Causes of swelling under the eyes. how to remove swelling


When the skin under the eyes shines, you look fresh and rested! If it is not, then the face seems painful and tired. Well, if the causes of swelling under the eyes are obvious: it is easier to get rid of them. For example, if you are overtired, you just need to relax. But it also happens that finding the cause of edema is not so easy.

Why swells under the eyes?

  1. Puffiness is often associated with hereditary predisposition.. If your grandparents or parents have swelling in the lower eyelids, and you have seen them as early as adolescence, this may be a hereditary factor.
  2. Another obvious reason for the increase in edema is stormy night or evening, lack of sleep. Eye strain from excessively long sitting in front of a computer monitor or a television screen is also a common cause.
  3. Edema and over-consumption of salty foods. Salt has the ability to impede the release of fluid by the body, while water is collected in adipose tissue, including under the eyes.
  4. Kidney disease, conjunctivitis, inflammation of the sinuses also cause fluid buildup.
  5. In women, the appearance of edema can be directly related to periodic changes in hormonal levels.
  6. In some cases, swelling of the tissue under the eyes causes an excess of ultraviolet rays. In this case, blue semicircles appear on the lower eyelids.
  7. Age also leaves its mark on the exterior. The fatty layer around the eyes grows over the years, so it seems that there is swelling.

Causes of swelling under the eyes. How to remove swelling under the eyes?

Swelling under the eyes: how to get rid of?

You can cope with edema with the help of cosmetic procedures.

  • It helps to get rid of the problem of wiping the eyelids with ice from an infusion of chamomile, sage or a string.
  • You can make a compress. Take 1 tbsp. l cornflowers, make a glass of boiling water, let it infuse for 20 minutes, strain. Apply cotton swabs moistened with the infusion on the area around the eyes for 15 minutes.
  • Boil the potatoes in their skins, cool. Cut it in half and warmly apply 30 minutes to your eyes.
  • Coping well with swelling helps and Black tea. 1 tsp. Brew tea with a quarter cup of boiling water, let it infuse, then strain. Compress hold 10 minutes. Every 2 minutes, tampons again moisturize and impose on the eyelids. After the procedure, rinse the tea with cool water and apply a nourishing cream.
  • To help your eyes cope with the accumulated fatigue and look much more attractive, it is very useful to bury a warm solution of honey at night. At first it will be slightly tingling, but in the morning the eyes will become bright and shining.
  • Get rid of the swelling will help parsley leaf mask. Crushed leaves for 15 minutes, attach to the eyelids and cover with a warm cloth moistened with water.
  • You can mix 2 tsp. sour cream and 1 tsp. finely chopped parsley. Apply the mixture for half an hour for ever, then rinse with warm water. Then apply the cream.
  • Sage compressalso good To prepare it, take 1 tsp. grass and brew it in half a glass of boiling water, let stand for half an hour. Strain. Divide the broth into 2 parts, cool one. For centuries, in turn, apply a tampon dipped in a warm and cool broth. Do the procedure before bedtime, the duration of its application - 1 month.

Treatment of edema under the eyes

Causes of swelling under the eyes. How to remove swelling under the eyes?

  1. Treat edema under the eyes, if they are not caused by fatigue or any other causal, which you are able to determine yourself, you need with the help of a specialist.
  2. If the bags under the eyes showed up for 1 night, accompanied by fever, lower back pain or impaired urination, then most likely you need to treat one of the inflammatory diseases of the kidneys: These can be pyelonephritis or glomerulonephritis.
  3. If you have swelling for several days, there is a fever, pain in the forehead, discharge and nasal congestion, most likely you have an inflammation of the sinuses - sinusitis. Similar symptoms may be in antritis.
  4. If the bags under the eyes appear very quickly within an hour or even several minutes, they are accompanied by sneezing, redness of the eyes, clear mucous discharge from the nose, itching or breathing problems (shortness of breath may occur). You noticed the symptoms after contact with dust, animal hair, pollen, eating citrus and other products, you are likely to have an allergic reaction. When allergies never rises body temperature, no pain. If all of the above symptoms appear, immediately call an ambulance.
  5. It is necessary to treat thyroid disease if, in addition to edema, you have difficulty breathing (shortness of breath) and swallowing. The disease may be accompanied by severe weakness, depression, weight gain, menstrual disorders in women.

In all these cases, self-medication can only cause harm. Be sure to consult a doctor!

Watch your eye area carefully! The appearance of edema there can be not only an annoying cosmetic defect, but also a symptom of serious diseases. Take care of your health and beauty, and let your eyes always shine!

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