Carob - healthy chocolate


Carob is a powder used in confectionery products. It is very similar to chocolate and is used everywhere as a cocoa substitute. In it, however, unlike chocolate, there are not many substances harmful to human health. You can make drinks from Carob, add to cocktails, it foams well. Especially in sweets, pastry creams and pastries.

Carob in appearance is similar to cocoa powder, but has a slightly different color shade. It tastes very much like cocoa, but there is a difference. Carob is sweeter, has no bitterness, tastes like cocoa with sugar. The smell is weak, also strongly reminiscent of chocolate. You can add a lot to pastries, without fear of spoiling the taste.

Carob - Healthy Chocolate

Unlike chocolate, carob beans do not contain tonic substances such as caffeine and theobromine. Psychostimulants are what we love chocolate so much, and what causes a strong attachment to it.

Caffeine has a slight stimulating effect on the body, improves performance, reflexes and helps to concentrate. Causes a feeling of inspiration and activity, reduces fatigue and drowsiness. but large doses of caffeine inhibit nerve cells, cause overexcitement and lead to exhaustion.

Theobramin, as well as caffeine - an alkaloid, psychostimulant. In general, the substance is poisonous. For humans, the amount contained in chocolate is not dangerous, but for animals, especially cats and dogs with a slow metabolism, it is deadly.

Besides caffeine causes a sudden release of dopamine in the brain, hormone of happiness, which helps to reduce stress and depression, improves mood and optimism. Over time, this condition is addictive.

There is no caffeine or theobramin in carob, That is why carob is especially useful for people who are inclined to stimulate themselves with chocolate and other tasty food during periods of depression and life turmoil. Using Carob will help to diversify the menu with different goodies, at the same time avoid stress on the central nervous system and sudden mood swings.

Carob does not cause side effects, as from caffeine - anxiety and nervousness. therefore Carob is more useful than chocolate especially pregnant and lactating women, and all people who care about their health.

Carob is also healthier than chocolate because it does not cause allergies. As you know, cocoa beans contain many pests that often get into the powder when grinding the beans, and pesticides are also used. Allergenic and component of fromamine, which is also in chocolate.

Carob - Healthy Chocolate

Useful Carob Properties

  • Carob is rich in vitamins, vitamin A, group B vitamins, vitamin D, minerals, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium.
  • It contains a lot of fiber.
  • Almost does not contain cholesterol and fat, more carbohydrates and calcium.
  • Does not require the addition of sugar, the taste is very sweet. There is no preservatives, flavor enhancers, like chocolate.
  • Unlike caffeine, calcium is not washed out and does not have a diuretic effect.
  • Neutralizes, helps remove toxins from the body.
  • Good effect on the skin, does not cause acne and acne (due to the absence of oxalic acid in the composition).
  • It has a mitigating effect on the digestive tract.

Growing tree Carob in the Mediterranean countries. Where the hot dry climate. He has many names: Carob tree, Ioan bread, Constantinople horns, and in Ancient Greece bore the name "Egyptian fig". The name of the measure of precious stones KARAT is also associated with the carob beans of the tree - smooth, absolutely identical in size and weight, they were used as weights.

The main suppliers of carob are Spain, Italy, Cyprus. The best are brought from Cyprus and Spain. Carob powder is obtained by grinding raw or roasted pods. Raw pods are not tasty, they are torn off and dried in the sun, so they become sweet.

Carob application

Carob - Healthy Chocolate

Carob powder can be used to make drinks (for example, whipping cocktails with almond milk), ice cream, chocolate yogurt. Excellent to add to cookies, cakes, creams and sprinkles. And also in homemade sweets and truffles.

Before adding to cooking, carob powder must be sifted through a sieve to weed out large lumps and make it airy.

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