Cashew nuts

Many people like the taste of these nuts, both for adults and the younger generation. The product is valued not only for its pleasant sensations, but also for its benefit in healing the body, curing certain diseases. Apply it in the manufacture of cosmetics, and in industry. Information about cashews (useful properties and contraindications) is useful to all who monitor their health - their own and their loved ones.

Cashew - Tropical Nuts

The homeland of the Indian walnut, as cashew is differently called, is Brazil. Today, this tree is cultivated in different tropical countries. Kernels are harvested for food, delivered around the world. And the shell is processed and produced oil-pock, which is used for medical and technical purposes.

Cashew nuts

With a few examples, you can demonstrate the usefulness of cashews. Walnut has the property:

  • reduce inflammation, tone up;
  • contribute to the improvement of brain activity, reducing cholesterol in the blood, improving immunity;
  • prevent problems with the work of the cardiovascular system, help with hypertension;
  • strengthen and clean the vessels;
  • improve the oral cavity, teeth, gums;
  • cure (in combination with medications) bronchitis, pharyngitis, bacterial infections;
  • have a positive effect on the body in the treatment of diseases of the endocrine system, metabolic disorders;
  • to act as cancer prevention.

Note to travelers: you can use cashew nuts even with snake bites! Such treatment is practiced in some African countries, in India.

Nuts for Thumbelina

Cashew: useful properties and contraindications

These nuts are not classified as dietary products. After all, cashews have not the lowest caloric content: 100 grams of nuts are 600 kcal. However, in the complex of some diets, such a nut is recommended to be consumed in small quantities (not more than 30 g per day). Thanks to cashew, the table of a person who wants to lose weight becomes more diverse, the body is replenished with nutrients. Nutritionists recommend these nuts because they are easily digested, contain very little fat (compared to almonds, walnuts). The amount of carbohydrates and natural sugars in cashews is also low. After consuming this product for quite a long time, there is no feeling of hunger.

If you regularly indulge yourself with a handful of these nuts, pleasant transformations of appearance will be noticeable:

  • the curls will gain a healthy glow;
  • white spots will disappear from marigolds;
  • the skin of the face will be cleansed, smoothed, moisturized.

Cashew: is it possible for everyone?

Cashew: is it possible for everyone?

Before including in your diet you need to consider all the possible consequences of the consumption of cashews, because not only benefit is possible, but also harm. There are some caveats regarding the use of this exotic nut:

  • kidney disease (sand, stones) or the risk of similar diseases. Cashews can trigger progression of the disease;
  • idiosyncrasy, allergy to cashews. Abuse of nuts can even end in death! This product is especially dangerous if proper heat treatment has not been carried out. Between the peel and the nut is a thin resinous film containing cardol. It is cardol that leads to very strong manifestations of allergy, laryngeal edema, skin burns;
  • As carefully as possible, it is necessary to solve the issue of including cashews in the children's diet - it is not recommended until the age of three. Older kids nuts, it is desirable to complement various dishes. In this case, the permissible dose is not more than 50 g and no more than 2 times a week;
  • pregnant, if not allergic, you can afford a little cashew (no more than 30 grams per day). In the second half of the term of carrying a child should not eat these nuts daily.

In each individual case, it is better to be vigilant in advance, because it combines useful properties and contraindications for cashews. Cases of harm from this nut are quite rare, while its benefits are significant for most people. Cashew helps to overcome a lot of diseases, is effective as a prevention of disorders of the body. Walnut differ noticeable healing effect. And in maintaining female beauty cashews are a great helper.

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