Cervical chondrosis


Chondrosis is abbreviated as osteochondrosis, this disease occurs with the aging of the spine and the gradual "wear and tear" of its disks. The symptoms of the disease are not always similar, they depend on the degree of damage to the spinal discs, so if the disease is in the developmental stage, the symptoms may not be expressed.

Manifestations and symptoms of cervical chondrosis

The process of wear of the intervertebral discs occurs gradually, but the symptoms of chondrosis are almost always manifested differently, therefore, it is not immediately possible to find out that you have problems with the spine.

Cervical chondrosis: symptoms

  1. The first option for the development of cervical chondrosis:neck pain occurs suddenly when you turn the head, the pain increases and becomes unbearable, even with the weakest movement of the neck. Also, the pain can be given to the occipital region of the head, and sometimes even to the chest! A certain stiffness of the shoulders and head is formed. In the people such symptoms are generally called "lumbago". With such a space, the movements of the shoulders and the thoracic spine are hampered. The muscles of the upper thoracic region often tense. These symptoms can last up to 10 days.
  2. The second option for the development of cervical chondrosis: first the neck starts to hurt, sensitivity is disturbed (numbness, tingling, burning, goosebumps, as well as similar unpleasant sensations appear). The pain is aching in nature, but it causes a lot of unpleasant sensations, due to which a person becomes irritable, often gets tired, and insomnia begins. The muscles of the thoracic and cervical regions are also in tension, as if they "turn to stone." Difficult movement of the neck and shoulders. These symptoms last for two weeks.

Dangers of cervical chondrosis

Chondrosis of the cervical region in the development process can develop into intervertebral hernia, which is a pathology requiring surgical intervention. In any case, cervical chondrosis complicates the life of the patient, limiting his physical activity.

That is why when detecting cervical chondrosis, it must be urgently treated, go to the diagnosis, play sports and monitor your body, especially since nowadays there are many drugs that can not only cure the disease, but also prevent further destruction of intervertebral discs.

Cervical chondrosis: treatment

Despite the ability of pharmacological drugs, it is impossible to fully restore the damaged spine.

  • In the treatment of chondrosis of the cervical spine, it is necessary to use special means, which will affect the areas of intervertebral discs. One of such means is electrophoresis. Also good for cervical chondrosis Karipain - means derived from papaya. It restores the original functions of the joints and the spine. Its benefit is proven by the help of more than one thousand patients.

Cervical chondrosis: treatment

  • Do not forget that it is necessary to treat chondrosis of the cervical region under the supervision of a qualified specialist. And, first of all, you should pay attention to your diet. During the treatment of cervical chondrosis, you need to follow a diet - limit the ingestion of foods with a high content of oxalic acid - broth from meat, sorrel, grapes, wine. Also start taking analgesics - Diclofenac, Dexagil and others. To relieve spasm, use No-silo, Mydocalm and Papaverine. To restore the normal functioning of the blood circulation, it is worth drinking a course of vascular drugs - Milgamy and Actovegin.
  • Move more and do a special gymnastics for the treatment of osteochondrosis of the cervical region, and if there is a possibility, then a neck massage.
  • Still need to start apply chondroprotectors, their effectiveness is aimed at preventing the worsening of the disease and at restoring damaged joints and intervertebral discs. Drugs in this group are created using collagen, which is one of the main components of the cartilage tissue of our body, which is why these tools restore the function of regeneration of cartilage tissue and in this way help cure chondrosis of the cervical spine. Cartilage cells, destroyed due to the disease, begin to re-develop. And if you use chondroprotectors in conjunction with creams, gels or tablets of this series, then you can achieve the maximum effect in the shortest possible time.
  • Alternative medicine, such as acupuncture for osteochondrosis, will also help in the treatment of chondrosis.
  • For the treatment of cervical chondrosis, you can use traditional medicine, and more specifically - compresses. They warm and anesthetize the damaged spine. For example, a compress from aloe juice: take 50 g of dry mustard, 50 g of aloe juice, 400 ml of vodka and 1 g of propolis. It is necessary to apply a compress for the night, it relieves pain very well. In addition to compresses, you can also use 1 tablespoon 2 times a day, decoction of hops, burdock, marjoram or nettle.

Cervical chondrosis is a very serious disease, the treatment of which is best agreed with the doctor. He will take into account the peculiarities of the disease and your body, and then assign you the appropriate course of treatment. Maintain a healthy and lively lifestyle, and then your spine will not bother you!

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