Calorie pomegranate


Along with the pleasant taste of pomegranate, its extraordinary usefulness appears. And it's not just the juicy flesh on the small bones (high content of vitamins and minerals). At the same time, the bones themselves, the peel, and the bark of the plant, and its flowers are useful (they produce a large amount of medicines, prepare infusions and decoctions that help in the treatment of anemia, stomatitis, burns, etc.).

Calorie pomegranate

But if you have a peptic ulcer, gastritis or acidity, this fruit is contraindicated to you. Of course, you can safely eat a few grains - but only that.

Speaking about the calorie content of the pomegranate, it is worth mentioning at once that this fruit contains a minimum of calories in its composition and has no fats at all. So, pomegranate calorific value is 52kkal!

In the fruit of pomegranate (meaning the average size) there is a sufficient amount of fiber (up to 5 grams), and this is already the fourth part of the required daily allowance.

This fruit is also supported by the fact that it can be stored in the refrigerator for a long time, without losing its beneficial and taste properties.

Do not forget that the pomegranate contains 15 amino acids, and six of them are indispensable for the body.

The pulp contains phenolic compounds that increase immunity.

Calorie pomegranate

Quite frequent use of pomegranate:

  • helps to reduce the pressure
  • positive effect on the performance of the cardiovascular system,
  • due to the presence of antioxidants, it is recommended for people working in radioactive zones,
  • lowers blood sugar,
  • improves blood formation
  • increases appetite.

In addition, tinctures made from pomegranate bark have a strong antihelminthic effect, are used in gargling, relieve inflammation. A powder from the peel will help in the treatment of burns, and even recommended for acne.

The benefits of this low calorie product are. Introduce it more often into your diet - and get invaluable benefits for your body, pleasure from taste and slimness. Be healthy.