Chamomile tea benefits and harm for women. how is it useful

The healing power of chamomile has long been known and actively used in traditional medicine, cosmetology. The composition of the plant is rich in valuable elements that are important for the body - both in internal and external use. To improve health, in many cases it is worth to drink chamomile tea, and the benefits and harms of this drink for women are determined individually.

Modesty adorns

chamomile tea, the benefits and harm of this drink for women

Chamomile - a modest-looking flower, while containing a lot of useful vitamins and minerals (for example, potassium and calcium, iron and magnesium). And tea on the basis of this plant is traditionally used to improve immunity and help with many diseases. Drinking a drink is useful for:

  • overcoming inflammations and fighting microbes;
  • the establishment of the excretion of bile;
  • calm the nervous system;
  • normalization of the work of diuretic organs;
  • dilation of blood vessels;
  • improve metabolism.

Chamomile - faithful female girlfriend

This herbal drink is known for its usefulness, but it is not universal. Therefore, it is worth considering the properties of chamomile tea, because the benefits and harms for women depend on the individual characteristics of the organism. Most often, it is advised to take a warm chamomile-based drink in the treatment of colds. The result is especially good at the very beginning of the inflammatory process: tea will help reduce the temperature and relieve headache. Also drink drink from migraines.

Many women know the benefits of chamomile tea during menstruation. It helps reduce cramps, relieves pain, and improves well-being. Drink relieves not only during menstruation: it contributes to the stable operation of the digestive organs, the normalization of gas. Useful for intestinal disorders, increased acidity of the stomach.

The valuable quality of chamomile tea is the ability to remove toxins from the body. The drink helps to cleanse the liver, positively affects the metabolism in general. The use of chamomile visibly refreshes the skin, strengthens hair and nails.

Can I drink chamomile tea during pregnancy? This herbal drink is advised to use very moderately: brew very few buds and drink no more than 1 cup per day. Meadow flower does not usually cause allergic reactions, but it increases estrogen levels, which can lead to abortion.

chamomile tea when breastfeeding

But it is believed that chamomile tea when breastfeeding helps to increase the formation of mother's milk. It is also a good way to adjust the digestion process, with which nursing mothers often have difficulties. And, if suddenly a sore throat or another malaise is felt, the faithful girlfriend, chamomile, will help again, because most medicines cannot be used at this time. The main thing is to remember about moderation and to consult with your doctor about the possibility of using herbal tea.

Precautionary measures

Chamomile allergy is very rare, and yet cases of individual intolerance are found. From drinking tea on the basis of this plant is to refrain:

  • under reduced pressure;
  • with severe mental disorders;
  • when taking strong sedatives or diuretic drugs.

Chamomile does not need to be used for making strong brewing. If the tea is too concentrated, it can cause a feeling of weakness. Headaches may also be troubling, feel depressed.

Useful tea drinking

For the preparation of the healing drink chamomile inflorescences are taken - fresh or dried. Enough 1 tsp. flowers pour 1 tbsp. boiling water. Insist about 4 minutes and filter. Chamomile tea is drunk warm, about 1 hour after eating. You can consume no more than 4 cups of such a drink per day. You can add honey or sugar, milk or cream - such additions will improve the taste and smell of herbal tea.

It is useful to combine chamomile with other plants. For example, nursing mothers are advised to include fennel, thyme, melissa in tea. For brewing use 1 tsp. herbs and pour 500 ml of boiling water.

Chamomile can be purchased at any pharmacy, and you can prepare yourself. It is important to collect flowers away from roads and industrial plants. For drying fit bright rooms that are well ventilated. Store harvested inflorescences, wrapped in paper or placed in a box.

Chamomile tea has excellent healing properties. The correct use of this drink strengthens health, improves appearance, helps to cope with many diseases. Useful inflorescences will make a variety of ordinary tea drinking and add summer mood in the winter cold. Drink to your health!

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