Causative agent for men of quick action

Sexual impotence for men is akin to a death sentence. Men in such situations often experience a strong emotional shock, not trying to find and eradicate the cause. And a woman should support her partner not only morally. In this regard, today we are choosing the best and effective causative agent for men of fast action.

Impotence or temporary difficulties: find out the opinion of a specialist

the best and effective causative agent for men of fast action

As practice shows, a considerable percentage of couples complain of sexual dissatisfaction. And if the fair sex is able to talk about it calmly, then men, on the contrary, inflate a real tragedy out of such a situation. But to despair, and even more so it is not necessary to set yourself a diagnosis.

Of course, that any man will be discouraged when at the most inopportune moment he can not perform his function. But this is very important for him, given the polygamous nature of nature and the blood of the hunter.

If such a curious case occurred only once, then there is no cause for concern at all. Perhaps the partner simply experienced excessive arousal or was under stress. As you know, the libido is inextricably linked with the psycho-emotional state.

If such cases have become a system, then you should definitely go to the doctor. And not necessarily you will hear such a disappointing diagnosis as impotence. Moreover, modern medicine has already proved that it is possible to restore your sexual power with the help of certain pharmacological preparations.

The following factors can affect the absence of an erection:

  • viral and infectious diseases;
  • injuries;
  • psycho-emotional shock, etc.

To eradicate the problem, you need to see the root and look for the root cause. But if you want to achieve a short-term result in order not to disappoint your partner on this romantic evening, you can buy a pathogen for men in pharmacies. About this we continue to talk.

Let's return former force: the review of high-speed preparations

The causative agent for men of rapid action is a pharmacological drug, which consists of active components that allow you to restore an erection. Feedback from representatives of a strong and beautiful half of humanity suggests that today the choice of this kind of stimulants is simply huge, so you can easily get confused.

To choose the right and safe pathogen, of course, it is better to consult a specialist physician. But if you do not want to darken the next night with your impotence, then go to the pharmacy or sex shop and get a stimulant. Review of effective means, according to customer reviews, we will hold right now.


Causative agent for men of quick action

No, this is not the name of the vocal group, but an effective, high-speed pathogen. For several years now, it is Viagra that occupies a leading position in its delicate segment. In the composition of these tablets there is a substance sildenafil, due to which the blood flow to the penis is increased and the smooth muscular tissue relaxes.

Please note that Viagra really works if the partner is in the arousal phase and wants to have sexual intercourse. Otherwise, attempts may not succeed. The action of "Viagra" will appear on average in 30 minutes. Depending on the physiological features, this time may increase up to 2-3 hours.

Excitation due to the action of the drug will last for 4 hours. It is better to take the drug about one hour before the planned proximity. At this time you can spend a prelude. Carefully read the instructions, the maximum allowable dose in no case be impossible.


An erection occurs relatively quickly and continues for a long time

According to the responses of representatives of the strong half of humanity, this pathogen is also very effective. An erection occurs relatively quickly and continues for a long time. The therapeutic effect does not come only if the man simply does not want his partner.

The advantages of "Cialis", according to men, include:

  • prolonged erection;
  • unforgettable orgasm;
  • increase in the number of sexual acts.

As practice shows, the drug can affect male libido for 36 hours. At the same time, there are no negative effects on other vital organs. The only thing the partner may redden the skin of the face and headaches.

"Dragon Tornado"

penis size increases much more than with natural erection

Pay attention to the Chinese population. Their demographic situation, perhaps, any country can envy. Perhaps this is due to the fact that men take pathogens developed according to ancient Chinese recipes.

According to one of these recipes was made the drug "Dragon Tornado". It contains the following substances:

  • hood of deer horns;
  • saffron;
  • saiga penis;
  • rhizome of ginseng;
  • extract from the sea ridge;
  • ants extract.

As you can see, the composition, to put it mildly, is exotic, however, reviews say that capsules have incomparable effectiveness. It is recommended to take such a remedy approximately 20 minutes before the immediate start of sexual intercourse. Men noted that for three days their erection was at the highest level, and orgasm - bliss. And besides, penis size increases much more than with natural erection.

"Australian Kangaroo"

According to reviews

Until recently, such a drug could not be found on the domestic market, since it was available only to an American audience. To date, the pathogen with the same name can be found on the shelves of domestic pharmacies.

The name speaks for itself: as part of the drug there is an extract from the testicles of the kangaroo. This pill needs to be taken about 30 minutes before intimacy. According to reviews, the Australian Kangaroo has several advantages, in particular:

  • increases the ability to conceive;
  • increases the amount of ejaculation products;
  • has a tonic effect;
  • An erection lasts several hours.


According to the mechanism of its action, this drug is often compared with Viagra. Testimonials from representatives of the strong half of humanity state that Yangan-100 helps to solve a whole series of sexual problems at once, in particular:

  • increase erection;
  • strengthen libido;
  • protect against premature ejaculation;
  • prolong sexual contact;
  • increase the volume and length of the penis;
  • stimulates the functioning of the adrenal glands.

You can take no more than one capsule per day. Studies by Hong Kong scientists have shown that the action "Yangan-100" can last up to five days. Be sure to consider this before taking the drug and carefully study the annotation.

Natural pathogens: take care of your partner

causative agent for men quick action do it yourself

It turns out that the causative agent for men of quick action with their hands gives the same effect as pharmaceuticals. Alas, the gifts of nature and their strength are forgotten today. And in vain. Indeed, some foods contain powerful aphrodisiacs that enhance libido and increase potency.

If a partner wants to help a man, but at the same time does not give publicity to her actions, you can prepare a romantic dinner, the basis of which will be one of the following dishes:

  • stewed fish fillet with fresh tomatoes and asparagus;
  • oysters in lemon juice;
  • half-baked rice flavored with honey, curry and quail eggs.

You can also increase the potency and restore an erection with the help of various herbal remedies and root crops:

  • ginseng;
  • raw beets;
  • celery;
  • cilantro;
  • rosemary;
  • mint;
  • Thyme, etc.

According to reviews of some women, they helped their partners cope with impotence using two simple components: brandy and chicken egg. If you manage to persuade your soul mate to take such a remedy, then you can refuse medications.

Despite the fact that the pharmaceutical market is replete today with an abundance of pathogens for men, before using any of them, you need to still consult with a specialized doctor. Be sure to identify the cause of sexual dysfunction, since each drug gives only temporary results. Moreover, everything should be natural and at ease. Ignore the signals of the body is not worth it. Even this delicate problem you can always share with your partner and enlist the support. Be healthy!

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