Can i drink soda food for heartburn and other problems with


Sodium bicarbonate or simply soda is a natural, biodegradable, hypoallergenic and very cheap baking product. Soda has various methods of use, and is said to have healing properties, helping with problems with digestion and heartburn. We will understand whether it is possible to drink soda, as well as its benefits and harms.

Is it possible to drink soda: weigh the pros and cons

Can I drink soda

Soda consists of sodium (Na), hydrogen (H), carbon (C) and oxygen (O). And although the word soda is associated with some aggressive substance, we assure you that this is not so. One of the interesting properties of bicarbonate is the neutralization of excess acidity or alkalinity. Acid is contained in the body in excessive quantities, and under certain conditions can be harmful. So, heartburn occurs due to the content of too much acid. Soda helps regulate and maintain the balance of acid and essential substances.

By the way, the pancreas naturally produces sodium bicarbonate and releases it into the duodenum to neutralize excess acid.

Baking soda: good and bad

Baking soda can be very effective in the treatment of diseases of the digestive system, acid reflux, heartburn. But be careful: it is important to observe the dosage and take some precautions.

Can I drink baking soda every day? Daily use of soda does not pose any problems, because the substance is not aggressive, the risk of poisoning is almost absent. Just follow the simple rules:

  • To maintain health, it is advisable not to exceed a dose of 20 grams of bicarbonate per day. Increased sodium in the body can cause problems with blood pressure.
  • If you have recurring problems with digestion, acid reflux (acid reflux) or heartburn, do not hesitate to consult a gastroenterologist for advice.
  • Problems with the digestive tract can be resolved temporarily by ingestion of soda. But such self-medication can hide more serious health problems.

It is contraindicated to drink soda in such cases:

Is it allowed to drink soda with heartburn?

  • if you occasionally experience an increase in blood pressure;
  • with hypertension;
  • if your diet is low in foods;
  • with heart failure.

Is it allowed to drink soda with heartburn? You may have heard about the benefits of lemon juice with the addition of baking soda. Take a glass of water with a small amount of soda (1 teaspoon) and fresh juice of half a lemon. This drink helps alkalize our body, and as a result we get the perfect combination to normalize the functioning of the digestive system.

This is a great antacid that will help in the fight against reflux and heartburn, which occurs due to the re-injection of hydrochloric acid into the esophagus from the stomach. Soda neutralizes the action of the acid, which gives us quick and effective relief. In addition, lemon juice with soda will help to overcome bloating and flatulence. Baking soda mixed with water forms CO2 bubbles. Do not be surprised if belching occurs after drinking soda.

Can I drink soda on an empty stomach? The most common way to drink bicarbonate lemon juice is in the morning and on an empty stomach. Water should be warm, not hot, not cold - so soda-lemon drink will be absorbed much better and faster. It is ideal to cleanse the body, burn excess fat and take care of our liver.

This drink helps us in the fight against acidosis, which occurs when the kidneys do not remove enough acid from the body or produce too much of it. Therefore, such a mixture on an empty stomach is an excellent tool that facilitates the work of the kidneys and helps to keep them healthy.

Some cautions must be taken into account:

  • It is better not to take this remedy if you have high blood pressure. Remember that soda has a high level of sodium, which is not recommended for hypertensive patients.
  • Lemon soda solution cannot be taken if you suffer from gastritis.

But in general, this tool can be taken into account as a good addition to your diet, although it should not be associated with "great miracles."

Many women are interested in whether it is possible to drink soda during pregnancy. Sodium bicarbonate, neither in its pure form, nor as an aqueous solution, nor with the addition of lemon is recommended for pregnant women.

Opinions of doctors

Can I drink soda food every day

Undoubtedly, sodium bicarbonate has some therapeutic effect, for example:

  • Soda is a good antiseptic. It can relieve inflammation in the throat, soda is used as a prophylactic against caries, as well as for rinsing during stomatitis. It will help eliminate bad breath.
  • Alkalizing effect of soda helps to eliminate heartburn, improves digestion. This is true, but with constant struggle with heartburn in this way, you can achieve the opposite result, when the stomach begins to produce acids even more. Blisters will begin, and there and close to the ulcers.
  • Soda restores the acid-base balance in the body, it is a good prophylactic against acidosis. Please note - prophylactic, but not therapeutic, and the dosage should be selected individually.
  • The most common misconception - soda treats cancer. If this were the case, today we would simply forget about cancer, but, alas.

We need to understand that baking soda, lemon and products such as tomatoes, strawberries, peaches and grapes give us vitamins, minerals and beneficial enzymes that help prevent a small percentage of diseases and eliminate their unpleasant symptoms. But they are not a panacea and a simple solution to complex health problems. It is important to remember that proper nutrition in combination with a healthy lifestyle will help in the prevention of many diseases.