Caucasian dioscorea


During Soviet times, there was a rumor that the roots of the miraculous Caucasian Dioscorea maintained the health and strength of the entire ruling elite. How much this opinion was justified is difficult to say today, but there is no doubt about the benefits of the amazing liana. The range of its impact is really wide, and judging by the rare reviews - the effect is almost completely consistent with the stated expectations.

The healing properties of Caucasian Dioscorea

The healing properties of Caucasian Dioscorea

  • The main merit of this plant is its positive effect on the state of the blood vessels: in addition to lowering cholesterol, lipids in the arteries are eliminated, microthrombs dissolve, vascular walls strengthen, and atherosclerotic plaques are prevented. In addition, Caucasian Dioscorea is used to prevent stroke and heart attack, restore blood flow to reduce intracranial pressure. There are frequent cases of improvement in the functional activity of the heart with the help of Dioscorea.
  • This plant is also important for the gastrointestinal tract: in addition to improving the flow of bile, it also helps to cleanse the blood vessels in the liver, normalize the functions of the digestive system, and facilitate the absorption of nutrients from food products.
  • The reduction of intracranial pressure when using the Caucasian Dioscorea is caused by its diuretic effect, at the same time it cleans the kidneys well, it is indicated for gout.
  • During the research it was found that the use of tinctures of the Caucasian Dioscorea can not only improve vision and prevent it from falling, but also restore it in the event of cataracts.
  • In relation to the nervous and cardiovascular systems, the plant has recommended itself as a blood pressure stabilizer (with both increasing and decreasing) and heart rate, a sedative during epileptic episodes.
  • Also noted are general improvements in the immune system, memory and hearing, restoration of sleep and efficiency, and an increase in the body's emotional endurance. Decoctions Dioscorea take off cramps at head the pains.

Application and contraindications to the use of Caucasian Dioscorea

To solve all the above problems, we use either decoctions and infusions on the leaves and roots of the plant, or ready-made drugs with an extract from Dioscorea. Instructions for pharmacies can be obtained from the manufacturer, and the most common recipes of traditional medicine, including contraindications to them, are discussed below.

The healing properties of the Caucasian Dioscorea root

  • As a tonic drink that works to increase the body's resistance to both stress and viral infections, the Caucasian Dioscorea root is crushed, brewed boiling water in a glass along with ordinary green tea in a ratio of 3: 7 or 1: 4, is drunk before dinner, after 40 -60 min after eating. It is recommended to start with 100 ml., Gradually reach a full glass. Reception is single, the course is from 10 to 14 days.
  • To normalize the work of the digestive tract, you can drink the same broth, but adding dried, ground Caucasian Dioscorea root to rice or oatmeal (liquid, mucous) porridge is more effective. Approximate dosage - 1 / 4-1 / 3 tsp. per serving, use no more than 2 times a day. If porridges are not included in your diet, you can pour root powder into 1 tbsp. honey and drink it with warm water: this should be done after a meal, for 10 days, then take a break for 5-7 days and repeat the course twice.
  • If Dioscorea is used to normalize blood pressure and pulse, as well as improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system, 1 tsp. 250 ml of boiling water is poured into the ground root powder, the broth is heated in a metal container in a water bath for 10-15 minutes, removed from the stove and cooled. 1 tbsp the liquid is taken after meals, 3 times a day, for 30 days. After that, rest for a week is taken and the course resumes. Its total duration, together with breaks, is 4 months.

the use of tinctures Dioscorea Caucasian

  • Alcohol tincture is also effective, for which 100 g of powdered Dioscorea root powder is poured over 1 liter of vodka (without additives!), The container is removed in a dark cool place for a week. Drink the resulting infusion is necessary for 20-30 drops, depending on the sensitivity of the body, dissolving them in a small amount of warm water. Take after meals, 2-3 times a day, the course lasts at least a month. This tincture is mainly used after a stroke or heart attack, as well as in case of violations of the hormonal background and functions of the reproductive system.
  • Contraindications to the reception of the Dioscorea by Caucasian doctors have not been established, except for cases of individual intolerance to the plant. However, an overdose is possible, expressed in increased heart rate, headache, increased pressure. Also, in order to reduce the degree of irritation of the gastric mucosa, all decoctions, infusions and preparations based on Dioscorea should be taken only after a meal.

Caucasian Dioscorea: application reviews

Caucasian Dioscorea: application reviews

Who took this plant - in pure form or as part of a specific drug - immediately notes the "state of rebirth", observed already for 3-4 days from the beginning of the course: perhaps it was not for nothing that the Dioscorea was so loved in the times of the Soviet Union. There are few real reviews on the open spaces of the Network, but they are completely positive.

  • Novel: For the 5th year, I have been treating the Caucasian Dioscorea root every quarter, first recovering from a stroke, then I had to maintain the vessels and clean them. I drink alcohol tincture 2 times a year, for 20-25 days, the rest 2 times, for 30 days, I add root powder on the tip of a knife to honey and use it after a meal. I cannot convey the state of words, but at 67 I feel better than in
  • Vera: I was advised to drink the root of Dioscorea to a familiar herbalist when talking about hormonal imbalance due to instability of the pituitary gland in conversation: I filled 2 tbsp of it according to her recommendation. chopped root 400 ml of liquid honey, insisted a week, consumed 1 dessert spoon after a meal for a whole month. Honestly, I never believed in herbs, but the results of the tests after the course were stunned - the improvements were significant.
  • Tatyana: Dioscorea water tincture saw after strong stress, when pressure began to jump (I'm hypotonic), I began to misbehave my pulse and lost my sleep. Alternated with alcoholic extract of peony: it is in the evening, before bedtime, and 70-80 ml of Dioscoreum before lunch, right after breakfast. One morning she ate loosely, and after taking the infusion, it made itself felt - the stomach was pricked: apparently, it was empty for the grass. I realized for myself that my mucous is too sensitive. After 3 weeks, insomnia disappeared completely, the pressure to jump was much less.

In general, the reviews of those who took the Caucasian Dioscorea, though rarely occur, but inspire confidence in an almost unfamiliar plant. However, experts advise to take precautions: start the test with reduced dosages and carefully monitor the reaction of the body.