Causes of hand shake in old and young age


Have your hands ever trembled? Rather yes than no. But how to distinguish tremor, which is caused by the disease, from simple excitement, not everyone knows. Today we will talk about the causes that cause hand trembling, as well as the treatment of this ailment.

Are you still so young, and your hands are shaking?

talk about the reasons that cause hand shake

In fact, tremor is not always caused by a disease that afflicts elderly people, so the hands of the younger generation can also tremble because of:

  • Emotional overload. For example, an exam, an important speech can cause a nervous state;
  • The use of coffee, tobacco, alcohol in unreasonable sizes;
  • Rigid diets;
  • Long stay in the cold;
  • Great physical exertion;
  • Reception of medicines. So, antidepressants, aminophylline can cause shaking hands, which stops after taking the drug.

Newborns can have physiological and pathological tremor. The first is due to the fact that the child is still small and has an immature nervous system. But the pathology may be as follows: cerebral palsy or birth trauma. If the child’s jitter is constant, does not go away after 3 months, it increases, then you should contact a neurologist.

If this is a teenager, then such a trembling of hands at a young age can be caused by hormonal changes, nervous stress, and emotional experiences. As a rule, this tremor goes away over the years.

Tremor in an adult

Hand shake in the older generation most often has a cause in the form of a disease. Of course, these diseases can also affect young people. Among the diseases should be noted the following:

  • Parkinson's disease. In this case, the tremor appears alone, the frequency of 4-5 Hz. Initially, the disease affects one side: right or left, but over time, Parkinson can hit the other side. Trembling decreases if a person starts to perform any actions;

Tremor in an adult

  • Essential tremor. This disease is inherited, can affect different parts of the body. Shivering affects, as a rule, both sides, arises when the patient wants to do something;
  • Damage to the cerebellum and brain stem. For example, multiple sclerosis or traumatic brain injury;
  • Thyroid disease;
  • Adrenal gland diseases;
  • Liver failure.

What measures should be taken?

Treatment of trembling fingers is closely related to the causes, that is, it is necessary to treat, above all, the pathology that causes tremor. So if this is a physiological jitter, which is typical for a young age, then fresh air, psychotherapy, exercise reduction, etc. would be appropriate. If it is a hereditary tremor, then appropriate medications are used: β-blockers. In Parkinson's disease, drugs are also used that can halt the development of the disease, relieve its symptoms (for example, MAO inhibitors).

Thus, hand shake can be in old age, as well as in adolescents and young children. The exact cause can only be identified by a specialist through a comprehensive examination. Also, only the doctor can prescribe you the appropriate medications, specify the timing of their admission and dosage.