Can i use halva in post


Many people, thinking about their peace of mind, try to observe fasting. However, the body still requires some kind of dietary diversity. We propose to investigate the suitability of the use in the post of such a fairly common sweetness, as halva.

Composition of halvah

Halva appeared in our country relatively recently. Only at the beginning of the twentieth century, this oriental sweetness became one of the favorite delicacies of the Russians. It first appeared in the fifth century BC in Iran. It was from the masters of this country that the Russians adopted the production technology of such a wonderful confection. To date, we have the opportunity to try all kinds of halvah (sesame, sunflower, peanut, nut and combination), but all this is done with the help of machines. This halva, cooked by hand, can only be tried in Iran.

Can I use halva in the post?

The composition of this product is quite simple: caramel mass (sugar, syrup or honey), seeds or nuts, and a frother (licorice root, soap root or egg yolk).

In the production of sugar as molasses is most often used as a caramel mass, while honey is used in home production. A frother is added to give the halve its classic look so that it is layered. Sometimes various dyes and flavors are added to this confection.

Useful and harmful properties of halva

In addition to the excellent taste properties, halva has a number of useful properties, rejuvenates the body, heals it, improves digestion and blood circulation, strengthens the nervous system. The composition of this sweetness includes many valuable substances for the body: sodium, potassium, magnesium, proteins, food acids, calcium. This is far from an exhaustive list of utilities contained in the product. For example, sesame, which is used to prepare one of the types of halvah, is a storehouse of vitamins. Here and vitamin A, necessary for human growth, development and good vision, vitamin E, which protects against cancer and infertility, as well as helping to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases; B vitamins that help improve the state of the nervous system, memory, and reduce the risk of colds, asthma.

In stores, halva can be bought by weight or in the form of bars, which is very convenient. In addition, halvik bars are often coated with chocolate, which allows you to mix two completely different flavors, giving the product some piquancy.

Can I use halva in the post?

However, halvah is not suitable for everyone. Do not use this product to people suffering from overweight (calorie product 500-570 kcal per 100 grams). In addition, it is contraindicated for people with diabetes and metabolic disorders. And of course, if you have an allergic reaction to any of the components of halvah, do not abuse this delicacy.

It must also be remembered that non-compliance with the rules of storage can lead to the formation of unhealthy mold on halvah.

Can I eat halvah in the post?

As for the post, then halvah to help you if you get hungry! It does not contain any prohibited ingredients except for the case when it contains egg yolk. Therefore, read the label or cook halva yourself!

One has only to remember that fasting was not created for the body, but above all, for the purification of the soul. Therefore, it is possible to use sweetness, but only if this use does not bring pleasure. Strictly speaking, if you want to eat, for example, at work, feel free to eat halva. Another thing is if you want to enjoy the sweet without any particular need - here is a taboo! Do not drink alcohol, do not smoke, do not swear, do not hide evil. Do not do something that puts dark spots on your souls. This is the meaning of the post.