Causes of pink discharge in women before menstruation

The physiology of a woman is such that vaginal discharge of varying texture and color is often accepted as the norm. Including discharge of pink in women before menstruation. However, the appearance of a characteristic color during this period may indicate the development of a disease. For this reason, many justifiably do not miss the opportunity to see a doctor.

The appearance of pink color due to the ingress of droplets of blood into the liquid, which is the basis of discharge. This, for example, can occur during ovulation. When the hormonal background changes, there is a jump in the production of estrogen, therefore some parts of the mucous membrane can be rejected. This is observed in the middle of the cycle. The absence of pain and discomfort says that everything is in order.

Pale pink discharge before menstruation

Pale pink discharge before menstruation may appear a couple of days before and last a few days after. This is also not evidence of pathology.

Another cause of this condition is the effect of contraceptive and hormone drugs. Here, a pinkish hue of discharge can be observed at any time during the cycle. Especially often this can be found in the first time, when the reception of funds has just begun.

They provoke light pink discharges before menstruation and intrauterine contraceptives (spirals).

But if the pink discharge from the woman is present, but there is no regular bleeding, it means that she is pregnant. Attaching to the wall of the uterus, the egg can damage the capillaries, from which droplets of blood fall into the discharge, staining them.

Damage to the small blood vessels, followed by staining of vaginal discharge happens after passionate sex. Normal state is restored fairly quickly.

These are all examples of when pink vaginal discharge outside the period of monthly bleeding can be taken as normal. Now let's take a closer look at those moments when this state is to be feared.

Pinkish discharge: bad mark

Pinkish discharge: bad mark

Allocation of pink in women before the most menstrual periods, the so-called daub, not accompanied by unpleasant symptoms - in the order of things. But if there were no any of the above reasons for changing the color of the discharge, but this is present, plus there are other bad signs, it's time to see a specialist.

It is worth paying attention to color, unusual smell, pain, discomfort, itching and burning. If it is present, then there is a problem. It may say:

  • hormonal disorder;
  • about infection;
  • about hematological disorders;
  • the presence of tumors, such as polyps;
  • inflammation of the endometrium;
  • about the deformation of the female genital systems, etc.

To identify the exact cause of the violation should undergo a gynecological examination. Note that persistent light pink discharge before menstruation indicates the presence of chronic gynecological pathologies.

What diseases are characteristic for such symptoms?

Endometritis ultrasound

Endometritis is a disease characterized by inflammation of the mucous membrane (endometrium) of the uterus. More often provoked by artificial termination of pregnancy, intrauterine contraceptives, stitches after cesarean. The disease may become chronic, including due to poor treatment of postpartum or postoperative endometritis. In addition to pink secretions with an admixture of pus and mucus, which, moreover, do not smell very pleasantly, the body temperature rises, beats chills. All this is accompanied by pain in the lower abdomen and groin.

Endocervicitis and cervical erosion is an inflammatory process that affects the endometrium of the cervix. The causes of inflammation may be the same as in endometritis, as well as in inflammatory processes in other parts of the female reproductive system. The causes of inflammation can also be various viruses, infections, the effect of parasites. In this case, pink vaginal discharge may not be accompanied by pain, but mucous-purulent clots appear in the fluid. The disease must be treated, otherwise the chronic process will lead to permanent erosion.

Endometriosis is the growth of the endometrium outside the normal range. Pale pink discharge before menstruation and after appear constantly. The very same menstruation is painful, with copious secretions. Note that the last 2 signs directly indicate endometriosis.

Tumor - manifested in various forms, may be both benign and malignant. Uterine fibroids are benign - nodular neoplasms. Pink discharge is a sign of internal bleeding. Due to necrosis of the nodes, the discharge becomes dark in color, an unpleasant smell appears. Other symptoms of fibroids include cramping spasmodic pain. Endometrial and cervical polyps are also benign - they can occur at any age and under the influence of various factors.

Cancer cells cause pink discharge only due to uterine bleeding. Then pain also appears. At the initial stage of selection whitish.

Ways to solve the problem

To choose the solution, that is, the principle of treatment, it is necessary to undergo a qualitative examination. Women who are concerned about their health, regularly visit the gynecological office, regardless of whether they are worried about something at the moment or not.

The reason for the extraordinary visit may just be a pink discharge outside the menstrual period, bringing discomfort to the life of the woman.

Earlier, timely detection of the causes of indisposition will lead to the fastest deliverance. Traditionally prescribed drug therapy. Some women try to limit themselves from sexual intercourse or use lubricant during the treatment period. But sex rarely causes frustration. It is important to complete the course of treatment, to remain vigilant.

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