Celandine oil


Celandine is a very strong medicinal herb, which has long been used in traditional medicine. It is very useful in the treatment of skin diseases, thanks to its constituent substances. Not only the celandine itself is useful, but also the oil made from it. Celandine oil cleanses the skin, helps with acne, pimples and irritation.

Celandine oil can be used even in the treatment of infants. It will help soothe and remove redness prone to irritation of the skin of the baby. Wipe the baby's skin with oil and everything.

The composition of the oil celandine

Celandine oil contains many healing and beneficial substances. This carotene, and flavonoids, and alkaloids, and resinous substances, and organic acids such as citric, malic and succinic. Thanks to these substances, celandine oil has a calming effect on the nervous system. Resinous substances increase the appetite, thereby improving metabolism.

Useful properties of celandine oil

Celandine oil has anti-inflammatory, wound-healing, anti-allergic, analgesic and anti-bacterial properties. It will be useful in the treatment of almost all skin diseases, will help in the fight against furunculosis, acne, eczema and seborrhea. Sometimes it can replace antibiotics.

Celandine oil will help soothe the skin, removing the itch. Will be effective in papillomatosis and polyps. It can be used as an antiviral and antifungal agent, helping in the treatment of lichen, herpes and warts. It is useful for periodontal disease and is able to excite the activity of the intestine, digestive system and salivation. Celandine oil can have an analgesic effect, as well as stop the growth of malignant tumors.

How to cook celandine oil with your own hands?

To make celandine oil by yourself, take the dry herb of celandine, put it in a glass jar, then top with vegetable oil. If possible, take almond, peach or apricot oil. Before this, heat the oil for 1.5 hours in a water bath. Fill with oil so that it covers the celandine for 2 cm. After that, put the mixture for an hour in a warm dark place, then remove the mixture for 7 days in the cool. Sometimes shake the dishes with the mixture. After the mixture, strain, and add there a simple pure oil. Store the resulting oil in a glass jar in a dark place.

The use of celandine oil

Celandine oil is widely used in cosmetology, helping to clean the skin of the face.

  • To remove calluses or warts, apply a small amount of oil 4 times a day to the affected skin. Treatment can be stopped after the desired result is obtained. If acne appears, it will be enough to put oil on problem areas for 15 minutes, then gently blot them with a napkin.
  • Applying the oil of celandine inside, you can slow down the pulse and reduce blood pressure.
  • The oil is useful in the treatment of seborrhea, microbial eczema, acne vulgaris, furunculosis, seborrhea, granuloma, and skin infections, even if your body is resistant to antibiotics.
  • In case of diseases with itchy dermatosis, it will help reduce discomfort and itching.

Celandine oil has virtually no contraindications. The only thing - you need to check yourself for individual intolerance, smearing any part of the skin with a small amount of oil. This only applies to the oil of the celandine, the juice of the celandine has a strong effect on the skin, you should be careful with it. Studies have proven the effectiveness of the treatment of polyps and papillomas using celandine oil.

Healing recipes with celandine oil

  • Celandine oil will be useful in the treatment of psoriasis. To do this, take 5 drops of celandine oil, 20 g of lanolin, 5 g of beeswax. Melt the wax and blend celandine oil with lanolin. Mix the resulting ointment thoroughly. Keep it in the refrigerator, applying during the period of exacerbation, lubricate the damaged skin at night.
  • Another recipe is to mix 1 tbsp. l succession, calendula, chamomile, tricolor violet and 10 drops of celandine oil. Fill the ingredients with 2 cups of water. Simmer over low heat for 15 minutes. Leave to infuse the mixture for an hour. Strain, store in the refrigerator. Take 0.25 cup a day before meals 30 minutes 3 times.
  • Celandine oil can be used as one of the ingredients of a cosmetic face mask. To do this, take 1 tbsp. l dry lavender flowers, chamomile, linden and 10 drops of celandine. Crush finely herbs, pour boiling water until you get a thick homogeneous mass, drip the oil of celandine. Stir again. Then put to insist in a warm place for 10 minutes. After this, apply warm gruel on the skin of the neck and face, eliminating the area around the eyes. Cover your face with a gauze cloth on top and stay in that position for 20 minutes. Then rinse your face and neck with warm water, then cold, and apply a nourishing cream. This mask is recommended for dry skin in the period of autumn and early spring.

Celandine has been used in traditional medicine for more than a thousand years. Celandine oil has all the beneficial properties that the plant itself celandine. It is used to treat various inflammations, cleanse the skin, treat acne and pimples, remove and cleanse the skin from dark spots, warts and corns.Celandine oil is one of the most healing products for our health., remember this.

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