Heart palpitations, tachycardia, is the main symptom of the onset of development of certain physiological and pathological conditions. Its upper limit is 90 beats per minute. When changing this indicator, it is urgent to establish its cause.

There is absolutely no danger to human health, rapid heartbeat, which was triggered by a variety of physiological conditions, for example, excitement, fright, great physical exertion.

However, if there is a rapid heartbeat, the causes that could not be established, it is necessary to pay special attention to it and undergo a full medical examination at the clinic. The fact is that such a condition is very dangerous, because it carries the probability of insufficient blood supply to the internal organs. As a result of increased heartbeat, an increase in the oxygen consumption of the heart also occurs, and at the same time its blood flow decreases. As a result, it can lead to myocardial infarction or angina pectoris.

Heart palpitations: causes

Heart palpitations: what to do?

In the first place, we must try to determine the exact cause of this phenomenon.

The formation of tachycardia may occur due to various conditions, the most common among which are the following:

  • Serious sleep disturbance, chronic insomnia;
  • Severe mental and physical exhaustion;
  • Frequent stay in stressful situations;
  • Excessive alcohol abuse;
  • Frequent use of caffeine-containing beverages;
  • Taking certain medicines, especially if the dosage is violated (for example, narcotic drugs, stimulants of the nervous system, etc.);
  • Obesity disease;
  • A serious deficiency in the body of magnesium and calcium;
  • The presence of hypertension;
  • Disease of various purulent infections;
  • Anemia;
  • The presence of various malignant neoplasms;
  • Certain endocrine disorders (for example, hyperthyroidism, pathological menopause, myxedema, etc.);
  • Sharp increase in body temperature;
  • The presence of certain heart diseases (for example, heart defects, myocarditis, myocardiodystrophy, cardiomyopathy, coronary artery disease, etc.).

Why does such a symptom of pregnancy appear?

Heart palpitations: causes

During pregnancy, tachycardia may develop for the following reasons:

  1. Strong psychological stress. The fact is that not only carrying a child, but also the upcoming labor is a great stress for the female body. As a result, the expectant mother begins to experience constant excitement and fear. This leads to the fact that the body is unable to respond to all stormy experiences, and the cardiovascular system begins to work at an accelerated pace.
  2. Excessive caffeine intake. Not only coffee, but also strong tea have the ability to accelerate the heart rate. That is why during pregnancy you should try to abandon the use of drinks, which include in its composition caffeine.
  3. Certain physiological changes. During pregnancy, a change occurs not only in the psychological state of the woman, but also quite natural changes begin, which are directly related to the growing baby. This results in accelerated work of the heart.
  4. Severe magnesium deficiency. In the body of a pregnant woman can develop a dangerous lack of this substance, which provokes the beginning of tachycardia. This will disturb the feeling of nausea, and severe vomiting may open.
  5. Having heart problems.
  6. The development of iron deficiency anemia. As a result of an acute shortage of hemoglobin, the formation of tachycardia can occur, while the woman begins to be disturbed by persistent and severe headaches, and fatigue appears. In order to find out if the level of iron in the blood is normal or not, it is necessary to pass a special analysis.
  7. Strong physical stress. Accelerated heartbeat may begin due to a quick walk, long and heavy physical exertion. Of course, this is not dangerous, but still you should not forget about the future baby and your body should be treated more carefully and carefully.
  8. A side effect caused by taking certain medications. Before taking this or that medication, even if it was prescribed by a doctor, you must read the instructions with particular attention, including finding out about possible side effects.

Tachycardia treatment

Treatment of tachycardia can only prescribe a doctor, after passing all the necessary tests. Also able to help and effective folk remedies that do not harm. But, nevertheless, before the start of their use, it is worth to consult a doctor.

Heart palpitations: causes

Traditional methods of treatment of tachycardia:

  • Motherwort and calendula. The grasswort grass is taken in the same proportions and calendula dry marigolds are mixed. The resulting mixture is poured with boiling water (200 g) and left for 2 hours. The finished infusion is filtered. It is necessary to take after dinner on 1 tbsp., To drink in small sips;
  • White willow. You will need to take 2 tsp. flowers of white willow and pour 1 tbsp. boiling water, insist for an hour. The infusion is filtered and taken exactly 6 times a day, 30 g each;
  • Lemon tincture. Juice is squeezed out of the 1st lemon and mixed with the juice of fresh chokeberry (1.5 tbsp.), Cranberry juice (1.5 tbsp.), Carrot juice (200 g) is added. Alcohol with water or vodka (1 tbsp.) Is poured into the solution and everything is thoroughly mixed. It is necessary to take the finished tincture 1 hour before the beginning of the meal 3 times a day, 15 g (the medicine should be shaken up beforehand);
  • Melissa. We must take the dried medicinal lemon balm and chop it thoroughly. 1 tbsp. l the raw material is poured with a glass of water (hot), left in a container covered with a lid for half an hour. It is necessary to take the medicine in the form of heat, 3 times a day, before meals in 100 g;
  • Tincture honey. We must take the garlic (10 heads), peel, chop. Garlic pulp mixed with lemon juice (from 10 lemons). The resulting mixture is dissolved in natural flower honey (1 l.). All components are thoroughly mixed, and the container is covered with a film or plastic bag. The composition is kept for a week. Take the finished medication should be filtered every day for 4 tsp.

With heart palpitations, it is necessary to follow your own nutrition with increased attention. Fat and spicy dishes, a variety of alcoholic beverages, coffee, as well as drinks, which include caffeine, pickles, pickles and smoked meats, are strictly prohibited.

Overeating is also strictly prohibited, especially at night, so it is necessary to control portion sizes. It is recommended to add milk, dietary meat, natural juices, various dairy products, fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet.

Adhering to simple recommendations, it will be possible to forget forever about the problems of rapid heartbeat. But if tachycardia continues to bother you, despite all the changes in lifestyle and diet, you should immediately consult a cardiologist!

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