Calorie seeds


Almost every resident of Russia associates seeds with grandmothers. And with those who sell them, and who eat them in countless quantities in cozy courtyards, washing the bones of their neighbors. And after all, really, having started eating seeds, it is difficult to stop - the hand itself searches, and absorbs the mouth, not forgetting to talk. It seems that the seeds have a dialogue. For such a dialogue, you can pick up more than one hundred calories, because seeds are not a dietary product.

Attention, ladies! Such a "seed break" can cost you hard work in the gym, because 100 grams of seeds contain up to 572 kcal. And even more fried because of sunflower oil - 632 kcal. And by the way, roasted seeds, in addition to high calorie content, lose all their beneficial properties.

Pumpkin seeds also in high demand. They, like sunflower seeds, are very fat and high in calories. Per 100 grams of product - 540 kcal, in the fried form - 585/100 grams. This kind - excellent tumor prevention, including malignant.

Kazinaki can be called a collection of calories. This tasty and sweet product, alas, is rather “heavy” - 593 kcal / 100 grams. Casinac helps as seriously as it weighs. is he capable of healing damaged soft tissue, promotes accretion of broken bones, and restore immunity after infectious diseases.

Meat can be replaced with seeds

  1. Ordinary sunflower seeds contain fats, carbohydrates, proteins, amino acids, vitamins E and C, carotene, vitamins of group B. Vitamins: E rejuvenates the body, A and D useful for vision and bones, B provides a good mood.
  2. Sunflower seeds are an excellent prevention of atherosclerosis, heart attacks, diseases of the liver and biliary tract.
  3. In one seed, 20% protein, it is perfectly balanced, no worse than in meat.

How to eat seeds?

In small quantities this product is still possible, why not? Wanted? Eat a handful, the seeds are a very satisfying product, you will quickly get satisfaction. And besides, the use of seeds has a beneficial effect on the skin and helps to improve the acid-base balance.

And advice to all who are on a strict diet: be careful of seeds of any kind, they increase appetite. So, if you decide to clean your body of excess calories, stay away from the seeds.

At all, It is believed that the seeds need to eat with sandpaper, then all the benefits will be with you, and “naked” they do not help the body, but only add calories.

Seed diet - no result

  1. Sitting on a seed diet, you risk getting even better. Think about how much you need to eat seeds a day to get enough? Lot. And with the information received above, where is the guarantee that you can stop if you eat seeds? Your appetite will only increase. Especially if you eat more than 40 grams, and you have to do it, your body will not assimilate it. Consequently, the "remaining" calories will be deposited on all the hot spots - the waist, hips and everything else.
  2. This is not the end. Your body will go on a hunger strike, after all, they will not receive additional substances necessary for normal functioning. And so it's already dangerous. Weekly diet on seeds can cause hormonal disorders, which then will not be so easy to bring in the “diet” state. And there are situations when irregularities may be irreversible, and this is all because of the little sunflower seeds.
  3. So you shouldn’t do two things about seeds: underestimate them and overeat them. The best option: you can eat snacks from time to time in small portions of seeds - a handful per day, if you really want. And if you want to lose weight, it is better to remember the old old-fashioned way to count calories, because the most important thing in life is balance. This very balance in food provides a very great service to the body. He nourishes him with everything he needs and discourages the desire to sweep away the entire refrigerator at night.

And if your girlfriends, for example, call you to watch a good movie in the company of seeds, remember what you read. This information not only in your youth will help you to keep kilos in check, but also in old age you will not sit on the bench. Perhaps take something truly beautiful and interesting. For example, plant in your garden exotic flowers, which your neighbors will admire - the goldenmills.

Especially for - Anna