Carbohydrates in food. what foods contain carbohydrates?

It has long been a known fact that carbohydrates serve as a source of energy that enters our body. Everyone who cares about their health should know about what carbohydrates are and in which products they are contained. The same applies to people who are overweight, since supersaturated body carbohydrates can cause obesity and have a detrimental effect on all health conditions.

Functions of carbohydrates in the body

Carbohydrates in our body are participants in many physiological processes. The energy that enters the body through carbohydrates, is spent not only on our movement, but also is necessary for the correct functioning of all systems and organs in our body, for example, the heart, kidneys and others.

Carbohydrates are involved in the metabolic processes of fats and proteins, as well as in the formation of certain enzymes and hormones. Besides, carbohydrates contribute to the normal functioning of the liver. However, this does not mean that the more carbohydrate foods you eat, the better. Excessive amount of carbohydrates in the body violates the correct course of metabolism.

Simple carbohydrates in food

Simple carbohydrates - monosaccharides. These substances dissolve very quickly and almost immediately enter the blood. The largest amount of simple carbohydrates is found in fruits, vegetables, and also in honey.

The most important monosaccharide for the body is glucose.. It very quickly gets from a digestive tract to blood. This monosaccharide is one of the most important sources of energy that must be supplied to our body. However, insulin is required for glucose uptake.

The main consumer of glucose is our brain. It is no coincidence that during and before the upcoming severe mental stress, it is recommended to eat dark chocolate. It contains a fairly large amount of glucose. Therefore, in order to replenish the depleting carbohydrate reserves of our body in time, we need to know what foods contain carbohydrates. You will find glucose in cherries, bananas, raspberries, plums, pumpkins, carrots and cabbage.

Most a safe source of carbohydrates are foods containing fructose. Compared with glucose, fructose can be used even by people suffering from diabetes, since insulin is not needed for its absorption. In addition, the advantages of fructose can be attributed to the fact that it does not cause dental caries, although the taste is several times sweeter than glucose. Fructose contains: grapes, pears, apples, watermelons, honey, black currants and strawberries.

Also, simple carbohydrates include disaccharides, which include lactose, maltose and sucrose. These substances are digested longer than monosaccharides.

  • If you lose weight, then you will find your main enemy among disaccharides. it sucrose. This carbohydrate is pure energy. This means that it carries a very large number of calories, which does not force itself to give and with an "overdose" it will manifest itself in your extra pounds. This insidious carbohydrate is contained in sugar, confectionery, jam, ice cream, sugary drinks and other goodies.
  • Maltose - malt sugar. It is not difficult to guess that you can find it in beer. In addition to this drink, it is contained in honey and some baked goods.
  • Lactose, or milk sugar, found, respectively, in milk and dairy products. This carbohydrate is especially important in childhood, when the main human food is milk. However, for adults, the intake of this disaccharide may be beneficial. For example, the use of dairy products favorably affects the health of the intestines.

Complex carbohydrates in food

For the assimilation of complex carbohydrates requires a long time: these carbohydrates enter the blood in small portions and gradually. The presence of complex carbohydrates can be noted cereals, pasta from durum wheat, potatoes, legumes, nuts and wholemeal bread.

  • Glycogen is a carbohydrate of animal products. A large number of it is in different meats and products from it. Most of it is in the liver. This is a reserve carbohydrate, which, if necessary, is broken down to glucose.
  • A large amount of all carbohydrates in our body - starch. This polysaccharide is found in potatoes, carrots, legumes, squash, cabbage, and bananas, as well as in cereals. The starch contained in food is absorbed, slowly, splitting to glucose.
  • To get into the body fiber and pectin, You need to include in your menu beets, plums, apples, black currants, apricots, peaches, strawberries, cranberries, raspberries, oranges, eggplants, cucumbers, potatoes and various cereals.

Knowing which foods contain carbohydrates is very important. After all, they can protect our body from chronic fatigue, will help replenish energy reserves. And for those who want to make their shape slimmer, knowledge about carbohydrates will help not to be mistaken in the choice of food.

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