Candles for treating cervical erosion


Candles for the treatment of cervical erosion - today the most popular and inexpensive way to deal with this pathology. They are prescribed by the doctor both before cauterization and after intervention in the vaginal mucosa, and show excellent results. Today we briefly describe the existing drugs and try to find out how they differ from each other.

Vaginal candles - an absolute advantage

benefits of vaginal suppositories during cervical erosion treatment

When there are defects in the vaginal mucosa, doctors resort to different ways to eliminate them. This may be cauterization, and laser correction, as well as taking certain drugs. If the erosion damage is minor, preference is given to vaginal suppositories. In addition, they are often recommended to be used after serious intervention in the cervical cavity for better tissue regeneration.

The main advantages of vaginal suppositories are as follows:

  • due to its soft and easily soluble structure, the candles spread evenly along the walls of the vagina, thereby delivering the active substance to each tissue cell;
  • the drug is delivered directly to the site of inflammation, so the regeneration process is much faster;
  • the sparing composition of vaginal suppositories does not violate the natural microflora of the vagina;
  • such candles are easy to use: they do not need to be dissolved in water, they are rather small and do not bring significant discomfort when introduced into the vagina.

But the benefits of vaginal suppositories during the treatment of cervical erosion do not end there. The undoubted advantage is the wide choice of such drugs. The doctor can choose the most suitable pharmaceuticals based on the individual characteristics of the structure of the body of each woman.

Overview of the most popular drugs

In the treatment of cervical erosion, candles with the following names are best recommended:

  • "Depantol";
  • "Hexicon";
  • "Suporon".

All these drugs have their advantages and disadvantages, which we will not judge, because a lot depends on the purpose of their use and the desired results. So let's just look at each of them in detail.

Suppositories "Depantol"

instructions for use, candles

Candles "Depantol" white with a gray or yellow tinge are available in a drop-shaped form with a small recess in the center. The drug itself belongs to the category of combined agents that have anti-inflammatory and metabolic effects, as well as activating cell regeneration.

The main component of candles is chlorhexidine, which is active against most of the harmful bacteria, spores and yeasts. In combination with dexpanthenol and a mixture of macrogols, an ideal combination of useful chemicals is obtained, thanks to which the functionality of lactobacilli is preserved.

According to the instructions for use, candles "Depantol" are appointed in such cases:

  • for the treatment of acute or chronic forms of vaginitis and cervicitis;
  • as part of complex therapy during treatment of cervical erosion;
  • as an auxiliary regenerating agent after childbirth, surgery or destructive treatment methods.

There are no contraindications to the use of the drug except for the individual intolerance of the components.

Vaginal candles "Hexicon"

Vaginal candles

The composition of this drug is almost identical with the above means, and externally candles are similar, like twin brothers. However, the form of action they still have different. Candles "Hexicon" are written out mostly for prevention than for the treatment of specific diseases. The same applies to cervical erosion: suppositories are prescribed after cauterization, laser therapy or radio wave coagulation.

According to the instructions, candles "Hexicon" prevent the risk of infection with such sexually transmitted infections as:

  • genital herpes;
  • chlamydia;
  • bacterial vaginosis;
  • syphilis;
  • trichomoniasis.

As a prophylaxis, these candles can be prescribed after obstetric or gynecological procedures, for example:

  • before or after childbirth;
  • before abortion;
  • when installing intrauterine contraceptives;
  • a few days before surgery;
  • for cell regeneration after erosion treatment.

There are no contraindications to the use of the drug.

Vaginal drug "Suporon"

Vaginal Drug

This preparation is based on extracts from natural plants of ginseng, eleutherococcus and cocoa in combination with Tambukan curative mud and propolis. However, the main advantage and difference of the drug "Suporon" from other candles is not at all in its composition, but in the method of application.

These candles are prescribed not only to solve vaginal problems, but also for the prevention and treatment of urological and proctological diseases. In gynecology and obstetrics "Suporon" is used to treat the following pathologies:

  • thrush;
  • cervicitis;
  • cervical erosion;
  • endometritis;
  • colpitis;
  • cystitis;
  • inflammatory vaginitis.

Introduce candles intravaginally at night, the treatment is carried out in a course of 20-30 days.

Alternative treatments

treatment of cervical erosion using radiowave coagulation apparatus

As mentioned above, vaginal suppositories can be used as the main treatment method or as part of complex therapy. However, as the main tool, candles are not always effective and help only in the early stages of pathology detection.

In such situations, doctors recommend first to undergo treatment of cervical erosion using the Surgitron radio wave coagulation apparatus. This is a new generation device that allows you to accurately and effectively eliminate vaginal dissections, while promoting healing of scars. Manipulations with the device are carried out with high accuracy, which excludes the possibility of mechanical damage to tissues.

Summing up, you need to remind: never self-medicate. All information contained in our article is provided only as a reference. Take care and be healthy!