defects and the picture begins to fail, for example, instead of the blue sky pink is shown, then you need to show the pink screen to a TV repair specialist and the faster, the better because our eyes suffer from this.

Eyes need to give rest

  • Work at the computer. The screens of electronic devices affect vision even more than televisions. This became especially noticeable now - in the age of rapid development of electronic technologies. The optimal distance from the computer monitor to the eyes is 50 cm at an angle of 30 degrees. It is recommended to survey every 45 minutes of work with a 15-minute technical break.
  • Reading. Small fonts, reading lying, with poor lighting - this is what our vision "puts down".
  • Professional problem. Affects many professions. Particularly common is reduced vision for those who work with small sets (texts, mechanisms, parts), in harsh conditions (polar explorers, for example), in hazardous occupations, who require increased attention and visual concentration in their work.
  • Age-related vision changes. In childhood, many people “earn” themselves short-sightedness, which is partially corrected with age, as another visual dysfunction develops - hyperopia. May occur and vice versa. As the doctors say, each case is exceptional.
  • Ophthalmologic disorders and pathologies.

To maintain the normal visual function, you need special nutrients that the body receives from food. The most famous of them are carotenoids lutein and zeakstatin. Of all known carotenoids, it is only under their power to penetrate the retina of the eye and protect the cornea from photodamage. Surprisingly, these carotenoids are present in our body from birth, and while the baby is breastfed, their stock is constantly regulated. And then everything - the body stops synthesizing them, and carotenoids will have to be obtained only with food and complexes of special vitamins.

Eyes need to give rest. The best way is to close the eyelids for a few minutes. For those who already have obvious vision problems, say, myopia, it is additionally recommended to do exercises to restore vision.

Indications and contraindications gymnastics for the eyes

Indications and contraindications gymnastics for the eyes

Before you resort to exercises to restore vision, it is necessary to undergo a specific ophthalmologic diagnosis to identify the degree and nature of the disorder. The purpose of a set of exercises is also the prerogative of the doctor, as there are a number of warning factors. Charging for eyes to restore vision is contraindicated:

  • after eye surgery (no earlier than six months);
  • with retinal detachment (first surgical intervention and six-month rehabilitation);
  • severe myopia (only a slight load is allowed);
  • signs of eye pressure (it is better to wait until the symptoms subside).
  • Resorted to the same complex of gymnastic exercises for the eyes with such a goal:
  • to normalize the nervous system;
  • to improve brain function;
  • to relieve the optic nerve;
  • as preventive measures for falling vision.

Training includes several different exercises, the choice of which depends on the specifics of impaired visual function. It is recommended to conduct classes daily. The course and its duration is developed by an ophthalmologist. Exercises are needed:

  • with hyperopia and myopia;
  • at the moment of fatigue and overstrain of the optic nerve;
  • after working at the computer and watching TV;
  • in case of hereditary predisposition to loss of vision;
  • astigmatism;
  • with a number of pathologies of internal organs.

As mentioned above, several effective methods of applying eye gymnastics have been developed. In one material, of course, it will be difficult to cover the whole complex of exercises, therefore we will select the most frequently used ones.

Gymnastics for the eyes according to Zhdanov

Gymnastics for the eyes according to Zhdanov

  • Palming. Rub the palms together to heat, close our eyes, palms at an angle of 90 degrees close the eye area. Think about something pleasant or mentally “try to talk” your eyes to see better. Without taking away the palms, eyes tightly closed - loosened (3-4 times). We remove hands, eyes not to open. Shook slightly head. Lightly rubbed closed eyes with cams. Sharply opened and quickly blinked. At palming spend no more than 3-5 minutes. Even without vision problems, this exercise is recommended for everyone who is constantly working at the computer.
  • Training the oculomotor muscles - only the eyes should remain mobile on the face. Recommended to hold no more than three times a day. The following exercises should be repeated in each direction three times in a row. After each - you need to blink:
  1. we look up and down, left and right, diagonally in all projections;
  2. "draw" a rectangle with eyes in one direction, then in another;
  3. similarly to the previous exercise, we “track” the clock face in the forward and reverse directions;
  4. snake exercise - eye movement along an imaginary wavy line;

"spiral" - circular eye movements with an increase in the radius of view.

  • 3. Solarization to relax the eye muscles: the position is selected when one eye is in the shade, the other is in the sun. Exercise is performed while standing. Swing from side to side 20-25 times to change the light-shadow. In the eyes appear "bunnies". After - be sure to palming. On the day of this exercise can be no more than 4 times.

Professor Zhdanov has many practical recommendations on charging for the eyes to eliminate myopia and restore vision. Many programs are designed specifically for young patients.

Gymnastics for the eyes by Norbekov

Gymnastics for the eyes by Norbekov

At the beginning of the two thousandth Mirzakarim Norbekov publishes a book, on the pages of which offers his own unique method of vision correction. The superiority of Norbekov’s method is that he somehow managed to accurately calculate the program so as to achieve maximum results. The complex Norbekova included most of the traditional gymnastics for the eyes.

The key point of the program is the restructuring of the body at the cellular level. The author insists on consistency and clarity of performance:

  • performance of all tasks open;
  • with adjacent eyelids;
  • mentally.

The problem of reducing vision can be solved by detecting it in time and applying appropriate measures of prevention and treatment. After all, vision is one of the most fragile systems of the human body, which is constantly under tremendous pressure. Do not lose one of the most amazing abilities of a person - to see the world as it is!

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