Chalazion of the upper eyelid in a child and adult


The mucous eyes are very vulnerable to all kinds of inflammations, among which the chalazion of the upper and lower eyelids is more common. The treatment of this disease can be carried out in different directions - from folk remedies to surgery. It all depends on the degree of his neglect and timeliness of treatment to the ophthalmologist.

What is chalazion?

Treatment of upper eyelid chalazion

A cyst provoked by blockage of the sebaceous glands of the upper or lower eyelid is called a chalazion (hailstone). This is a fairly common disease, as there are about 10 tubular glands in the eye area that produce fat secretion. Together with water and protein, this substance is part of the tear. If the gland ceases to perform its function, it becomes swollen, inflamed and may eventually burst. This process is quite long and can be asymptomatic up to 2-3 weeks.

Like all inflammations, this cystic edema is also a cosmetic problem, which in rare cases can cause skin cancer. But, as a rule, chalazion is easily treatable and takes place within a few days, in especially neglected cases, in 2-3 weeks.

Causes and symptoms

Blockage of the excretory canal may occur as a result of any inflammation in the eye area. Also at risk include patients who:

  • already faced with a chalazion and barley;
  • recently had acute respiratory viral infection, acute respiratory infections or flu;
  • suffer from dysbiosis or diabetes mellitus;
  • overcooled;
  • have reduced immunity;
  • wear contact lenses;
  • do not care about the purity of their hands.

Symptoms of a pronounced nature include:

  • a seal in the eyelid that resembles a pea;
  • pain when blinking;
  • the redness of the century;
  • swelling.

If not to heal the time, then the following are added:

  • eyelid edema;
  • blur of the visual image;
  • hypersensitivity to bright light;
  • discharge of pus from eye tissue.


Treatment of upper and lower eyelid chalazion in an adult and in a child

Treatment of chalazion of the upper and lower eyelids in an adult and in a child can be conservative and operative.

The first includes:

  • warm dry compresses (4 times a day for 5-10 minutes);
  • antibiotics in the form of drops and ointments to suppress bacterial infections (Torbadex, Floksal, Oftaviks, Maksitrol);
  • injections with corticosteroids to reduce inflammation (Diprospan, Kenalog).

Separately, Vishnevsky ointment in the treatment of cysts should be highlighted. The preparation consists of antiseptic components that contribute to the maturation of hailstones and disinfecting the source of infection.

If chalazions are formed at several sites of the century, then the ophthalmologist will prescribe a Tetracycline course. It allows you to affect the consistency of fat in the glands, and located not only in the eye area.

The prompt solution of the problem is to extract the contents of the cystic bag after a puncture or incision of the conjunctiva. The operation, as a rule, lasts no more than 20 minutes, but after the procedure the patient is offered to stay in the hospital in order to avoid possible infection. In addition, if a large focus of inflammation was excised, a hematoma forms around the eye, which disappears within 4-5 days.

After surgery, the patient is recommended to apply dry heat to reduce the risk of recurrence, as well as to wash with baby soap. Its acid-base balance is higher than that of cosmetic cleansers, which makes it a powerful disinfectant. If the chalazion appears on the same place several times, then surgical intervention becomes impossible. That is why all ophthalmologists are inclined to believe that the operation is an extreme measure to combat inflammation.

Therapy for children

Special attention, despite the rarity of cases, deserves the question of removing a cyst of the upper eyelid in a child. Dr. Komarovsky recommends that you do not take the risk and begin the treatment of chalazion in a child only with the approval of the doctor. In addition, the famous doctor advises not only to treat the degree, but also to begin the struggle with the factors that could cause her education. In particular, we are talking about improving the immunity of the crumbs, as well as caring for hand hygiene. It is precisely the non-observance of the “rules of purity” that is the main cause of the formation of a cyst in the child’s upper or lower eyelid.

Folk remedies

Treatment of chalazion upper and lower eyelids should be prescribed by a doctor

If you are faced with a similar cyst, be sure to consult a doctor. It is possible that a number of folk remedies will be enough to treat the upper and lower eyelid chalazion. This is, for example, the application of a dry compress. By reducing the swelling under the influence of heat, he "will deduce" the chalazion. To get rid of the tumor, you can make cabbage compress 2 times a day, chopping several leaves and mixing them with egg white.

Another way to get rid of pain during inflammation is a poultice of bread mixed with finely chopped plantain. You can also bury your eyes with fresh aloe juice 5-6 times a day. Our ancestors treated all eye inflammation infusion of dill. More modern advocates of traditional medicine are not in a hurry to give up medicines. So, a cold compress from edema is made on the basis of pharmaceutical boric acid.

Treatment of chaliasion of the upper and lower eyelids should be prescribed by a doctor. Only a specialist will be able to choose the right treatment regimen in which medicines and folk remedies will be combined. Ophthalmologists urge not to self-medicate and contact the clinic at the first symptoms of hail. Only in this case it is possible to hope that a relapse will not soon follow.