Camphor oil

Ear pain is one of the strongest: it seems that it literally tears the head apart. The cause of this condition may be associated with inflammation. A remedy that will help get rid of earache and does not ruin your wallet is camphor oil. Application in the ear of this pharmacy drug must be correct. How to use it for therapeutic purposes and how dangerous is it?

Secrets of oil therapy: what is the camphor oil treatment based on?

Secrets of oil therapy: what is the basis of camphor oil treatment?

It should be immediately noted: camphor oil is not a medicine that can cure a disease. Of course, it has the properties to relieve pain and swelling. But this tool perfectly helps, if it is one of the components of complex therapy.

Natural camphor oil is obtained from wood, which grows in Japan and China (this essential product is allowed to bury in the ears). In addition, it is produced semi-synthetic (from fir oil) and synthetically (by processing turpentine). Such oil solutions are suitable only for external use.

We list the therapeutic abilities of camphor oil in the treatment of hearing organs:

  • has a local irritant and warming effect;
  • effectively reduces pain;
  • relieves inflammation;
  • when applied externally, it dilates blood vessels and improves cellular nutrition.

Such universal abilities made camphor oil with otitis, the first means of relief from severe pain.

If your ear hurts: how to use camphor oil

It is better to start treatment with camphor oil after a diagnosis has been made. It is advisable to use it in the form of compresses, instillations and tampons. What procedures to choose? It just depends on the disease. If warming is shown in one case, then it is strictly prohibited in the other.

Consider all the ways to use camphor oil, which are listed in the instructions.

  • Heating compress from camphor oil. Use the procedure is allowed only if there is no purulent process and no temperature. Typically, such treatment is recommended for otitis media and edema of the Eustachian tube.

Method of application of a compress: take a piece of gauze, fold it into 3-4 layers in the form of a square. Its size should be such that it is possible to close the area around the auricle. In the middle of the gauze to make a cut for the ear. Heat camphor oil in a water bath (up to 36 degrees) and soak a napkin. Attach to the parotid region, the auricle to pass into the hole so that it remains outside. Put cellophane on top (or special paper for compresses), cotton wool. To compress did not crawl, it is fixed with a bandage, scarf or scarf. This compress can be held for 2 hours or all night. But you should lay a sore ear up.

  • Medical turunda. Preheat camphor oil to 36˚. Moisten a piece of cotton wool or gauze pad in it. Lay it in the ear canal (shallow). Leave overnight. To improve the therapeutic effect, wrap your head with a warm scarf.
  • Tampons of camphor oil and camphor alcohol. They are best used for otitis media. Alcohol and oil mix in the same proportions. To moisten a cotton wool in this composition, to wrap it with a piece of bandage. At bedtime, put a tampon in your ear. Keep no longer than 4-5 hours.
  • Drops with otitis externa. Heat the oil to room temperature. Prepare a pipette, gauze cloth and cotton wool (sterile is better). Put 2-3 drops of camphor oil into the ear canal and close it with a cotton ball. Lie on your side without turning your head for at least 15 minutes. If both ears hurt, then do the same manipulations with the second ear. It is better to do it with unilateral otitis, to avoid the spread of infection.

Popular recipe

Camphor oil: use in the ear - a popular recipe

Alternative medicine complements the medical uses of camphor oil with this recipe:

  • Natural camphor oil and garlic garlic. Skip a small clove of garlic through a garlic dish to make a gruel. Add 3 drops of oil to it, stir. Take sterile cotton and bandage. A piece of cotton wool, corresponding to the size of the ear canal, moisten in garlic-camphor mixture. Wrap it with a bandage. Place in ear. Do not take out 2 hours.

This procedure relieves inflammation very well, and the patient may even fall asleep after several hours of severe pain.

Is it possible to drip camphor oil in the ear of a child?

The answer to this question depends on the diagnosis and condition of the child, as well as on his age. All parents have heard that camphor oil helps with otitis. Use in the ear of children of this oil solution is allowed only from 2 years of age! To babies up to this minimum, it can be very harmful: to cause intoxication, burns or irritation on the skin.

Another important caveat is that children under 3 years old are not allowed to bury camphor oil in their ears. They (if approved by the ENT doctor) can make turunds and compresses. To avoid itching and burns, do not allow direct contact of the oil with the sensitive skin of a child. To do this, cotton wool soaked in the product should be wrapped with several layers of gauze. The same applies to the installation of a compress.

If camphor oil is used for the first time to treat a child’s ear, it is better to put a tampon for a short time - for 30 minutes. Then carefully examine the ear canal and the parotid area. If there are signs of an allergic reaction, then this means will have to be abandoned.

Wouldn’t it be worse?

To the patient's condition from home treatment with camphor oil does not become even worse (and, moreover, did not lead to such complications as deafness or brain damage), one should carefully consider contraindications to its use. These include:

  • acute stage of the disease;
  • increased body temperature;
  • ear discharge (bloody or purulent);
  • individual intolerance to camphor;
  • damage to the ear canal;
  • age up to 2 years;
  • tumors in the ear;
  • perforation of the eardrum.

Camphor oil is strictly contraindicated for people suffering from epileptic seizures.

What negative consequences can the procedure cause?

What negative consequences can camphor oil use for the ear?

Even if you use camphor, obtained from laurel, you can not guarantee that the oil does not cause adverse reactions. It may be irritation and redness on the skin. In children, skin peeling often occurs in the area where the compress was applied. This can cause severe itching. Quite often there is an allergy to the components of the solution.

If used improperly on the skin and in the ear canal, burns can occur. Also, in young patients, there is poisoning by evaporation of camphor oil.

With an overdose of the product, seizures, headaches and even delirium may occur. This again confirms the need for proper and careful use of such a composition.

No one will argue with the fact that camphor oil is a reliable assistant in the fight against ear pain. Claims against it can arise only due to misuse and excessive initiative. It is possible to treat the ear with this tool, but you need to know the measure and method of application. In combination with other methods of therapy, which are used for otitis, it guarantees complete recovery.

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