Camphor alcohol


For the treatment of otitis sure to prescribe antibiotics. But folk healers and doctors will also recommend camphor spirit. Application to the ears - the main sphere of his "activity". But due to improper use, you can get burned or poisoned. How to remove acute pain with the help of camphor alcohol and not go deaf?

What will camphor alcohol help with otitis?

What will help with otitis camphor alcohol

Camphor was used for medicinal purposes more than 100 years ago. And whatever new drugs appear on the shelves of pharmacies, doctors, as before, are advised to use it to eliminate the ear pain. This is an affordable and effective tool.

The "supplier" of natural camphor is camphor laurel. But today such a component is obtained in a semi-synthetic way from fir oil.

Camphor alcohol (2 percent) is camphor alcohol solution. 100 mg of this product contains 2% camphor, up to 70 ml of alcohol (90%), the rest is distilled water. Camphor alcohol is an effective means to get rid of unbearable ear pain. It has a warming and analgesic effect. If you use camphor for compresses, you can quickly reduce inflammation and swelling.

What effect will camphor alcohol have in otitis?

  • reduce pain;
  • relieve puffiness in the ear;
  • eliminate redness;
  • reduce the manifestations of the inflammatory process;
  • will have a local irritating effect that will improve the nutrition of tissues.

How to use camphor alcohol?

It is enough to do several thermal procedures with camphor alcohol to speed recovery, as well as get rid of the intense pain that bothers you during the day and prevents you from falling asleep at night. A question to which special attention should be paid if it is decided to use camphor spirit for otitis is application. Instructions in the ear does not allow bury this tool!

The use of camphor alcohol should only be external. Before you make a compress, be sure to dilute camphor with water in the proportion of 50x50. This is necessary because the concentrated solution can cause severe irritation.

How to quickly cure otitis media?

How to quickly cure otitis media?

There are 2 ways to use camphor spirit to get rid of earache and inflammation. Application to the ears:

  • compress. Before carrying out such manipulations, it is necessary to protect the skin from the irritating effects of camphor. To do this, on the skin around the ear should be applied baby cream or vaseline. Then dilute the alcohol with water and heat in a water bath to 36 degrees. Prepare a piece of gauze (or soft cloth) - cut a hole in it to the size of the auricle. Moisten it with diluted camphor alcohol, apply a compress around the ear so that it does not block the ear canal. Put a compress paper (wax paper) or a piece of cellophane on top. Lay cotton on top of it. Cellophane will prevent the evaporation of alcohol vapors, and cotton wool will increase thermal effects. Fix the compress with a scarf.

Keep a compress no more than 2 hours (do not leave it overnight!). Then remove, and wrap the ear with a warm scarf. Compress to do 2 times a day.

  • turunda. Make turunds from gauze (or take a piece of cotton), soak them in 2% camphor alcohol diluted with boiled water, heated to room temperature. Press so that alcohol does not flow freely from the turunda. Put in a sore ear for 20 minutes. After the procedure, wipe the ear canal with a wet cotton swab. Put turunda 3 times a day.

Important warning: compresses and turunds can be done only if the patient does not have a temperature and discharge from the ear!

Rules for the treatment of otitis in children with camphor alcohol

Rules for the treatment of otitis in children with camphor alcohol

Children are more likely than adults to suffer from otitis. Some doctors attribute this to the fact that babies do not know how to blow their nose correctly, and also more often suffer from infectious diseases, a complication of which is inflammation of the middle ear.

Camphor can be used for external treatment only for children older than 2 years, since in infants alcohol vapors can cause intoxication. Permission for such manipulations in any case should be given by the otolaryngologist.

Since otitis gives a strong pain, you can use compresses with camphor alcohol to safely remove it. They should be done as long as the child’s ear does not stop hurting.

But in no case do not bury camphor spirit in the ear of a child, if you do not want him to lose his hearing! The skin of the child is even more tender than in adults - the use of such a drug can cause a burn of the parotid area or provoke severe irritation on the skin. Therefore, be sure to use for compresses only 2 percent alcohol (but not 10 percent!), Diluted with water.

How long to continue treatment with camphor alcohol?

How long to continue treatment camphor alcohol

If you began to be treated on your own (without consulting a doctor) and the pain, despite compresses and turunda, did not go away until morning, then the use of such a remedy should be immediately stopped and addressed to Laura.

Remember that with acute inflammation, treatment with camphor alcohol can be harmful. If you try to get rid of earache in this way for several days, then meningitis or sepsis can begin. Complications are possible not only in children, but also in adults.

With the permission of the doctor compresses can be done for 4-5 days. Camphor is excreted primarily by the kidneys (up to 70%), the lungs (20%) and bile (10%) also participate in the body's release from alcohol.

Otitis media cannot be treated with camphor alcohol in patients who have an individual intolerance to its components in renal failure and in the presence of skin diseases.

The use of camphor alcohol as one of the elements of complex therapy for otitis will give very good results. This tool has passed the test of time. They were treated with pain and relieved inflammation in the ear even when there were no complex pharmaceutical preparations. Therefore, it is better that camphor alcohol is present in the first-aid kit. And in order to avoid otitis, it is necessary to properly treat colds, to monitor the hygiene of the ears and to wear a cold hat.